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If the business on multiple platforms is a new reality, a cross-platform app offers the solution! As a cost-effective and efficient business tool in the online world, no one can ignore the cross-platform apps. The concept of cross-platform mobile application development has started gaining ground because of a number of business benefits it offers to the companies irrespective of their scale, size, and model.

Let’s take a dip dive into the reasons why your business needs cross-platform mobile app development services in 2019 and beyond.

Native app development has remained a norm for customized business apps for a long time. It is still in vogue, but as technology advances, the mobile app developers have started using tools for developing apps that can work across different platforms while enabling their clients to save a lot of bucks. Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Ionic are a few noteworthy tools used for this purpose.

Business Benefits of Cross-platform Applications

1. Require less effort – The cross-platform apps require fewer development efforts as compared to the native apps. It is because the mobile app developers can use the single code for developing apps on multiple platforms.

2. Take less time in testing – Just like the development, the cross-platform app takes less time in testing as compared to its native counterpart. The QA department has to test only one version of the app instead of two in the case of native apps for Android and iOS.

3. Get ready in less cost – When testing and development take less time, it is obvious that this saving of time reflects on the cost. The app development cost is normally charged on the per hour basis, especially when you hire mobile app developers for the app project. Now, if your business app gets ready in less time, you will need to spend fewer bucks.

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4. Faster TTM and customization -‘Code once and run everywhere’ is the concept behind cross-platform app development. It enables you to reduce Time to Market (TTM) with a quick deployment. What’s more, if you want to modify or customize the app, it is easy for the developers as they have to do the minor changes in a single code.

Native app development is costlier and you can get the app for anyone platform- Android or iOS. On the other hand, the cross-platform apps can run on both Android and iOS alike. It is fair to mention that in the cost of one native app, you can get a cross-platform business mobile app that can readily run

Let’s face it! The cross-platform app development is not a panacea for every development-related trouble. The development process itself has a few drawbacks and concerns. Some of the known disadvantages of the cross-platform app development include tool restriction, slower operation, and no support for the firmware updates from Google and Apple. But then, it is a boon for startups and SMEs because of rapid app development and less development cost.

These days, we have many advanced cross-platform tools are available, but Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Ionic are noteworthy among them. Let’s go through some basic information about them.

Xamarin – If you want to make the most of iOS and Android OS with a feature-rich mobile app, then Xamarin app development can serve your purpose with ease. Xamarin is supported by Microsoft and it enables the businesses to get a multi-platform app with a native look and feel.

The platform uses C# language for building Android and iOS apps.

You can also hire Xamarin developers from India to get the high-quality cross-platform app at a competitive rate.

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PhoneGap – This open source mobile application framework is known as Apache Cordova or Adobe PhoneGap. Simple coding is a major characteristic of PhoneGap application development. The platform consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can hire PhoneGap developers to make the app and use the cloud to access it.

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Robust developer community, plugin library, and the robust PhoneGap toolset can enable the developers to build mobile apps faster through using the Adobe PhoneGap platform.

Ionic – Be it nativelike apps or progressive web apps, the Ionic platform is sufficient for developing a functional app for your enterprise. It is an open-source SDK for developing cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development.

The Ionic app development services facilitate the developers to build apps for Android, iOS and modern browsers. As a robust framework, Ionic includes mobile components, typography, and the like.

The Ionic application development can help you get hybrid apps and web apps.

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Wrapping Up

You can readily find whether your business requires a cross-platform app. As the cross-platform app development concept has started gaining ground worldwide, time is just right to give your business advantage of a mobile app that can flawlessly work across all the major platforms. You can consult a reputed mobile app development company to get more insight on the cross-platform app approach.

Be it Ionic, Xamarin, or PhoneGap- Solution Analysts can make seamlessly-performing cross-platform apps using advancements of any of these platforms. Focus on quality and performance while developing highly customized app solutions have made us a renowned mobile app development company.

Our experienced app developers can offer enterprise-grade app solutions at competitive rates. Sounds great? Just contact us at sales@solutionanalysts.com and keep the ball rolling!

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