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A mobile app that runs smoothly on various OS and different devices is a ‘must-have’ for any enterprise in today’s highly competitive business scenario. But then, many companies may find the cross-platform app development process a costly affair, and try to manage with a native application either for Android or iOS.

Apache Cordova or PhoneGap has brought a good news for entrepreneurs who want a cross-platform app for their business, but cannot go ahead because of budgetary constraints. As an open source platform, PhoneGap enables them to get feature-rich, cross-platform app quickly in a cost-effective way. PhoneGap app development is beneficial for developers and business owners alike.

Here we go through seven reasons to opt for PhoneGap to develop a cross-platform mobile app for your business.

But, before that let us find the answer to the question why do app developers prefer PhoneGap for developing an enterprise cross-platform app?

First things first. The developers consider the platforms that the app should support. Mostly, they are Android and iOS. Later on, the plan can be extended to BlackBerry as well. PhoneGap can act as a wrapper and it enables developers to create a single code for all major platforms. It is like ‘build once, use everywhere’ for the developers. It saves the efforts and time of the developer team.

However, before starting app development, developers consider whether the framework supports all the necessary features of application. After matching the given features with the PhoneGap’s compatibility, the mobile app developers start developing an app using PhoneGap.

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Here are six business benefits of PhoneGap:

Multiple platforms – Your app can be deployed on both App Store and Google Play. In a way, you can easily reach a huge audience on multiple platforms. You can expand and strengthen the presence of your business across different continents with ease using a PhoneGap mobile application.

Reduced TTM (Time to Market) – As mentioned above, PhoneGap facilitates developers to build an enterprise-grade without spending much time and putting more efforts. Therefore, you can get an app in a quick time and start availing its benefits prior to your competitors.

Easy customization – There is no need for learning new technologies to customize or modify a PhoneGap application because the framework supports HTML5 and JavaScript. You can easily edit the application as and when necessary with an in-house IT team with an expertise in HTML5 coding.

Notification facility – Notification is one of the most important features to promote your business online. Your app users can receive notifications for any important announcement or promotional offers. They can receive the notifications even if the app is not running.

Uniform appearance – Look and feel of business apps on different platforms matter especially for building and enhancing brand reputation online. Before the advent of PhoneGap, the business owners got the non-uniform appearance of their apps on different OS. It looked unprofessional and damaged the user experience. But, with PhoneGap platform, nonuniformity is gone and the application can be deployed across all major platforms with the same performance and appearance.

Cost-efficient process – PhoneGap is an open source framework and the development process is cost-effective. What’s more, quick app development opens a room for integrating more features and extensive testing. In a way, you can get a higher RoI with a seamlessly performing cross-platform mobile app.

Apart from these notable benefits, we can also mention the following advantages of PhoneGap development for enterprise-grade mobile apps:

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PhoneGap follows the standards-based approach that integrates HTML5 with a multi-platform mobile development to provide an engaging user experience.

PhoneGap APIs can readily access and utilize device capabilities including address book, accelerometer, and the like

Enterprises can unleash the full potential of mobile devices irrespective of OS with the extensive architecture and active community support of PhoneGap

Companies can utilize in-house expertise in HTML/JavaScript because PhoneGap-based apps support HTML

Be it a simple app with basic features or a complex enterprise app with an intricate functionality, PhoneGap framework is ideal for any cross-platform mobile applications. All these benefits have made PhoneGap a preferred choice for mobile app developers worldwide.

Let’s break the ice and discuss your brilliant app idea. You can hire PhoneGap developers from Solution Analysts with higher flexibility, scalability, and affordability to work exclusively on your app project. We offer end-to-end mobile app development solutions in line with your business requisites.

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