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Social distancing and remote working have become new norms in 2020 as the world struggles against the pandemic. Individuals and entrepreneurs face a lot of troubles because of these norms as they affect the way we live and work. Talking about enterprises, it is difficult to track and accomplish daily tasks from remote developers. There, technology lends a helping hand by offering video conferencing solutions.

Video conferencing apps like Zoom enable businesses to conduct audio-visual meetings online. Techcrunch has revealed that video conferencing apps were downloaded over 62 million times in March 2020 for business and personal use globally. It shows that the demand for a customized video chat application has soared in recent times. Though various apps including Google Meet, Zoom, and Slack are available, there is still a lot of scope for a new player.

If you are an ambitious business person who wants to enter the market with a user-friendly and feature-rich video conferencing app, then this is the right time for you. Read on this blog to know how you can come up with a successful video conferencing app like Zoom. We will start from scratch and go through the objective of developing a video conferencing app.

Top Three Reasons for Developing a Video Chat Application

A customized video conferencing solution can take your business to a new level. Here we mention the top three reasons why you should opt for a video chat app development.

Generate Higher Revenue

The video conferencing app can generate a higher revenue because its market is flourishing amid healthy competition. A Global Market Insights report has predicted that the market value of video chat apps will cross $50 billion by 2026.

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With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, many corporate, as well as social events, are getting canceled. It makes such apps more popular among individuals and industries alike. This trend is here to stay and we can certainly expect that the popularity of a video conferencing app will remain intact for a long time.

Ample of Scope for Growth

Various prominent sectors including healthcare and education have opened the doors of new opportunities for video conferencing solutions. A study shows that only the education industry accounts for over 10% of the video conferencing market share. In this turbulent time when educational institutes emphasize online teaching, the video chat app can remain a boon of technology for the sector. Other industry sectors can also bring a lot of opportunities for the video chat app.

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Growing Popularity

Video chat applications are gaining ground swiftly worldwide. During the lockdown-like situation across the world, the popularity of video conferencing apps significantly increases as more people use them for handling procedures and staying connected with their kith and kins.

Statista has revealed that globally, the download of video conferencing apps has increased by over 100% (almost double) in March 2020. It is a clear indicator of the growing popularity of video conferencing apps and give us a strong reason to invest in video app development.


If these reasons fascinate you to build a video conferencing app with an excellent UI/UX design, then here we give some tips to create a successful video chat app like Zoom.

Top Aspects to Keep in Mind for Developing a Video Chat App

Study of Market Trends

A thorough market study is essential before building a video conferencing app. It is better to research the competitor’s apps to find issues or loopholes. You can bring an app that addresses all these issues effectively. If you have a brilliant idea related to the video app, you need to explore whether the idea can be transformed into a full-fledged, feature-rich app.

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Also, market research enables you to include special components to make your app unique and more user-friendly. It is fair to mention that you can find the target audience based on the features and design of your video chat app.

Focus on Design

As mentioned above, an attractive UI/UX design can draw the attention of many people. You can develop an app for millennials, corporate executives, and college-goers that has an appealing design. The mobile app development company can help you bring such an elegant app. If you want to make a video conferencing app for your business, you should ensure that the app has a logo and other design in line with your business model and brand.

Robust Back-end Development

After appearance comes the performance. Back-end development is necessary for the proper performance, therefore, it is known as the backbone of the app development process. The app’s backend development consists of the database, app server, and web server for adding different functionalities in the app. Here, flexibility or customizability and scalability play a vital role because the app should be capable of including multiple users at once.

Platform Selection

You need to select the right platform based on your target audience for developing a video conferencing app. For example, if you want to build an app for the USA, the UK, and Canada, you need to opt for iOS app development. Similarly, Android app development can lead your conferencing app toward success in countries of Asia and Africa.

Alternatively, you can opt for cross-platform app development. It enables you to come up with an app that can seamlessly run across both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter app development or React Native app development are the most popular domains for developing feature-rich cross-platform apps.

Choose App Development Company

These days, many mobile app development companies offer video chat app development services. However, you should find a reputed and reliable mobile app development company that provides end-to-end services ranging from development to deployment and maintenance to marketing. Also, you can take an interview with developers before hiring them.

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Finally, let’s have a glimpse of key features of the video chat app like Zoom-

Must-have Features of Video Conferencing or Video Chatting App

• Profile Management
• User Onboarding
• Voice and Video Calls
• Complete Encryption
• Group Calls
• Text Chat
• Push Notification
• Screen Sharing
• Virtual Background
• Stickers and Emojis
• In-app Purchases

Additionally, you can consider adding advanced features to make your video conferencing app more user-friendly. However, the addition of these features can significantly increase the cost of app development. Let’s have a look at the estimated cost of a video conferencing app.

Cost-determining Factors to Develop Video Chat App

When it comes to the cost of app development, factors like features, complexity, platform, size of the team of developers, and the development duration play a crucial role. The cost of a video chat app like Zoom depends on what type of a personalized app solution you need. A video conferencing app with similar features and functionality as that of the Zoom app can cost you around $50000 or more.

Here, it is fair to mention that the hourly rate of developers can be a game-changer in the cost of mobile app development. For example, Indian app developers charge anywhere between $30 to $80 an hour, whereas the US-based app developers charge around $150 an hour. This vast difference reflects in the app development cost.

Concluding Lines

Video chatting or conferencing apps are needed by individuals and entrepreneurs alike. Though we have a video conferencing app like Zoom is available, still, the domain is wide open for new players. Various industry sectors can also open the doors for new opportunities for video chatting app. The trend of video conferencing app is here to stay.

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