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Web and mobile applications play a crucial role in expanding your business. On one hand, web app development services bring automation, and on the other hand, these services assist companies to reach a huge audience. 

These days, various technologies are available for developing customized web solutions and mobile apps. Angular is one such technology, which is capable to take modern enterprises to a new level with advanced and robust solutions. 

Developed and maintained by the search engine giant Google, Angular has set new standards in enterprise web and app development in a short time of its arrival. It is a JavaScript structure and written in TypeScript. 

Angular is a feature-rich platform and rightly known as “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework” for developing incredible web and app solutions. Google brings new versions of Angular regularly to keep AngularJS development services ahead of time. 

Let’s study some of the top features of Angular 11 and the latest Angular 12 versions. We will dig deep into features and major differences between these two versions from a perspective of an AngularJS development company. 

We will start with Angular 11 features. 

Angular 11 Features and Improvements

Released on November 14, 2020, Angular 11 has some major characteristics including automatic inlining of fonts, stricter types, and performance improvements in the router. A few of its key features include-

Updated HMR (Hot Module Replacement) Support

It is one of the major features that assist developers to replace the modules without a full browser refresh. Angular 11 supports HMR with the necessary configuration and design. Developers can incorporate the code in a way that changes in the code look less ideal. 

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Angular 11 VS Angular 12 CTA-1

Component Test Harnesses

Clear API surface is essential for testing the Angular Material parts. The Component Test Harnesses feature is useful for getting a clear API surface.

When you hire AngularJS developers, they can easily deal with Angular Material components with the help of the maintained API thanks to this feature. 

The Component Test Harnesses feature in Angular 11 has an equal capacity, new APIs, and execution upgrades as compared to that in Angular 9. 

Faster Builds

Angular 11 has this ngcc update measure in a 4x quicker interaction to facilitate the clients to invest less energy waiting for the forms and rebuilds to finish the task. 

Faster Builds works well in two key regions- Ngcc- the Angular compiler and TypeScript 4.1. 

Experimental Webpack 5 Support

It enables developers to fuse incalculable documents into a single group. These days, Angular developers can investigate contrasts with respect to module organization.

This Webpack 5 will pave the way for Faster forms and disk caching along with smaller groups along with cjs tree-shaking in the future. 

Other changes include fixing of the typing for date and number pipe, removal of support for IE 9, 10, and IE mobile browser, deprecation of CollectionChangeRecord, and its replacement with IterableChangeRecord. What’s more, in this version, the Angular CLI generator for resolvers will go as ng g r/resolve <name>. 

After looking at Angular 11 features, let’s have a look at the features of Angular 12.

What’s New in Angular 12?

The latest Angular version Angular 12 was released on May 12, 2021, and its stable version is available since this July. Styling, TypeScript 4.2, and Webpack 5.37 support are some of its top characteristics. Its major features include-

Ivy Everywhere

The Angular environment has witnessed many deprecations. However, the View Engine deprecation in Angular 12 is considered the most important deprecation. 

The Ivy everywhere works toward the objective of combining the Angular ecosystem on Ivy. Traditionally, AngularJS developers use the View Engines, but they want to switch to Ivy as soon as possible. 

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Team Angular eyes on the future. Angular developers and the community are investing the input shared in the RFC to figure out the best future for this feature know as Protractor. 

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The group of developers works with Cypress, TestCafe, and WebdriverIO to assist the AngularJS development company in getting selected arrangements. 

IE11 Support

As an evergreen platform, Angular can keep up with the advancing web-based ecosystem. The framework has removed support for legacy browsers, and as a result, it is in a better position to providing help to engineers and clients alike.

The Angular development team has also included a deprecation warning message in this latest version. 

Other minor updates or improvements include improved logging and reporting, improvements in component test harnesses. 

It has also established a roadmap to keep developers updated about the ongoing activities and current priorities of the Angular team. Also, the strict mode of Angular 12 is enabled by default in the CLI as compared to Angular 11. 

Wrapping Up

Apart from new features, if we compare Angular 11 with Angular 12, we can find the changes in their core structures and various upgrades. Another major difference is in TypeScript. 

Angular 11 is based on TypeScript 4.0 whereas Angular 12 is based on TypeScript 4.2. Also, Angular 12 has removed support for IE11 browser and default strict mode along with HTTP improvements. A reputed AngularJS development company can give more details on this comparison. 

We, at Solution Analysts, offer the best-in-class AngularJS development services. Since inception, we assist companies to leverage the benefits of technological advancements through customized IT solutions. 

Our in-house team of experienced AngularJS developers can build enterprise-level web and mobile app solutions using the latest version of Angular in a cost-effective way. 

Angular 11 VS Angular 12 CTA-2

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