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Healthcare organizations these days are using connected medical devices in order to have better patient care and operation workflow. This has also led to the significant growth in healthcare IoT. Resource planning with the help of IoT provides an organization a clear visibility to data and infrastructure operations.

According to the independent survey initiated on May 05, 2017, the healthcare industry is experiencing growth rapidly by incorporating IoT and is expected to grow 30 percent by 2022. The use of IoT will also help the organizations to provide better care to the patients with reduced healthcare costs. As per Research and Markets report, the IoT solutions, convergence of cloud, and data management has led to the growth of data analytics. The evolution of technology with increased penetration of connected devices will certainly drive the market to a higher CAGR graph.

The IoT would also improve the efficiency in operations in healthcare organizations with the help of connected medical equipment that warns the staff for maintenance before it malfunctions. These devices also save a lot of time on repairs by telling when the right preventive measures has to be taken. These devices are connected medical devices that include physiological monitors, clinician wearables, mobile medical apps, scanners, ultrasound, MRI, CT, and more. They provide a better understanding to the organizations and enhance the workflow.

For instance, the EarlySense Continuous Monitoring System can reduce on an average of 59 percent nurse response times through alarms. More than 200 hospitals could detect the irregularities in patient’s respiratory and heart rate by simply implementing the machine. According to the statement made by Dr. Perry An, the chief operating officer in Newton-Wellesley Hospital, there are dozens of patients who were detected with bad heart rate earlier and were significantly provided with better care helping them to improve their condition.

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These IoT device have a sensor placed under the mattress of the patient. They warn about the deteriorating health of the patient. This also helps in improving the success rate of the patients. These devices also give a valuable insight of unnecessary processes to the healthcare organizations and also remove the strains of other devices on the networks. For instance, the ICU hall has on an average has 20 connected medical devices and considering this scenario a ward with 20 ICU rooms can have 200 medical devices. When IoT devices are shared in each ward, the number of connections can be quickly added. On the other hand, IoT device can manage as many as 85,000 connected devices in a larger organization with 30,000 computers. An IoT device management solution can provide complete visibility over the network to the administrator.

According to a significant report of 6th January, 2017, IoT will significantly affect the enterprise resource planning in the market as these smart digital assets and physical operations will continue to connect people, data, and processes. These ERP systems initiates flow of information within IT infrastructure solutions and enhance the data flow across the organization. AI technology and Cloud can support ERP systems with intelligent insights.

According to the Black Book research report, the healthcare industry continue to remain underinvested while ERP technology went to analytics, cybersecurity, and population health in 2015. As a result, most if the healthcare organizations have no ERP solution in order to manage new IT initiatives. As healthcare organizations are re-examining ERP solutions that are based on value-based initiatives, ERP with IoT can feature fully incorporate modern mobile feature.

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