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Enterprise mobility can be a game changer for companies. When it comes to growing your business, you can get the power of a thriving mobile platform thanks to mobility. Diversifying business requirements and challenging business scenario can be addressed well with a customized enterprise mobility solution.

However, even you have integrated mobility in the corporate system, it is not easy to stay ahead of the curve amid growing competition. Therefore, you need to consult a mobile app development company for exploring various ways to integrate enterprise mobility more effectively at the workplace.

Here we give five best practices of enterprise mobility in detail. Businesses should follow them in 2019 and beyond to enhance business processes and improve communication.

Today, enterprise mobility concept has expanded beyond mobile-based app solutions. It has included transformation management, client-centric mobile apps, communication strategies, and other factors. It has strengthened the BYOD concept and enables the users to access critical company data anytime on the move. Let’s go through five tips to improve mobility at the workplace.

How about integrating mobility in the laptops and desktops? Do you find it strange? But, it is possible with hybrid app development. Platforms like PhoneGap and Ionic can utilize CSS and HTML5 web technologies to build apps that can run on any device with ease. Still, native apps rule the mobility domain, it is beneficial to consider hybrid app development for addressing communication requirements. The reason is simple. Though single languages like Java and Swift have many advantages, they possess only native capabilities, whereas, the hybrid frameworks enable companies to bring an app for all the major platforms including a web platform.

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Flexibility and scalability are two major objectives of modern business. The mobility solutions can assist entrepreneurs to achieve them through diversity.

The growing use of mobile devices and apps at the workplace have increased the vulnerability of sensitive corporate data. The risks of privacy and data safety loom large as more companies embrace mobility and BYOD approaches. It is because employees use personal gadgets or devices to access company data at any time. It can make the company’s network vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breach.

Cybercriminals find the mobile apps as a ‘soft target’ and target the following for fetching sensitive data illegally:

1. Devices- Hackers either root or jailbreak mobile devices to get the valuable data. They target helpless users and exploit them until the breach is fixed.
2. Networks- Hackers attack the network for a specific purpose. They can either redirect traffic to fraud networks or take the control of existing hotspot. It is easy for them to attack the network through an enterprise mobile app.
3. Apps- Finally, apps can act as a window for hackers and enable them to grab the data or get access to the company network. A Gartner report has revealed that almost 75% incidents of mobile security breaches are the results of faulty mobile apps.

When you hire mobile app developers for developing a feature-rich mobility app, you need to pay attention to its security. Many companies tend to rely on mobile security policies to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Today, many app development companies provide top-notch enterprise mobile app development services that emphasize the app’s security along with other features. You can reduce the possibility of cyber attacks with security-oriented features.

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What is the use of a mobile app with an elegant UI if the users reject it? When it comes to enterprise mobility adoption, the companies need to keep the end users in mind for this reason. The enterprise-grade mobile app’s end users are either employees or customers or both. Now, if either class does not accept the app, the company may face a setback. Therefore, it is better to identify the employee’s issues and the customer’s demands while opting for enterprise mobility app solution.

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Interactive app with a seamless performance can be quickly get accepted among people. You can find out the possible ways to use your mobile app and address them. For example, your mobility app is used by sales representatives, and at times, they need to access the data in a remote place where the internet connectivity is down. There, you can integrate the offline mode that enables them to access key data without a network connection.

The enterprise mobility app is used by all the employees. Now, it is better to restrict the data access to authorized persons or key executives. There, the mobile app development company can come up with secure user credentials like username and unique password. Here, the developers should exercise caution. Many Android devices and iPhones have built-in security features and it is necessary for the mobile app developers to keep these features in account while developing customized enterprise mobility solution.

  • Integrate advancements of emerging technologies

Both Android and iOS prioritize data security at the workplace. Android for Work solutions and enterprise-friendly features of iOS are the outcome of this priority. Let’s take an example of Android for Work.

Android, as the most prevalent OS in the world, offers a clear distinction from personal and professional profiles in various gadgets with Android for Work approach. It also offers enterprise-level controls to the admin for securing corporate data and apps from the user’s personal activities.

Today, we witness a steep rise in the number of companies that embrace mobility. Also, the mobility’s scope is widened and now the mobility apps perform various tasks including accepting the payment. The Bitcoin technology can make transactions secure, and therefore, it can be integrated into the mobility app solution.

Companies can also make policies for safe and effective implementation of the mobility concept. They can also restrict the download of other apps from the app store and even opening the URLs or websites by using the technological advancements.

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It is of utmost importance that the enterprise mobility solutions are implemented properly to get an optimum outcome. These practices will certainly assist companies to gain the advantage of mobility. However, it is advisable to know the way through which these practices can be implemented at the workplace depending on your business model.
Enterprise Mobility Solution

In a nutshell, it is fair to mention that mobility is here to stay. Companies need to take care of various aspects ranging from enterprise-grade applications to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to gain the most from mobility.

We are a renowned enterprise mobility solution provider in the USA and India. Let’s work on your project together to make the most of enterprise mobility. Just contact us by sending an email to sales@solutionanalysts.com.

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