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Intensifying competition has compelled entrepreneurs to provide an omnichannel experience to the customers to retain them for a long time. Simply put, merely a web presence is not sufficient to attract and engage the existing as well as prospective customers. A customized mobile app with user-friendly features is necessary to attract people and establish a reputation for the brands.

However, a growing number of mobile apps across the app stores poses a great challenge for the newcomers and makes it difficult to stand ahead of the crowd. What’s more, we live in an app-driven era and a study has predicted that by 2022, people will download up to 258.2 billion apps worldwide. In such a scenario, mobile app development services have to remain flexible to embrace technological trends and build advanced app solutions for modern business.

Here is a list of top technology trends to watch in the year 2020 and beyond.

Ten Technology Trends to Dominate Mobile App Development in 2020

Smarter business processes have become a new norm. Business automation has gone beyond rigid and traditional programming models. Entrepreneurs are keen to bring automation and enhance convenience for the customers. The mobile app development company can integrate AI-driven features to serve these objects. In 2020, this trend will get more strength as the companies tend to incorporate automation-related features.

In the coming time, chances are fairly high that complex business operations will be handled by automation-related features through a mobile app development solution.

The year 2020 will witness more penetration of Blockchain. In recent years, we have witnessed the paradigm shift in the payment methods from traditional to online. Though the online payment method is relatively more convenient and faster than the legacy methods of cheque and cash-based payment, it poses a great risk of hacking and fraud. There, blockchain-based features can provide secure payment facility online. Gradually, this technology goes beyond cryptocurrency and Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey has revealed that 39% of global corporate participants are planning to invest over $5 million in the year 2019.

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We live in the mobile-driven era. Mobile wallets and mobile-based payment swiftly gain ground globally. Here, the blockchain technology has a wide scope, and it has become a part of mobile app development services either for developing a blockchain-based app or integrating the blockchain-powered features. In the coming years, we can expect that apart from financial sectors, various B2B and B2C businesses will rely more on blockchain technology in apps.

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Enterprises have started using AI (Artificial Intelligent) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies for improving customer services, bringing automation in the processes, and enhancing convenience. Today, thanks to the diversified business model and rich portfolio, a plethora of data is generated daily. AI helps companies analyze the data to make informed decisions.

The reputed mobile app development company integrates AI in the the mobile app development process to make the most of these futuristic technologies. What’s more, when you hire experienced app developers, they can smartly combine AI-based features with IoT features to develop innovative app solutions. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that AI will reshape the future of mobile apps in the coming years.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are mainstreamed in the corporate sector. Both these emerging technologies have paved the way for mixed or hybrid reality in the corporate sector. It is possible that features that combine both realities will be integrated into enterprise mobile apps. The mobile application development company can come up with mixed reality features to provide a uniquely interactive and engaging experience to the app users.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that as entrepreneurs will realize the potential of mixed reality, its adoption rate will be greatly increased, and mobile app development process will integrate features related to MR.

Gartner has predicted that around 90% of the IT enterprises tend to embrace a hybrid infrastructure management approach by 2020. This approach leads enterprises toward cloud technology. As a result, many enterprises have started to use multi-cloud management solutions. The good thing is in recent years, the cloud migration cost and public cloud packages are significantly reduced. Therefore, the participation of small and mid-size companies in the cloud also has increased gradually.

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Talking about mobile apps, the cloud approach becomes more useful because it offers a robust data storage and access facility to the app users and companies alike.

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Both Android and iOS app development have seen a significant rise in the demand of on-demand apps. As companies want to take a piece of a pie from booming on-demand economy and people want to get products/services at their doorstep, the trend of on-demand apps is here to stay. In 2020 and beyond, we can expect that the number for on-demand apps will continuously increase over the period.

It is fair to mention that various industry sectors will also jump on the on-demand apps bandwagon in 2020. We cannot rule out the possibility of B2B businesses to bring on-demand apps because of a lot of business benefits in the future.

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming popular rapidly across the world. Be it healthcare or manufacturing, every industry sector wants to leverage the benefits of IoT approach. Companies with IoT system at the workplace are looking for bringing more convenience by controlling it on the move. Therefore, we can expect that more entrepreneurs will hire experienced mobile app developers to build IoT-based mobile apps.

Also, app developers need to include safety-related features to protect the data collected by connected devices and servers.

Mobile-based payments are quick, secure, and convenient for users. The trend of mobile wallets is gaining momentum globally as people tend to use them for almost every online transaction. In the coming years, we can assume that mobile wallets will achieve more popularity and both iOS and Android app development services will focus on developing or integrating customized wallets in the business apps.

Concerns over data security have impacted the implementation of emerging technology trends like AI and IoT in enterprises. It is necessary to address data safety-related threats to incorporate AI, cloud, and IoT-related features in a full swing at the workplace. Mobile apps have also remained the soft target for hackers over the period. Therefore, the customized mobile app development solution also needs special attention.

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In such a scenario, cybersecurity experts and professionals need to focus on data security across various channels and platforms. Enterprises are also getting ready to invest more in the assessment of existing data security situation because any data breach can cause the companies a lot with a massive financial loss and a ruined reputation. As a result, we can expect more features will be integrated into mobile apps to prevent and neutralize cyberattacks in 2020.

Personalized experience matters the most in business to survive and thrive amid growing competition. The mobile app development services also emphasize on building apps with a personalized touch in notifications and other features. This trend is going to continue in 2020 also. It is necessary for your business app to engage the users through personalization because the app users have many options available in the app stores. The personalized experience can bridge the gap between the management and customers efficiently and bind the users with your app.

We can have more personalized business apps in the coming years.

In a Nutshell
Mobile app development deals with the diverse challenges of modern businesses with the help of a thriving technology. Apart from the ever-increasing number of apps in the app stores, entrepreneurs witness a stiff competition in their respective domain. These top technology trends look all set to lend a helping hand so that entrepreneurs can come up with an advanced mobile app development solution.

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