Around a few years back, building a website and getting it started online was seen as a huge step in growing your business. But that’s not the case today. The Internet has become as vast as it can get. It can be approached by each and everyone from any place, just by the press of a button. In other words, the reach you can get via the internet is immeasurable. It can help you get your business to the farthest lands you wouldn’t even imagine otherwise.

The competition on the internet is also getting nail-biting, with everyone fighting to get the number one spot and becoming the first choice of the users. To make sure you reach that sweet spot, you would need good ideas to keep you ahead of the competition.

The best way to attract customers these days, even more than a website, is through apps. Apps provide a sense of connectivity and a better user interface, which makes the interactions a lot better. Now you must be wondering- What are the ideas that are untouched or not common? But don’t worry, as we have prepared a list of ideas that you could use for making apps and make a great start in 2022.

Why develop Apps?

Now, most of you would be wondering- Why Apps? Isn’t the conventional way better or appropriate? While you would be somewhat right with your stance, but making apps helps in better expansion and audience reach. Not only this but developing your own app also helps to improve your coding skills, which can help you in your future projects.

Benefits of developing apps are:

  1. These types of projects take less time unless you’re making a full-fledged interactive app.
  2. The amount of investment required in developing an app is usually less than doing something like that through the conventional method.
  3. It gives you a chance to learn new skills and development methods.
  4. If the app turns out to be successful, you could monetize it for earning money.
  5. When you get the experience of making an app, you can make apps for different businesses also. That would help in making good money.
  6. Apps help in giving proper analytics and leads on who is using the app and how long the users stay on it and what they find interesting.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with best app development ideas for you.

What are the best app development ideas?

Now, the idea of building an app stands on your understanding of the coding involved in it and the quality of the app you want to make. We usually divide the understanding of App development into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The title of the understanding is enough to describe what these words describe. So, we are going to describe the app development ideas based on these three categories.

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Android app development

Parking Spot Locator App (Intermediate)

The app would help people in finding vacant parking locations nearby you. This would come in handy when you have to go out shopping in a famous market, which is jam-packed most of the time. It could use the GPS to find the real-time location and show all the free and paid parking locations.

Memes and GIF App (Intermediate)

Who doesn’t love Memes and GIF? They’ve taken over the video format on social media and are spreading like fire. You must’ve come across a meme but when you try to remember it, you become unsuccessful.

To stop that from happening, you can make a meme app where people can share and view the meme and get the exact results.

Family Location Tracking App (Intermediate)

In this age where the digital world is endless, crimes are also increasing at an alarming rate across the world. Because of this, the fear for the well-being of our loved ones is understandable. It is important, especially for the elderly and young children who can easily fall prey to such acts.

Giving a solution to this problem, you can give a location tracking app to your family and friends that they can use to make sure their loved ones are always safe.

Though it may seem very intruding to some people, it’s the best option to keep an eye on your loved ones when they are far from you. Along with this, you can add an SOS option in it which can give message to the close people and police in case of some problem.

The only obstacle in this app is the real-time location integration. The location should be accurate or it would make the entire purpose redundant. That’s one issue that needs to be taken care of.

Social Media Alert App (Intermediate)

In this digital age where each and every person is using any social media app, the rate of cyber crimes is also increasing with online threats like sexual predators, fraud accounts, internet trolls, etc becoming prevalent. To prevent this, we can make some kind of plugin that blocks such suspicious people whenever they try to approach us.

This would also help in improving the security of children and women on social media, who receive the most threats.

Quiz App (Beginner)

This is the best app to develop if you are an absolute beginner in app development. For creating a quiz app, you need to have basic knowledge of coding. You can create a quiz on whatever you want- maps of countries or their capitals, programming languages and their differences, or any topic you prefer.

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Table Booking App (Intermediate)

This type of app is quite raving in today’s time, with people making per-booking for any restaurant commonly. This type of app will show the availability of seats, the layout of the restaurant, floor plan, and other such details.

