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Google introduced Flutter back in May 2017. The aim behind this release was to make it easier for developers to build the best apps possible with new features and seamless performance. Since then, this SDK (Software Development Kit) has gained traction among the developer’s community worldwide. Google’s extensive support, innovative approach, and flawless functionality have made Flutter a preferred choice for cross-platform app development.

Initially, Google developed Flutter for assisting developers in ambient computing. Today, a number of the top companies like Groupon, Grab, Phillips, and eBay. Flutter app development has remained a preferred choice for many startups that launch businesses like on-demand ventures and Uber for X services. The pace of gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and developers indicates that Flutter is the future of cross-platform app development.

This graph indicates the rise of popularity in Flutter in a couple of years. Today, Flutter enjoys second place after React Native. It shows the platform’s capability to build large-scale apps with desired features for modern enterprises. In this blog, we are going to dig deep into the reasons that make Flutter the future of cross-platform development.

Top Reasons to Make You Believe that Flutter is the Future of Cross-platform Development

Single Codebase

Flutter app development is based on a single codebase for every platform or OS. Flutter app developers can build feature-rich apps for Android, iOS, web, and even desktop with the same codebase. It saves a lot of time for entrepreneurs and developers alike while reducing the TTM (Time to Market).

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The Flutter app development company can write the code once and get the app that can seamlessly run across various platforms.

Hot Reload

This is a flagship feature of the Flutter framework. It enables Flutter app developers to check the changes they made in the source code immediately in the running app. What makes this feature significant is its ability to reflect changes even without compiling the source code or restarting the app. When it comes to app debugging, the Hot Reload feature can reduce the development time significantly.

What’s more, the programming language Dart on which Flutter is built, comes with two compilation modes- AOT (Ahead-of-Time) and JIT (Just-in-Time) further improves the developer’s experience.

Quick Development

One of the major objectives of the cross-platform app development process is it facilitates rapid app development. Flutter, as a powerful framework, enables developers to expedite the development, debugging, and testing processes. With the features like a single codebase, hot reload, and the like, developers can always meet the deadlines. The rapid development process also reduces the cost of Flutter app development.

Flutter’s ability to build apps quickly is beneficial for entrepreneurs as they can come up with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) quickly to reach the market or show their projects to investors.

Fluuter app CTA

Open source Packages

One of the biggest benefits of the Flutter platform is it comes with a lot of free open source packages. It not only assists mobile app developers to develop an app faster but also facilitates them to integrate desired functionality. Some of the noteworthy open source packages are Youtube_player, Frideos_flutter, Flutter ECommerce, and Loading Animations. Flutter has a large, thriving community of active developers that contributes to making the library richer.

Another important benefit of the Flutter framework is it supports platform-centric widgets- Cupertino for iOS apps and Material Design for Android apps. Both these widgets make Flutter app development services capable of designing the OS-specific UI/UX. Flutter app development services are designed to build excellent apps that can give users a native-like solution.

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Firebase Integration

Firebase is a BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service)-based app development platform. Flutter app developers can use various services including analytics, databases, crash reporting, and messaging to meet the diverse requirements of app users. Flutter platform supports Firebase, and therefore, Firebase can be easily integrated into the Flutter platform.

Also, the Flutter platform has 2Dimensions Flare for developing interactive and interesting animations. A flare is a vector-based tool, which is useful for UI design and gaming apps. When you hire dedicated Flutter app developers, they can create engaging animations and designs into the app using the 2Dimensions Flare.

Multiple IDE Support

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) play a vital role in developing customized apps. Multiple IDEs support the Flutter framework for building apps in Android Studio, IntelliJ, and VS Code. As a powerful cross-platform app development platform, Flutter facilitates developers to build seamless and user-friendly mobile apps.


In a nutshell, Flutter apps can be built quickly thanks to rapid debugging and testing. The platform saves a lot of time and effort for experienced developers. It directly reflects the cost of Flutter app development. You can get a feature-rich, cross-platform app with a native-like experience at affordable rates.

How Flutter will Reshape the Face of Mobile App Development in 2021?

The flutter framework will be evolved over the period as Google and the developers’ community strive for making the platform more advanced and developer-friendly. Here is what we can expect from the Flutter platform in the year 2021 to enhance cross-platform app development services.

Null safety will be introduced in Dart 

The Flutter framework will make the migration of the package system and plugins to null safety

Improved Performance

Performance of Flutter in the existing Android and iOS app will be improved with enhanced ergonomics

Better App Quality

Flutter developers at Google put dedicated efforts to improve runtime performance, memory usage, and app download size overhead to improve the Flutter app’s quality

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Extended Support

Flutter developers will extend support to macOS, Linux, Web, and Windows for developing enterprise-friendly apps

Concluding Lines

Google’s Flutter thrives at a rapid pace, and the search engine giant’s ambitious Fuchsia OS project also supports the Flutter platform. Altogether, it is fair to mention that Flutter will play a significant role in the growth of the cross-platform app development domain. Developers will have an exciting time in developing customized apps in the Flutter platform and entrepreneurs will get flawless apps with user-friendly apps at affordable rates.

At Solution Analysts, we have a team of dedicated Flutter app developers. We build robust and reliable enterprise-level apps from scratch using the Flutter platform. Do you want to grow your business through a cross-platform app based on Flutter? Simply contact us and we will get back to you with an effective strategy.

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