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New-age entrepreneurs are largely tech enthusiasts and want to make advancing technology a part of their business models. Most of them think that a digital transformation solution is a bunch of upcoming technologies.  

But the reality is digital transformation is an ongoing process, which is useful for maximizing profits. It does so by using apt technologies. Let’s dig deep into the challenges of digital transformation in this blog. 

A McKinsey Digital report has revealed that most digital strategies lack considerations for changing economic fundamentals and industry dynamics. 

Though all sizes of companies tend to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon, only those companies get the success that can address the challenges of digital transformation effectively. 

Digital transformation brings a paradigm shift in enterprises, therefore, it is necessary to understand its challenges.  

Let’s start from scratch and discuss the concept of digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation- Dawn in Corporate World

Simply put, digital transformation in enterprises can change the way humans work and resolve issues. In today’s competitive business scenario, it is almost impossible to survive for companies that are not willing to adapt to digital transformation. 

On the other hand, companies that embrace digital transformation solutions can remain at the top. They witness higher profitability and productivity than peers. 

To leverage digital transformation in your enterprise, you need to include it in every part of your business. Be it operations or resources, inventory or sales, every area needs to be transformed. 

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What’s more, the digital transformation also impacts your employees, and therefore, it is necessary to keep them on the same page during this process. 

Taking good care of employees while transforming processes can lead your company to success in a short time. 

Let’s go through some key business benefits of digital transformation. These days, we witness digital transformation in fintech, fitness, healthcare, manufacturing, and other core sectors. 

Digital transformation enables companies to offer better customer services and personalized experiences using real-time insights. Other benefits of a digital transformation solution include increased productivity, improved resource management, and reduced operational costs. 

After understanding the significance of digital transformation in modern enteprirses, let’s dig deep into the key implementation challenges. 

Six Major Hurdles in Integrating Digital Transformation Solution

Digital transformation is an ongoing and time-consuming business process. Here are some of the big hurdles that prevent companies to implement it seamlessly. 

Lack of Visionary Approach 

One of the biggest reasons why companies miserably fail in leveraging the benefits of digital transformation is the lack of clarity of thought. 

As CIO reports, the majority of the digital transformation failures are due to the absence of a definite scope. Even C-level executives may fail to embrace digital transformation because the process needs many initiatives and active participation of all stakeholders. 

Along with this, if CEOs have no visionary approach, they fail to keep their employees on the same page while implementing digital transformation solutions


It is necessary to have a clear scope or blueprint before implementing digital transformation. 

Inaccurate and Irrelevant Data

Customer data can play a vital role in ensuring success in this digitally-driven world. It is necessary for companies to get relevant and real-time data from customers. But, most companies have no idea of how to use the data effectively. 

Also, highly unstructured and at times, inaccurate data remain a big headache for CEOs. Since there is no specific source for such data, it is difficult to use the same at optimal level. 

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Companies need to determine the key things for their targeted customers and centralize the data to create value for business.  

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Absence of Proper Models

The face of digital transformation in fitness is different than the same for digital transformation in fitness. If any company has no proper and well-defined business models, chances are high that they will not leverage the benefits of digital transformation. 

Too much diversification and other issues also play their roles in preventing transformation in business processes.  


Companies need to work on following their predefined business models every time. With this, a proper and predefined digital transformation strategy is essential. 

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Improper Digitization Strategy

A Jabil survey has revealed that only 23% of manufacturers have a corporate-wide strategy for implementing digital transformation. For any company across any industry sectors, if digitization strategy is not proper, their digital journey will remain full of obstacles. 

Digital transformation solution is not designed to impact a few departments of company. It covers all the departments and assists companies to work toward the common objective. 


All stakeholders and employees should participate in making an effective digitization strategy. 

Employee Resistance

Employee pushback or resistance is obvious when the company opts for digital transformation. As per our very nature, we seldom welcome changes in our routines, and digital transformation is an epitome of discomfort for most employees. 

It may make your workers feel threated and insecure. Many companies have to postpone their digital transformation initiative simply because of employee resistance. 


Employees should be properly guided about why the change is crucial for the company. With this, no employee should feel insecure, and it is possible by erasing doubts and uncertainties from their minds.  

Budget Limitation

Startups and SMEs have budgetary constraints, which remain one of the biggest challenges in the way of digital transformation. It is fair to mention that digital transformation may require substantial investment. Even large enterprises may face budgetary constraints while spending a small fortune on digital transformation. 

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Companies can start small. Digital transformation is a process and not a race! You can develop a digital strategy with several phases over some years. 

Concluding Lines

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for digital transformation challenges. Every company has a unique business model and so are the challenges for integrating digital transformation solutions. 

A bold yet calculative approach with vision and innovation can assist entrepreneurs to come out of legacy systems. Hope these challenges and their solutions will help you make the digital transformation journey smooth and pleasant. 

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Our teams of expert professionals can integrate advancements of emerging technologies to address ever-changing expectations of customers. We also assist startups and SMEs to handle digital transformation challenges by making a robust strategy.

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