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With over 2.2 million apps available for download, the App Store is an overcrowded market. The rising number of apps across different genres have made it hard for any new players to get succeed. Another nail in the coffin is the Cupertino Company Apple has tightened its norms for approval of the apps.

It is really frustrating for an iOS app development company that after integrating the best-in-class features, vigorous testing, following every possible standard, and putting a lot of efforts, your app gets rejected. In fact, many iOS app developers apply the same manner to develop an iOS app, and Apple’s stringent guidelines make it increasingly difficult to get your app approved on the App Store.

Here we mention ten simple yet solid reasons that are responsible for the rejection of your custom iOS application:

Well, this is the first and foremost reason for your app’s rejection. It is better to read and follow the guidelines during the development process itself. It is not advisable to maneuver your app to meet the guidelines after development. Such an alteration can result in a complete mess.

Any type of imitation of the existing app on the App Store, minimum app functionality, and faulty integration of Apple device features are considered as a breach of guidelines and become the primary causes of rejection.

Yes, this is another big reason for rejection! If you use trademarks, app names and content containing Apple’s name in your app without prior permission, your app would immediately throw into the rejection zone. The company is so strict for using images like iPhone icons, Polaroid-like image frames or related thing without its permission that it does not even give you a chance for evaluation.

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Apple is very much focused on features and performance. Its fanboys just hate the slow apps with performance glitches. And therefore, the App Store immediately rejects such apps that fail to engage the users. The App Store people also check the app for easy navigation and functionality. The download and access of the app should be quick, and the user should no face any hurdle in using the app are the key criteria. The speed and functionality matter more than appearance when it comes to custom iOS apps.

  • No Notification for Internet Access

If your app cannot run without the Internet it should notify the user. Apps that require the Internet access and on failing to detect the network, they should send a notification through a pop-up message. You need to ascertain that this feature is included in your app and the users can easily see it. If your app has an offline functionality, the user must know about online and offline services. If your app does not send a notification regarding the Internet access, the user may get confused about the app’s functionality or device performance. The App Store rejects apps that have lack of this function.

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  • Any single bug, malfunction, or any glitch can be a cause of app rejection. If you want to see your app live on the App Store, it is better to test it across various iOS devices for performance. Remember, the App Store will not ignore even the slightest fault, and therefore, all the iOS app development companies have to take the utmost care while testing the app time and again. The testing with the cutting-edge tools can help developers find the bugs and as a result, you can get a seamlessly running app.

    • Integration of Own Payment System
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    These days, many app owners opt for app monetization. Whether your app is a paid app or having an in-app purchase for using all the features, you must integrate the Apple purchasing system for the payment. It is illegal to use any other payment sites and if anyone does so, their app gets rejected automatically from the Apple store. The company has made this integration mandatory to ensure safe and secure financial transaction. If you are an app owner, make sure that the iOS app development company does not integrate any other payment method in your app.

    Apple hats copycats! The App Store executives waste no time in rejecting the imitative apps. It is, therefore, wise not to copy any apps. Usually, the iPhone app developers tend to imitate the chartbuster apps while developing UI, but, it can be a reason for rejection. What’s more, Apple Developer guidelines state that: “We have over 250,000 apps in the App Store. We don’t need any Fart apps.” It means that any app that fails to provide something useful or entertaining for the users, it will be rejected by Apple.

    Any app’s primary objective is to make life and work of the users easier. If apps are not convenient and user-friendly, chances are fairly high that the App Store will reject them. If your app lacks in providing simple navigation and easy-to-use features, you need to work on it. The App Store wants an app that runs smoothly across all the iOS devices with natural look and feel. Though an app has an elegant interface with excellent graphics, the customers will reject it if it is slow, complicated, and clunky.

    Even if your app is based on the existing website, it should not look like a web version. In other words, you need to ensure that you upload an app and not the website in the package of an application. You should take care of creating an interface in line with the mobile platform by using the native code. You can always take help from a reputed iOS app development company for avoiding your app looks like a website.

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    Last but not the least comes the description part. You need to give some time to the app description for iTunes once your app is ready to deploy. The app reviewer will read it first to get an idea about your application, and therefore, it needs to be as accurate as possible. Avoid any ambiguity and generic stuff. Do not try to give any false information or hide necessary information to mislead the app reviewer. Just write what your app offers and avoid any promotional language. A reliable and exact description can lead you toward acceptance.

    Concluding Remarks

    You spend a lot of energy, resources, and money in developing an iOS application with user-friendly features. You can avoid the rejection by keeping these points in mind and get the reward of your efforts and a unique concept in the form of a live iOS app on the App Store.

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