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In this tutorial, we will show you how to install MongoDB with authentication on EC2 AMI Linux.


  • You have ec2 instance running
  • You have root access to ec2 instance

Step 1: Connect to ec2 instance using pem/ppk file

For MongoDB 3.0, create below file using vi or any other editor

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-3.0.repo

Add below content in above created file

name=MongoDB Repository

Step 2: Install mongodb using below command

sudo yum install -y mongodb-org

Step 3: Start MongoDB service using below command

sudo service mongod start

Step 4: Start MongoDB on reboot

You can optionally ensure that MongoDB will start following a system reboot by issuing the following command:

sudo chkconfig mongod on

Step 5: Connect to mongo shell

Once service is started you need to connect to mongo shell for creating user. To connect to mongo shell use below command


If you find below error when using mongo command

“Failed global initialization: BadValue Invalid or no user locale set. Please ensure LANG and/or LC_* environment variables are set correctly” Add export as mentioned below

export LC_ALL=C

Step 6: Select Admin

Once connected successfully to mongo, select admin

use admin

Step 7: Create User

Create user as per below:

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user: "myUserAdmin",
pwd: "abc123",
roles: [ { role: "userAdminAnyDatabase", db: "admin" } ]

Create user for specific database
To create user for a particular database, repeat step 6 with below command


To create user for above database:

user: "",
pwd: "mypassword",
roles: [ { role: "readWrite", db: "muddle" }]

Edit /etc/mongod.conf
For mongo 3.x, Add this to the config

authorization: "enabled"
Then run below command

service mongod restart

Step 8:

If you want to connect MongoDB remotely, edit below file with vi or any other editor

vi /etc/mongod.conf

Add remove IP in bindIp as per below and restart mongodb service

Follow this to make sure you’ve got 8 Simple steps to install MongoDB with authentication on EC2 AMI Linux. Save and share with those around you these extras.

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