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Software developers are shaping and building the modern technological world. The software market can be divided into two major centers: the US and the European markets. So, to determine how many software developers are in the world, and which programming languages are in higher demand, we must examine the software development companies in the US and Europe.

How many Software Developers have been in the world over the years

Let’s take a look at two reliable sources! Evans Data Corporation is a notable market research firm based in California specializing in software development, while Statista is a valuable resource for accessing data and statistics on software developers

As of July 2023, Evans Data Corporation estimates 27.7 million software developers worldwide, with projections to reach 28.7 million by 2024. Likewise, Statista shows a similar trajectory, with 23 million developers in 2018 and an estimated 27.7 million in 2023, projected to reach 28.7 million in 2024.

how many developers in the world

Number of software developers worldwide in 2018 to 2024. Source: Statista

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no single, universally accepted figure for the number of software developers globally. This is due to several factors, like varying definitions of software developers and data collection challenges. The latter factor can be complex due to issues like informal employment and diverse industry classifications. However, we can still get a good understanding of the global landscape by looking at data from several reputable tech sources.

How Many Software Developers are there in the US?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports nearly 2.6 million employed software developers and programmers as of May 2023. This is the most authoritative and publicly available estimate from the U.S. government. Evans Data Corporation, however, puts the number of software developers in the US at 4.1 million (July 2023). This estimate is higher compared to the BLS data due to the inclusion of independent contractors and freelancers.

YearSourceNumber of Developers in the USNotes
2023U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)2.59 millionEmployed software developers and programmers as of May 2023
2023Evans Data Corporation4.1 millionIncludes freelancers and independent contractors
2023Statista3.2 million
2024 (Projected)Evans Data Corporation4.3 millionBased on current growth trends
2025 (Projected)Evans Data Corporation4.6 millionBased on current growth trends

Top 5 US states with the highest number of software developers

According to Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are 5 states with the most employed software developers (as of May 2022).

how many developers in the us

how many developers in the us

California leads the way in terms of raw numbers, with 258 thousand developers. Texas comes in second, and New York comes in third, with 116 thousand and 92 thousand people.

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StateNumber of Software Developers
New York92,040

How Many Software Developers are there in Europe?

The European software market is regarded as one of the world’s largest outsourcing centers, attracting customers from all over the world.

Evans Data Corporation’s July 2023 estimates place the number of software developers in Europe at approximately 5.7 million. Statista’s data shows a similar trajectory, with around 5.5 million developers in 2023, projected to reach 6.1 million by 2025.

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated number of software developers in European countries as of October 2023.

Country  Number of Software DevelopersSource(s)
Germany800,000 – 1 millionEvans Data, Eurostat, national statistical agencies
The UK500,000 – 700,000Evans Data, Statista, Office for National Statistics
France400,000 – 500,000Evans Data, Eurostat, INSEE
Russia500,000 – 700,000Evans Data, Rosstat, independent research firms
The Netherlands150,000 – 200,000Evans Data, CBS, national research agencies
Italy200,000 – 250,000Evans Data, Istat, national research agencies
Spain250,000 – 300,000Evans Data, INE, national research agencies
Poland200,000 – 250,000Evans Data, Główny Urząd Statystyczny, national research agencies
Ukraine150,000 – 200,000Evans Data, State Statistics Service of Ukraine, independent research firms
Sweden150,000 – 200,000
Evans Data, Statistics Sweden, national research agencies

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Number of Software Developers by Programming Language

Evans Data Corporation’s July 2023 Developer Survey provides insights into the most used programming languages globally, with estimates on the number of developers using each language. For example, they report 63.6% of respondents use JavaScript, suggesting a large global developer population for this language.

Statista’s “Most used programming languages among developers worldwide as of 2023” report indicates Python, SQL, and TypeScript as languages following JavaScript in terms of user base. Another annual Developer Survey from Stack Overflow collects data from millions of developers worldwide and reveals JavaScript, Python, and Java as the top 3 languages known and used by respondents (as of 2023).

Now let’s look at how many software developers are there in the world (as of 2023), classified by most popular programming languages to the least.

LanguageEstimated Number of DevelopersSource(s)
JavaScript12-13 millionEvans Data, Stack Overflow, SlashData
Java7-9 millionEvans Data, Statista, SlashData
Python8-10 millionEvans Data, Stack Overflow, SlashData
.NET (C# included)6-8 millionEvans Data, SlashData, Stack Overflow
C# (within .NET)6-8 millionEvans Data, SlashData, Stack Overflow
PHP5-6 millionEvans Data, W3Techs, SimilarTech
C++4-5 millionEvans Data, TIOBE Index, SlashData

JavaScript developers: 

Javascript is a leading language with an estimated 12-13 million developers worldwide. Its dominance stems from its role as the core language for web development and increasing use in backend development frameworks like Node.js. Over the years, JavaScript has maintained consistent growth due to its versatility and the ever-expanding web ecosystem. Frameworks like React and Angular further solidify its position.

The figure for Javascript developers is growing, driven by web advancements, progressive web apps, and serverless functions. JavaScript’s dominance in web development likely remains unchallenged.

