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Ever since the advent of the first stable version in the year 2018, Google’s Flutter has taken the developer’s community by storm. In this data-driven, competitive world, Flutter stays strong among various cross-platform app development frameworks. 

In a recent survey, 39% of software developers have preferred Flutter app development globally. What’s more, Flutter has also gained 114k stars on GitHub.  

Flutter app development globally

Near-native performance, reduced code development time, and a bevy of other benefits have made Flutter ready to dominate the mobile app development domain over the period. 

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Flutter is the future of cross-platform app development. But, here we are going to see the trends this framework brings in developing mobile apps in 2021 and beyond.  

But, before getting into these trends, let’s have an introduction of Flutter as a robust cross-platform app development framework. 

Google’s Flutter- One of the Most Powerful Frameworks for Hybrid Apps

Flutter app development can save a lot of time and effort for developers. Flutter offers a rich user experience in robust business apps built for Android, iOS, and web platforms. It uses Dart programming language and requires a single codebase for building cross-platform apps. 

Every year, a team of Google developers comes up with updates and patches for this amazing platform.  

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Google’s Flutter

When you hire Flutter app developers, they can build feature-rich, cross-platform apps with flawless functionality. Today, this framework has over 2 million users and it powers more than 90K applications worldwide. 

Google has segregated dedicated Flutter developers across various sectors. For example, 35% of developers are available for entrepreneurs and 26% of developers are available for enterprises. 

Let’s go through the core aspects of Flutter that set the trends in mobile app development in the coming years. 


How Flutter is Setting App Development Trends in 2021

Flutter for mobile app development is one of the top trends these days. Here are the top reasons for its increasing popularity. f

Single Code for All Platforms

This feature enables Flutter to stand out from the crowd. It supports the ‘Write Once, Run Everywhere’ approach while overcoming the limitations of traditional cross-platform app development.

There is no need for Flutter app developers to write separate code for multiple platforms. They can write the code once for both operating systems iOS and Android. 

As a hybrid application development framework, Flutter can effectively reduce the effort and development duration for apps. Developers can focus more on the app’s quality and design while utilizing this time. 

As a result, entrepreneurs and business owners can expect apps with impeccable performance and desired features. 

Hot Reloading

Flutter development services gain ground for this feature. Hot Reloading or Hot Restart is an excellent feature that facilitates developers to view their change in the code instantly. This feature enables developers to see the progress side by side during the development process. It can increase the productivity of various developers. 

Also, this feature is useful for bug fixing, and it can make a real-time modification of the app possible. There is no need to wait till the entire app is reloaded as Flutter developers can see the changes instantly. 

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Effective Testing and Coding

Flutter app development is very subtle. As it requires a single codebase, the entire process becomes easier for developers. When you hire Flutter developers, they can readily reuse the code in different plugins that can significantly reduce development time. 

Also, a single QA (Quality Assurance) test is sufficient for verifying the features and functionality while testing the app. In a way, Flutter offers the perfect combination of coding and app testing. 

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Widgets for More Interaction

Widgets are necessary for making the app’s interface more interactive and appealing. Flutter framework offers a lot of widgets for almost all industry sectors. A wide range of specific widgets including fonts, scrolling, and navigation are available in the Flutter framework. 

These elements are customizable in line with your business model and online presence. Also, these elements are flexible in fitting every size of the screen. 

Flutter mobile applications can provide a hassle-free experience with the help of widgets and other features. 

Easy Customization and Modification

Flutter takes care of every aspect of app development ranging from development to maintenance and testing to customization. 

Thanks to the single codebase, Flutter-powered applications are easy to maintain and modify. 

Easy maintenance ensures the high-quality performance of the app for a long time. Any issue on the codebase can be fixed within minutes. The single codebase can assist developers to get rid of the hustle of working on the code. 

Talking about entrepreneurs, they need not spend more bucks on app maintenance and customization in Flutter app development as compared to other platforms. 

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Dart Language Advantage

Flutter is based on the programming language Dart. It is a single-source, general-purpose, out of the on-house language of Google. Developers can easily work on this language even if they have minimal knowledge or language skills. 

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Even if developers have less experience, they can find Dart highly flexible and accessible as compared to other languages. What’s more, Dart is useful for developing apps for web, desktop, and mobile ecosystems.  

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Benefit

Flutter framework enables entrepreneurs to show their business model through MVP to the investors. There is no need for separate processes for developing MVPs for Android and iOS. 

You can simply hire Flutter developers and discuss the idea for developing an MVP. It does not take much time and effort. Entrepreneurs can save money by skipping the development and test prototypes.

What’s more, Flutter is highly compatible with Firebase and there is no need for a separate back-end to create MVPs using with this compatibility. 

This is how the Flutter framework can help business persons achieve success in getting funds and grabbing new opportunities.  

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, Flutter is capable of reshaping the mobile app development domain. Flutter app development can also change the face of modern businesses with high-end features and seamless performance. 

The app development process remains cost-effective and accessible. Even startups and SMEs can also leverage the benefits of Flutter.    

We are a leading Flutter app development company. Our in-house team of Flutter app developers can integrate advanced features into your app and make it ready for the future.  


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