Review Apps (Intermediate)

These days, people have become so concerned about each and everything that they like to read the opinion of others before investing in it. Be it watching a movie, buying a book or even going to any restaurant, people tend to look at what experience others have had.

An app where people can share their experience on anything, be it for movies, eateries, or any book, would definitely help others in making the right choice for themselves.

Sleep Inducer App (Intermediate)

In this digital world where we are 24/7 online, sleep deprivation has become a huge problem. People are becoming addicted to their mobile phones and laptops due to which they can’t sleep at the right time.

To provide a solution to this, an app with soothing sounds like wind blowing in the ocean or the breeze in the mountains can be put in an app so that people can find relaxation through it and it can help them in their sleep.

You can also create such an app for children in which in place of peaceful sounds, you can add bedtime stories.
The web app’s UI should be such that with time the lights start to dim, and the sound waves or background music changes to help them sleep faster.

Calorie Counter (Advanced)

The eating habits in today’s time have gone haywire, where we are more fond of junk food than healthy food. Because of this, many of us are becoming fat and getting lethargic. To stop this overeating and keep an eye on our food intake, we can make a calorie counter which would help in keeping a note of our calorie intake.

Not only this, it could also have columns where one could add the exercises done by him throughout the day so that they can know how many calories they’ve burnt for that day. It will not only help in making people more aware about their health but also make them conscious of their eating habits and how they’re affecting them.

This type of app will be complex compared to others but this will turn out to be beneficial for everyone.

Mood Analyzer App (Advanced)

Not all of us have good moments every day. We have our ups and downs. To help people feel better, we can develop an app that can analyze their mood based on their mobile and desktop activity.

For that, what the user needs to do is very simple. The user needs to add location, activities, events, etc. which they undertook throughout the day, and based on their entries and mobile activity, the app can suggest ways through which the user can get cheered up.

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Digital Payments App (Advanced)- We are surrounded by digital world now. For example, we have become engulfed by our mobile a lot, compared to some years before. The same can be said for today’s transactions. People are more fond of making digital payments than using cash now.

One of the biggest advantages of digital payments is you don’t need to carry cash with you. All you need is a good internet connection and you’re good to go. Digital Payments app will make transactions a lot easier and hassle-free.

Machine Learning Astrology(Intermediate)

Are you thinking of making something simpler than the ones mentioned above? How about an ML-based astrology Web App. It’s really simple to build, and there is a high potential user base for such a web app.

You may think people don’t believe in horoscopes and astrology anymore, but you are far from the truth. Almost all the Asian countries follow some sort of astrology in their culture, and there are millions of staunch believers in these countries. And if you bring other countries like Canada, European nations, the U.S, and the South American nations, the number becomes very large.

The concept is quite simple if you know the basics of Machine Learning. You need to create an algorithm that takes in the information of daily horoscope, find the pattern of predictions based on the astrological phenomenons, and viola! You have a precise ML-based astrology web app.

Reminder App (Intermediate)

There are a lot of things that we used to forget from time to time, like bill payments, meetings, functions, or any other such plans. Forgetting such things continuously can become a big problem, both in terms of money and social relations. While some people have the memory which makes them remember everything after one mistake, some people have a very short memory and they can’t keep track of their schedules. To prevent this issue, a reminder app could be used.

All the user has to do is to input the details of what’s going to happen and when. After that, the app will keep on reminding him via email or as a pop-up on the screen. This can bring a lot of relief to people who have issues in maintaining their logs. This app development idea has good potential and can connect with people easily.


ideas for app

Best idea for application development

Well, that was it for the best app development ideas for 2022. The range of app development idea is vast and there isn’t a specific boundary that you can make app for only a particular section. I hope you can find the best idea for developing your app from the ideas we mentioned above.

When it comes to coding an app, you have three options: you can either hire an app development agency to build and design your product. You can create your own internal design and development team, or you can build the app yourself.

InApps is a leading application development company in Vietnam. We have extensive experience in developing different applications in all industries. Please view Our portfolio. As long as you have an idea, we will help you turn it into reality. Share your ideas with us now.

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