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AngularJS was perfect in its first version and many mobile app developers have at the first instance not found any need to upgrade to the version 2 of the platform, however, there is more excitement awaiting here.

It’s been over a year since Angular pushed a new version of AngularJS into the market, yet many app development companies are reluctant to migrate to the new version.

Of course, there is the entire rigmarole of coding and transition, but we bring an argument why it is worth making the upgrade from Angular 1.x to Angular 2.

The Changes

Components and Directives– Angular 2 is entirely component-based and even the final application is a component of the platform. Components and directives have replaced controllers and scopes. Even the specification for directives has been simplified and will probably further improve.

Input/output – they are the communication channels for components and run in the browser with elements and events.

Content Projection – it is a new transclusion which is aligned with web components standard

Dependency Injection – AngularJs 2 components have their own injector so you no longer have to work with a single injector for the entire application. With an improved dependency injection model, there are more opportunities for component or object-based work. The dependency injection contains –

Injector, which is a set of APIs to inject dependencies, and make dependency injection available

Binding to name the dependencies

Actual dependencies of the object which are generated so they can be injected

Benefits of Angular 2.0

Mobile Support – Though the Ionic framework has always worked well with Angular, the platform offers better mobile support with the version 2. The 1.x version compromised heavily on user experience and application performance in general.

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With its in-built mobile-orientation, Angular 2.0 is more geared for cross-platform mobile application development.

Service-side Rendering – Angular 2.0 has a service layer and a render layer which enables it to run comfortably on all environments including even servers and web workers.

Powerful Templates – the new template syntax can be analysed statistically and many directives have been removed. They also integrate better with web components and other elements.

Overall Structure – with faster change detection, template precompilation, view caching and bootstrap time, the framework is extremely fast and efficient.

For the actual upgrade, ngUpgrade makes Angular 1 and Angular 2 components interoperable and new components are written in ES2015 or TypeScript, which makes executing Windows apps also easy to execute on this platform.

The big step forward with Angular 2 is that the frontend is completely made of components and directives and all features from the JavaScript libraries are fully usable.

Angular 2 and TypeScript present opportunity for frontend object-oriented programming and the declarative nature makes it comprehensive.

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