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Apple has done some ground-breaking work with iOS Swift which will alter the iPhone and iPad experience for the better. As in the case of all Apple creation, both hardware and software, Apple fans are going to look forward to enjoying the best of this latest version of the platform.

So, it isn’t surprising to see iPhone app owners making the move to upgrade their apps to iOS 8 and upwards using iOS Swift.

Apple devices that can be captured

With the iOS Swift came the iOS version 8 and it can be used from iPhone 4s and iPad 2 onwards on all Apple phones and tablets. The new operating systems come with higher quality-focus and with a restructured software engineering process; it offers better support to older hardware with iOS9.

Swift and the iOS Programmer

Programmers, who are new to iOS and familiar with Ruby or Python, will absolutely love Swift as the platform is similar to them. Unlike Objective C, Swift shares features such as not requiring a semicolon to end statements with Python. So, dramatic errors from small oversights can be completely ruled out.

Even programming on this platform is safer, so there are fewer SSL errors. And the Swift Playground is an interactive environment with tools that allow the programmer to see the effects of changes or code additions as they type. Also, JavaScript is mastered by most developers and hence learning Swift becomes easier.

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Migrating from Objective C to Swift

The question is whether it would be beneficial to move from Objective C to Swift or not? We have had very good results with a few applications that we converted to be compatible with iOS Swift. Our Swift app development team says that the speed of the apps has improved, delivering better experience.

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Of course, it cannot be said for sure that Apple may not retire Objective C in the next few years and then all apps will have to be migrated to the new platform.

New iPhone app development is being done directly on Swift platform, and we have so far completed five applications successfully. Technically speaking, iOS Swift apps are better than Objective C apps and will be easier to upgrade for iOS 8 and OSX 10.10.

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Apple for Future

iOS Swift is designed to create apps for the wearable devices such as iWatch and all later Apple devices will use Swift as the programming language. For enterprise applications, and companies where BYOD policy is practiced, Swift applications are feasible to avoid complications.

Whether you want an app developed on Swift or port an existing app to Swift, we have the expertise and experience to assist you. Don’t wait get in touch now.

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