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No one saw the future, rather than the future is all about the unpredictable thing that might be true or never comes. Future is the time where anything happens in a couple of time. No one is able to predict there tomorrow that how it’s going to be. But in the case of developers they the future coming scenario.

As we can say that, developers are the best futurist because the work to build the future.

Here, I share my experience with futuristic thinking.

Firstly, At the beginning of my career, and at the starting of my career as a developer, it’s quite difficult and stressful to work. Then after 2- 3 weeks I meet Dr. Mark Peter, Ph.D. in computer application at a seminar of the developer. He was such an inspiration.

He explains to us the trend of developers, that changing day by day and the future belongs to the developer. “Developers are not only those who develop software, they the emerging trends of the era”- He said

A developer is the best futurist who works to develop his organization as well as the world and build the better tomorrow.

In this small interact with him make my all doubts clear about my career as well as give me the potential to work and build my future.

He tell us some general and technical point about the futuristic developer.


  1. To becoming a futuristic developer: Positive mindset, good knowledge and skills and framework is important.
  2. To take your decisions wisely: Work in the present scenario, for a better future. And act according to that.
  3. Make strategies to perform well: Before working on any project make its blueprint first, then implement your work.
  4. Take a look at your work: Always take a look at your work, that it is done properly or not.
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  1. Know about the technology: Always familiar with the technology in the market.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Its all about the robotic as well as the visual place in the digital world.
  3. Communication and mass: Try to relate to mass with the help of social media and it is the best platform to spread your work and brand name.
  4. Machine learning: In this, program work by studying data.

Its a awesome learning with Mr. Mark Peter and this small interaction of one n half hour is interesting and I learn a lot about the futuristic developers from his experience and he nicely explain it too.


All I learn a lot from him, as well as it is applicable to my developer career and I think about the future of the project and then work on it. Future of the development belongs to developers, so work hard in present to make the future bright.

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