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Uber for X is one of the most popular concepts these days. Be it cab booking or home service booking, visiting a property, or grocery delivery, people prefer this concept over the traditional way globally. The hospitality sector is also no exception! For those who have still no clues about the Uber for X concept, let me make it clear.

We are talking about on-demand services. Though sectors like retail, hospitality, retail, and home services have started leveraging benefits of the thriving on-demand economy, the healthcare sector has still a long way to go!

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. In this turbulent time, the telemedicine app or a doctor-patient appointment app like Doctor on Demand has started gaining popularity. The telehealth app development company can help healthcare service providers improve appointment services through innovative apps.

For example, the Doctor on Demand takes an average time of 3 minutes to connect the patient with a doctor. This app has over a million registered users to date, and many healthcare organizations as well as clinics want to follow suit.

If you want to develop a telemedicine app like Doctor on Demand? Read on to get a detailed answer to this question. But before moving on, let’s go through the meaning and importance of telemedicine technology.

Introduction of Telemedicine Technology

Telemedicine or the Telehealth concept enables patients who are remotely located or are unable to physically visit a doctors clinic and get correct diagnosis or treatment without remaining present in the hospital. Physicians can easily offer care and medical facilities remotely using the telemedicine app.

Enhanced experience and seamless processes have made telehealth technology acceptable among patients. This is one of the reasons why many healthcare service providers have started integrating telehealth app solutions into their systems.

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Another benefit of a telemedicine app for healthcare service providers is it enables the administration department to assign doctors to patients depending on their availability because the app gives real-time reports about how many doctors are examining patients at the given time. In brief, the telehealth app development concept remains popular among doctors, clinics, and patients alike.

MarketWatch has predicted that the global telehealth market will reach $16.7 billion by 2025. Statista has anticipated that the size of the telemedicine market will cross $175 billion by the year 2026.

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This prediction is done before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking at the current situation, this prediction can be achieved earlier than 2026.

Let’s go through the key benefits of a telemedicine app.

Top Benefits of Telemedicine App

Let’s explore the key benefits of a customized telemedicine app like Doctor-on-demand-

Saves Time and Enhances Medical Care

The telemedicine app is designed to save time for patients and physicians alike. On one hand, it enables the patients to get rid of standing in a long queue or waiting for their turn when attending appointment, and on the other hand, it facilitates doctors to diagnose patients as per the schedule and give a real-time consultancy in an emergency.

Offers Better Availability of Services

The telemedicine app is not only designed for offering medical services in remote areas but also built to address the shortage of healthcare professionals in some regions. The admin panel of a healthcare app helps personnel to easily find the availability of doctors and assign appointments.

Facilitates Medical Record Storage

One of the biggest benefits of a telehealth app is it enables patients to store medical data and facilitates practitioners to access the data anytime, anywhere. Medical records play a crucial role in better diagnosis and the right treatment. The app also enables physicians to share EHR for better treatment in critical cases.

Improves Utilization of Resources

Healthcare service organizations want to utilize the valuable time of medical experts. The telemedicine app enables practitioners to manage their workload. It results in improved services and increased possibility to diagnose more patients.

Provides Assistance to Admin Operations

Telemedicine apps enable healthcare professionals to devote more time to treating patients. Physicians can save their time in filling multiple forms and make documents because the telemedicine app automates the process and increases the efficiency of physicians.

Generates More Revenue

The telemedicine app can also enable professionals to manage their schedules properly and generate extra revenue through after-hour services. The app also increases the efficiency of the healthcare organization and the capacity to diagnose more patients as compared to face-to-face appointments.

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Top Features of Telemedicine Apps

If you want to develop a telemedicine app like Doctor-on-Demand, you need to consult a reputed mobile app development company. Talking about the key features of such apps, we can classify them on the patient side and doctor side.

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Telemedicine App Features for Patients

Login or Registration

Like other on-demand apps, the telemedicine app also has a login feature for the users. Here, the registration form contains questions related to the patient’s health condition and data about their age, insurance, etc.

