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IoT has remained a hot potato in the corporate world for years. Though IoT term was coined back in 1999, it has started mainstreaming in the industries in recent years. A renowned research firm Gartner has predicted that there will be 5.8 billion enterprise and automotive IoT endpoints will be in use by the year 2020.

The IoT concept will remain a choice of many modern enterprises to perform various tasks ranging from mundane to most complex ones.

The IoT applications with enterprise-friendly features can take the enterprise to the next level while making the most of a revolutionary IoT concept. But then, you need to select the right IoT application development company.

Here we share some of the top tips to choose the right app development partner for your existing IoT system. Owners of B2B and B2C businesses can find this concise guide very helpful to hire the right IoT app development company.

But before moving forward, let’s understand the significance of IoT apps for modern enterprises. A reliable mobile app development company can integrate sensors, gadgets, and devices to build an advanced IoT mobile app.

Technological advancements and changing business requirements have taken the IoT app development process to the next level. Simply put, IoT is all set to revolutionize the way we live and do business through the apps.

The IoT market is expected to grow to $561.04 billion in 2020, thanks to the growing interest of enterprises in this technology. Today, many app development companies claim to build feature-rich IoT apps, just to grab a share of the pie.

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It makes the task of selecting the right IoT application development company for your upcoming project even more difficult. Here we give some useful tips to find and hire the right IoT app developer.

Top Tips to Consider while Choosing the Best IoT App Development Company

IoT-specific skills

This is the first thing to consider. Many mobile app development companies either lack the necessary tools or expert resources to build customized IoT app solutions. You need to hire an IoT application development company with a proven track record of delivering high-end IoT app solutions.

The app development company with expertise and experience in serving the electrical or mechanical engineering companies with advanced software solutions can be a preferred choice.

Reviews and Rating

In today’s technology-driven age, it is better to find online reviews and ratings of various mobile app development companies for building IoT apps.

You can also consider the testimonials on their respective website as a reliable source to find the right development partner. You can get the feedback by contacting the previous clients of IoT app development companies to get the real picture.

Communication Style

Do you know there are two types of corporate clients for a mobile app development company? One, companies that leave everything on their app development partner until the project delivery date comes near.

Two, companies that need information about development phases at the regular interval. Many IoT app development companies send their clients weekly invoices stating how much time was given to specific development activities.

Here, communication holds the key to developing an IoT app with necessary features. When you select an IoT app developer, make sure that you get a similar communication style. If your company’s management tends to remain proactive during the app development process, you need to ensure that the app developer should also be willing to provide real-time information. It is always better to remain informed about the scope, budget, and duration of the app development project.

Testing Procedure

Be it an IoT app for Android or iOS, the testing procedure always remains strong because the IoT apps are integrated with the existing IoT network consisting of servers and connected devices.

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You need to make sure that the IoT app developer has a robust and automated testing procedure in place for customized IoT apps. What’s more, it is necessary to meet deadlines while following extensive testing.

Another point is, as your IoT app grows in size and scale, it becomes more complex and complicated to manage. It is difficult to change even a single line once the app runs in a full swing.

There, the IoT app developer should have advanced tools and techniques for testing and maintenance of the app. The IoT app development company you select should be capable of identifying a bug or error at every level.

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Your company and app development partner should be flexible enough to implement potential changes in the app throughout the development life cycle. As a client, it is advisable for you to understand the difference between the necessary and desired app features.

Simply put, you need to maintain a subtle balance between the end user’s needs and budgetary limitations. The IoT app development company that follows the agile methodology is a preferred choice for developing bespoke IoT apps because they can make an app flexible enough to integrate the necessary feature even at the last moment to come up with the right solution.

Full-stack Capabilities

As the majority part of the customized IoT app solution is software, it is better to select the IoT app development company that has full-stack developers. In other words, you should give preference to the companies that have a strong presence in both web and mobile app development domains.

Full-stack development companies can develop an end-to-end app solution that manages the hardware, web and mobile interfaces alike.

Design and Development Standards

Unlike traditional mobile apps, IoT apps need to be more secure because they deal with a large network consisting of devices, smartphones, and servers. These apps are designed to fetch and share confidential data of users and enterprises alike across the network and therefore, they remain vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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Therefore, you need to select the IoT app development company that strictly follows all the design and development standards.


Last but not least, the major point is infrastructure. This is a major prerequisite when you finalize the IoT application development company. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge tools can help development companies to come up with a seamlessly-performing app.

You should also keep in mind that the app development company provides you end-to-end app development services ranging from development to deployment and design to maintenance. It is better to assess the infrastructure and discuss the project with the developers before hiring a company.

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You may wonder about the starting point for an IoT app development project. Here we give some additional tips for you to make a proper roadmap that can save the IoT app developer’s time and effort while enabling you to get an excellent app in a short time.

Tips for Entrepreneurs while Opting for IoT App Development

First things first. You should decide the complexity level and necessary features for your IoT application. The mobile app development company can help you out, but it is better to do homework regarding market trends and your competitors’ apps to define a proper strategy.

Extensive research and complete background check are also useful to find the right IoT app development partner. Also, you should make a list of app features to determine the cost.

Finally, you should ask for integrating additional security features in your IoT app like encryption and user authentication to the mobile app development company. Scalability and flexibility are also the most sought-after characteristics of the enterprise-level IoT app.

Concluding Lines

It is a herculean task to find the most suitable IoT application development company for your next project. You need a development partner that can effectively handle the ever-changing business needs and growing challenges. Being innovative and creative can be key characteristics of your IoT app developer with having necessary domain expertise.

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