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One question hounds entrepreneurs when they opt for an Android app development-How can I ensure the success of my app? And, this is a valid concern for they spend many bucks and put a lot of effort during the development of Android apps. In such a scenario, if people reject your app, all your efforts and money can be at stake.

Google Play is surging with over 2.5 million apps, and therefore, you need to keep several points in mind to keep your app competent to cope with growing competition. App marketing, analysis of user acquisition and their behavior, business metrics analytics, etc. are just a few important steps to consider, but here we mention some major factors you should keep in mind to ensure the success of your business app.

  • Tips to Ensure Success of Your Android Apps in 2020

Research Inadequacies
While preparing a mobile app strategy, you need to take care of market research. Android Mobile app development Services can help you with it, but you should make sure that every aspect related to demography and user requirements. For example, you need to make a proper strategy after doing careful research on the issues and demands of the target audience as per various demographics. You need to find out a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business mobile app with the help of thorough research.

What’s more, you should put yourself in the app user’s shoes. You should think of innovative mobile app solution that addresses the prospective user’s requirements in the best possible manner. Inadequate or improper market research can ruin your efforts and money as your app fails to transform your concept into a user-friendly solution. After making an app strategy, you can hire Android app developers for app development and design.

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Poor UX Design
When it comes to mobile apps, UX design means everything! All the mobile apps are developed by keeping the end-users in the center. An interactive and impressive UX design can help you get valuable initial downloads as well as loyal customers. On the other hand, poor design with complex navigation and occasional glitches can drive people away from your app.

You can count on the top mobile application development company for a pleasant UX design of your Android app. The development company will help you meet the goals while offering a rich experience to the app users. Let’s understand this with an example of an eCommerce app. If you have a retail business, an Android app should have a simple checkout process, comprehensive product searches, and easy navigation to provide an excellent experience to the users. Such an app design can help you increase the customer base.

It is also beneficial to add some in-app features like predictive text setup, root word recognition, and enhanced search to make the app more interactive and user-friendly. Though the mobile app development cost goes high with the integration of advanced features based on technological advancements, you can certainly get a high return on your investment because of such features.

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Inefficient Testing
Testing is another key requirement for any mobile app across both Android and iOS app development domains. But, when it comes to Android OS, app testing becomes more crucial because your app can be run on multiple devices of different display sizes. It is very rare that any business app is free from bugs. If your app does not undergo proper QA testing, chances are high that it may face issues on some of the Android devices. It can be a big reason for the user’s rejection of your app.

These days, entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobility bandwagon, but inefficient testing can become a cause of the app’s failure. No or minimal QA testing can make your app fail to face growing competition. All you need to focus on rectifying the errors and giving an excellent first impression of your apps. When it comes to QA testing, there is no room for a hurry.

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Minimal Customer Support
As a business person, you know it very well that every product or service needs robust customer support to stand firm amid intense competition. In the same way, your app should offer 24/7 support for the users. Lack of a support feature can fail your app in the market. You can take the help of the cloud technology for offering improved support in the app.

When the app user stucks somewhere, they like to connect with you to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. The user cannot wait for long to solve their problem, and if there is no support available in your app, they may prefer to switch to another app. The result is obvious- You lose one of your potential customers.

Improper Marketing
App marketing is also essential to increase the reach of your Android app. Android OS has over 76% market share among various mobile operating systems globally. If you want to address such a huge audience effectively, app marketing should be properly executed. A reputed android app development company can run a marketing campaign for your app with ease. Here it is better to start your app’s marketing campaign since the development phase. It can help you create hype for your app and you can leverage its benefits. You can get initial downloads and valuable feedback that can assist you to come up with a better version.

Another marketing channel is a notification. You can send notifications regarding promotional offers, business activities, new openings, and the like in a personalized way to win customers. But here, you should stay away from sending excessive notifications because this move can annoy your app users.

Simply put, improper marketing can cost you money and reputation as your app fails to reach the real audience and may face a high rejection rate.

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Performance Glitches
Android app development services are designed to develop feature-rich mobile apps to meet your business apps efficiently. But then, performance hiccups can annoy your app users and as a result, they may delete the app. It is, therefore, necessary for you to pay enough attention to performance glitches of your app and make sure that your app meets the user’s requirements smartly and innovatively.

As compared to iOS, Android is an open-ended platform, and many device makers come up with advanced devices regularly in line with the advent of new Android versions. Your seamlessly-performing Android app will help you expand your business among a huge audience.

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Wrapping Up
It is fair to mention that when you are ready to develop a custom mobile app solution, you need to think of possible roadblocks that can prevent your app to become successful. Though the market trends and people’s requirements are key factors in deciding the fate of any mobile app, you can certainly increase the user retention rate and get higher ROI over the period by addressing these issues effectively.

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