Java developers:

The number of Java developers is estimated at 7-9 million globally, making it one of the most widely used languages. Evans Data reports strong adoption in enterprise software development. While still popular, Java’s growth has slowed in recent years compared to languages like Python. This might be due to the rise of alternative languages for specific application areas like web development.

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In the future, Java likely will remain a dominant language in enterprise solutions and legacy systems. However, its growth might not outpace newer languages in web and mobile development.

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Python developers:

There are around 8-10 million Python developers at this point, and the figure is experiencing rapid growth due to Python’s ease of learning, extensive libraries, and popularity in data science and machine learning. Python’s popularity and versatility are driving strong growth across various domains, including web development, automation, and scientific computing.

In the future, a strong growth in the number of Python users is projected, solidifying Python’s position as a versatile and beginner-friendly language in various development areas.

.Net developers:

Estimated at 6-8 million, .Net developers primarily use .Net for enterprise and Windows-based development thanks to Microsoft’s Visual Studio and frameworks like ASP.NET. While steady, .Net’s growth might not match languages like Python due to its focus on specific platforms. However, frameworks like .NET Core offer cross-platform capabilities, potentially influencing future trends.

Developers will be likely to use .Net in existing enterprise systems. The adoption of .NET Core might influence future growth, depending on its appeal in new development projects.

C# developers:

The .NET umbrella attracted  6-8 million developers. C# primarily serves as the main language for .NET development, mirroring the trends and future estimates discussed for the .NET ecosystem.

PHP developers:

PHP developers are estimated at 5-6 million, with a strong presence in web development, particularly through content management systems like WordPress. In recent years, PHP has faced competition from newer languages like Python and JavaScript frameworks. Its growth has slowed but remains a robust presence in existing web applications.

Developers will continue to use PHP to develop legacy systems and CMS solutions, but adoption in new projects might decline in favor of more versatile languages.

C++ developers:

4-5 million developers are using C++. This programming language remains a powerful language for performance-critical applications, game development, and embedded systems. One notable trend is that C++ is facing competition from higher-level languages for web and mobile development. However, its strengths in performance and control will likely ensure its continued use in specific domains.

In the following years, steady use in specialized areas like game development and performance-critical applications is expected. Its adoption in broader software development might, however, remain limited.

Mobile app developers:

In 2016, there were 12 million mobile app developers worldwide. The global mobile application market was valued at $106.27 billion in 2018. It is expected to grow to $407.31 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 18.4 percent from 2019 to 2026. According to this data, the demand for mobile app developers will continue to rise.

EvansData says approximately 5,9 million Android developers and 2,8 million iOS developers worldwide. According to the report, there will be 14 million mobile app developers by 2020. 

Number of Software Developers by Gender

As reported by Zippia, there are over 780,384 developers and 623,431 software developers employed in the U.S. Among them, 20.7% are women, and 79.3% are men. The average age of software developers in the U.S. is 39 years​​. A survey conducted between late 2021 and early 2022 found that globally, only 17.4% of software developers are female.

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Despite slight variations, this statistic all highlights the underrepresentation of women in the field of software development worldwide.

*Zippia is an online recruitment platform that provides comprehensive career information and resources to help individuals make informed decisions about their professional paths. 

Number of Software Developers by Age

Based on Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, 43% of Professional Developers are 25-34 years old.

Number of Software Developers by Age - how many developers in the world

Number of Software Developers by Age

But according to Software Developer Age Breakdown by Zippia, the average age of software developers is 40+ years old, representing 45% of the software developer population.

Software Developer Age Breakdown - how many developers in the world

Software Developer Age Breakdown. Source: Zippia

We can see that different sources give out different results on the number of developers by age; however, one thing they have in common is the fact that the majority of developers are full adults (from 30+ years old).

Here’s a breakdown of Software Developer Average Age By Race And Gender


Male Age

Female Age

Black or African American3746
Hispanic or Latino3634
American Indian and Alaska Native41

Source: Zippia

Number of Software Developers in Big Tech Companies

Have you ever considered: how many software engineers Google has? How many developers work at Facebook? Here’s a closer look into the data.

1. Facebook

As of October 2023, estimates from sources like Evans Data suggest Facebook (now Meta) has closer to 40,000-50,000 employees working in development-related roles, encompassing engineers, scientists, and technical staff.

2. Apple

Apple likely employs less than 10,000 software engineers based on publicly available data and their focus on design and hardware integration.

3. Netflix

While Netflix might not have a massive internal development team, its engineering talent is spread across various areas like streaming technology, recommendation algorithms, and content delivery systems. Estimates suggest they have several hundred software engineers in total.

4. Google

According to reports, Google employs 27,169 software engineers across all departments globally. This figure might exclude contractors or staff in related research fields, but it represents a good estimate of Google’s internal software development workforce.

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  • Ho Chi Minh City in Top Outsourcing Cities in 8 consecutive years (Tholons, 2009-2016)
  • Vietnam is ranked 1 in pioneering location and cost environment (Cushman & Wakefield business process outsourcing and shaped service location index, 2016-2017)
  • Top 10 countries with the most engineering graduates (Forbes, 2015)


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