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In this digital age, evolving technology has brought many cutting-edge tools to take the web application development process to a new level. Several standardized and consistent software stacks are available that enable developers to come up with enhanced and user-friendly web solutions. 

MEAN stack is an example of such an advanced tech stack. We are going to understand the MEAN stack in brief and discuss its benefits for modern enterprises. 

Introduction of MEAN Stack Development 

MEAN stack development consists of three JavaScript-based technologies and a database system. It is one of the most popular technology stacks for developing robust and feature-rich web applications. 

Here M stands for MongoDB, a database system, E stands for Express.js, a backend framework, A stands for AngularJS, a front-end framework, and N stands for Node.js, a backend runtime environment. 

Altogether, the MEAN Stack is a complete JavaScript-based stack that combines clients, databases, and servers. 

Key Characteristics of MEAN Stack Development

Here are the top three features of MEAN stack development that facilitate developers to build enterprise-level web applications. 

Rapid Development 

MEAN is a JavaScript-based framework and it makes the apps or website development process much easier and faster as compared to other frameworks. 

High Flexibility

With overall adaptability, the MEAN stack remains compliant for a wide range of web applications. JavaScript is a flexible and scalable programming language for developing robust apps. 

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Growing Community

MEAN stack works on JavaScript, and a huge community consisting of JavaScript language can act as an active Dev community for MEAN stack. It can make finding solutions easier and accessible for all developers. 

Let’s go through the major benefits of MEAN Stack development for your upcoming project. 

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Major Benefits of MEAN Stack Development 

When it comes to developing diverse enterprise applications, dynamic SPAs, and multifaceted technology projects. Web applications based on Big Data, real-time projects, and secondary business can be built using MEAN Stack development. 

Requires Single Language

MEAN Stack development is based on a single programming language- JavaScript. In other words, every technology included in this stack is based on JavaScript. It makes the web application development process much easier for JavaScript developers. 

They can configure databases and manage the front-end and backend with the help of JavaScript. As an entrepreneur, you need not look for other developers with particular skills when you opt for MEAN Stack development for your project.  

Cost-effective and Open-source

Another big advantage of MEAN Stack is JavaScript is an open-source language, which makes this platform open-source. There is no cost for downloading and using features for this platform. Therefore, there are no license fees for the MEAN Stack app development process. 

What’s more, unlike the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack, MEAN Stack development requires fewer developers. It can further reduce the development cost. 


Unlike ReactJS development services, Angular can build excellent UI (User Interface) and User Experience (UX) in any web or mobile app. Therefore, many big brands count upon AngularJS as a preferred front-end technology. 

The MEAN framework also supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture for providing high-quality user interfaces. Simply put, web app development companies can build user-friendly apps using the MEAN framework. 

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Isomorphic code is defined as the code that can run in the client and the server’s end both. MEAN stack app development supports easy transfer and reusability of codes from one framework to another. In a way, all the codes can work perfectly on other platforms also. 

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A reputed AngularJS app development company can leverage this benefit and come up with customized apps in a relatively short time. Along with this, the MEAN stack has a code maintainability feature that reduces code liability and saves the developer’s time. 

High Flexibility

MEAN stack includes one of the most popular database management systems, MongoDB. It is an ideal choice for large-sized, enterprise-level applications and websites. 

It makes the MEAN stack framework highly flexible and efficient in managing huge-sized data with a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) document. 

The entire framework has a base of Object-oriented programming, which makes the development process simpler and saves time. 

The Auto-sharing feature of MongoDB is useful for achieving automation of horizontal scaling, which helps the server to store and distribute large-sized data with ease. 


Both Node.js and AngularJS are open-source frameworks known for high reusability, testability, and better maintenance. All these characteristics translate into quicker app development using the MEAN framework. 

Code reusability is also beneficial in MVP development and companies can come up with customized MVPs quickly using the MEAN Stack development. 


Massive libraries and NodeJS as a backend technology make the framework capable of offering excellent performances. Developers can create dynamic websites and business applications with ease while ensuring high-end results. 

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Support for Cloud

Cloud compatibility is another noteworthy benefit of MEAN stack development. As MEAN stack framework enables developers to create robust cloud-based applications using various library functions and public repositories. 

It can reduce the usage of storage space and other related costs during and after the development process. The MongoDB database management system is capable of handling cloud-based applications for various industry sectors. 

Community Support

A recent report of Stack Overflow has revealed that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages across the world. In other words, we can find thousands of MEAN stack developers who are ready to resolve the queries of other MEAN developers. 

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The thriving community of MEAN stack developers offers huge support for many developers and entrepreneurs who own MEAN-powered applications. 

Seamless Data Transfer

JSON files are applied in Node.js and AngularJS as a data exchange format. The JSON concept facilitates seamless data transfer across the system, and MEAN stack development services offer a flawless data transfer experience to corporate users. 

Concluding Lines

When it comes to developing outstanding and dynamic web applications for modern enterprises, the MEAN stack is a preferred choice for developers and entrepreneurs alike. 

Cutting-edge cloud support, massive libraries, and high flexibility with code reusability features are beneficial for web app development. 

It is a big reason why some of the top companies including Amazon, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Uber have their applications based on the MEAN stack.

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We assist our global corporate clientele to address increasing competition through unique and feature-rich web solutions.  

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