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Doctor Application Development

Feb 20, 2020 CASE STUDIES

Industry 4.0 brings to us a lot of good applications, which make our life become more convenient. 

One of our case studies about this application is Doctor App, one type of mobile apps which connects patients and doctors easily via smartphone. Furthermore, users can find the best doctor online, who will take care for them. 

What is Doctor Application?

It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater to the requirements of people interested in building a freelance marketplace or other similar projects.

The design is contemporary but at the same time, it focuses on usability, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to ensure easy navigation for the end-users.

The features of this application

  • Powerful searches for doctors & hospitals
  • Detail pages for doctors & hospitals
  • Doctors, hospitals, and patients profile settings
  • Book appointments with doctors
  • One to one chat, health forum & blogs Listings
  • All settings for doctors
  • Manage team for hospital & more

If you have any questions, let us know. With more than 10 years in mobile application developing, we are confident to support you with your complex projects.

There are reasons you should choose Inapps to support your project

  • English communication— 80% can read and understand spoken English.
  • Cost-efficiency 
  • Good Communication Skills — They are good communicators and aren’t afraid to speak up or challenge you. They want to do a good job and succeed.
  • Talented workforce — Young developers who studied and worked abroad in the US, Australia, Northern Europe or Japan.
  • High-level of Tech skills — Excellent at analysis, troubleshooting and tech solution brainstorming. They are passionate developers who love what they do and desire for self-development.

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