Search for Expert

The user or the patient can find a medical expert with the help of a Geolocation technology and book an appointment of the nearest specialist.

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Schedule an Appointment

Users can find the list of doctors and view their profiles. They can choose the doctors as per availability and their areas of specialization.

Video Call or Conferencing

Remote patients can leverage this feature to connect to doctors and establish live, real-time communication with them. However, it is necessary to keep your app secure from any data breach. Readymade third-party APIs can help your app remain secure.

Payment Gateway Integration

Patients can pay securely through a secure payment gateway integration. Patients can pay before or after the online consultation.


Patients can give reviews to doctors after getting medical care and consultancy. They can also express their experiences, which are helpful for other users.

Telemedicine App Features for Doctors

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Manage Appointments

After selecting doctors, the patients schedule an appointment through a telemedicine app. They can also give a brief data related to their health conditions and attach medical records as well. The app handles time slots and finds available medical experts. Now, the doctor can receive the appointment and fill their calendars accordingly.

In-app Chat or Message

This feature enables patients to send messages and share their data including prescriptions and reports. Advancing technology can take telemedicine app development to a new level. However, the feature should have additional security because these data have sensitive information about patients.

The integration of features and development time are two major factors to determine the cost of telemedicine app. It is advisable to make a strategy before opting for telemedicine app development. Here is a guide that includes steps to build a telemedicine app like Doctor on Demand.

Guide to Develop a Telemedicine App for Healthcare Professionals


It all starts with the conceptualization and evaluation of your telehealth app idea. The app should fulfill the needs of the doctors and patients alike. It is advisable to research extensively before making a list of necessary features. The telemedicine app should be considered as a solution for the pain points of patients, doctors, and healthcare organizations.

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Get a Quote

Once the list of features is ready and requirements are clear, the healthcare service provider can consult a reputed and reliable mobile app development company to get a quote. Here, it is necessary to provide as many details as possible to the team of app development company’s consultants.

Choose the Platform

You need to be clear about the platform and type of app. You can build a telemedicine app for iOS or Android. It is also possible to come up with an MVP initially. Before signing an NDA, you need to make a project brief and go through the scope of your app project.

Initiate Development

After finalizing the scope, the app development company breaks the app’s features into small fractions for easy integration. The team of developers starts writing the code and keeps on examining the app’s performance.

Approve Demo

The development team will show the demo and if you are happy with the outcome, developers will go ahead with feature integration, quality testing, and other processes.

Publish Your App

After proper testing and integrating all features based on the project scope, your app is ready to launch. The team gives all the project-related information, mock-ups, and other necessary data.

That’s it! Your telemedicine app is ready to serve more users with excellent healthcare services.

Developing a telemedicine app is challenging because the app development companies have to follow all the regulatory standards including HIPAA compliance. With this, it is of utmost importance that the app development company emphasizes on ensuring the security of medical records like patient’s information and measurements of vitals. Every stored or shared data must be encrypted for the utmost security. Biometric identification and multi-factor authentication are other factors to consider for strengthening security.

Cost of Telemedicine Apps

While determining the cost of a telemedicine app, the app development company considers various factors including platform, necessary features, functionality, and development approach. Another important factor is the hourly rate of developers. Comparing platforms, we can state that developing a telemedicine app for Android is a bit costlier than the same is developed for an iOS platform.

What’s more, the development cost is directly related to the app’s complexity because a more complex and feature-rich telemedicine app takes more time to develop as compared to the simple app with basic features. Healthcare service providers can also consider to come up with an MVP with a simple design if they have budgetary constraints.

You can consult a mobile app development company to get a quote based on the required features and functionality.

The healthcare industry is thriving and telemedicine app development will contribute to its expansion and growth. Many healthcare service providers tend to invest in developing a telemedicine app to provide enhanced care to remote patients with a personalized experience.

If you want to come up with a reliable and patient-focused telemedicine app for your organization, we are glad to assist you. Simply send us an email at and we’ll get back to you soon with a detailed telemedicine app strategy.

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