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Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzing concept in the corporate world. The pandemic age has increased its importance significantly as more entrepreneurs tend to leverage the benefits of IoT-powered apps for enhancing collaboration. 

An IoT app development company can come up with feature-rich apps that can participate and collaborate in the execution of various business processes. It results in reduced human intervention and higher efficiency in operations. 

Let’s face it. Though enterprise-level IoT offers many benefits to entrepreneurs it is necessary to ensure strict quality testing, maintenance plans, and continuous support. These challenges always come in the way of IoT in digital transformation and the software development companies have to address them effectively to make the most of IoT.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the challenges that modern enterprises are facing while adopting IoT. 

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Major Challenges Enterprises Face in IoT Adoption

Though technology is evolving at a rapid pace, many entrepreneurs are still sceptical about the scope and benefits of Enterprise IoT. 

The reason is simple- as compared to a consumer IoT solution, the enterprise IoT environment has more complex requirements and poses more challenges. Here are the key challenges the IoT app development company has to face while implementing IoT apps. 

No Structured Data

Highly structured and clearly defined data remains imperative for implementing IoT successfully. It is simply because the system needs predefined categories in which it can save the data and fetch the same as and when necessary.

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In other words, unstructured data is difficult to analyse and companies cannot get actionable insights based on such data. Here, quantity, type, and speed of data are three important parameters for effective analysis. 

Another challenge entrepreneurs and IoT solution providers face is to define the data they need to capture. An IoT app development company provides specialised data modelling services so that entrepreneurs can make the most of valuable corporate data for making real-time decisions. 

The amount of structured data and the potential speed of capturing the data can play a vital role in taking enterprises to a new level.  

Lack of identification of Right Use Cases

This is another major challenge for modern enterprises. They cannot identify the right use cases to get a higher ROI in IoT technology. Though IoT seems to solve various optimization problems at the macro level, it is difficult to identify processes that can be automated with the help of IoT at the micro-level. 

This identification needs a lot of experience in the specific industry domain and technical expertise of IoT. You can consult a reputed IoT solutions provider to address this challenge effectively. 

What’s more, it is necessary to use a modular approach for building edge architectures. Such architectures can deploy any of the necessary components in the IoT system. 

Also, IoT with open-source components can enable enterprises to get customised solutions that suit their business needs in the best possible way. 

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Edge Computing and Scalability

Edge computing can meet some of the IoT challenges including real-time data processing in the device even if the network is lost or remains weak. 

Also, enterprises that deal in life-protecting safety systems or critical infrastructure need continuous business operations. 

Here also, edge computing lends a helping hand. It brings data processing and analysis closer to the devices that collect or generate the data. This concept is useful in prioritising device data and sending it as and when necessary. 

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Another challenge for AI and ML-driven enterprises is they need to discover potential problems in real-time so that they can take corrective measures to improve product quality while reducing potential downtime.

Advanced IoT solutions need to include all the necessary advancements of emerging technologies including AI/ML, Kubernetes, and containers to meet the edge computing and scalability-related challenges.  

Different Devices and Complexity

Globally, enterprises of different sizes and scales tend to leverage the benefits of IoT in digital transformation. But then, the adoption of IoT has to meet the challenge related to different devices in the business environment. 

Many devices share the common architecture, but they have different systems and operations that can make communication between these devices difficult. It is possible that the control signal sent by one device may not be accepted as a valid command by another device. 

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Therefore, IoT solution providers have to consider this challenge and come up with a common interface for all the devices in use. 

Another major challenge is to maintain data security amid complexity. When it comes to enterprise IoT solutions, two-way authentication and other security measures can work wonders to ensure security.

It is always essential for IoT app development companies to establish and follow all security protocols and guidelines. 

Analytical Modeling 

Making an accurate model analyze the data properly is a challenging task. In absence of such a model, the collected data becomes worthless. In other words, it is necessary to develop a proper model to meet the expectations and requirements of IoT implementation. 

This time-consuming and expensive process needs special attention as different enterprise has different mode of operations and a unique set of objectives. Other differences are in devices and overall infrastructure. In such a scenario, companies need to focus on making analytical models in line with their business needs and market trends. 

Concluding Lines

Robust and reliable enterprise IoT has the capability to disrupt the way businesses are conducted across the world. All you need to ensure that the IoT network is implemented correctly in your enterprise.

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Though several challenges are there in adopting this revolutionary technology successfully, this blog and a reputed IoT development firm can help you make the most of it. 

At Solution Analysts, we assist our global corporate clientele to implement IoT-based systems while addressing all these challenges. 

Our experienced in-house team of IoT developers can address your company’s requirements effectively by developing customized and robust solutions. As a leading IoT app development company, we also integrate advancements of emerging technologies to make our IoT solutions ready for the future. 

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