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You may argue after reading the title- how can we relate Vue.js and Laravel? Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework whereas Laravel is a PHP framework. This is true, but from the developer’s perspective, both these platforms serve various objectives to each other and act as a compliment. Let’s understand this in detail. But, before digging deep into the Vue.js and Laravel combination, we will go through a brief introduction of them.

We will start with Vue.js.

Vue.js- Brief Introduction

It is an advanced JavaScript framework for creating the user interface and single-page applications. It has been designed from the scratch, and therefore, it is highly adaptable. Vue.js has a rich library, which is focused on the view layer of the app. Developers can easily pick-up and integrate this library with other libraries or other related, ongoing projects.

Vue.js is ideal for developing customized user interfaces and SPAs (Single-page Applications). As an open-source framework with adaptable architecture, Vue.js focuses on declarative rendering. Vue.js is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, and it has acquired over 148k stars on GitHub. As a highly adaptable platform, Vue.js can be readily integrated into large projects and simplify the web development process.

Top Features of Vue.js

Virtual Dom

When Vue.js developers introduce modifications, a copy of DOM (Virtual Dom) is created as a JavaScript data structure. If the changes are necessary, they can be introduced in the JavaScript of the data structure. It can save a lot of time for developers.

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Vue.js has a component composition that facilitates developers to reuse the components. When you hire Vue.js developers, they can extend the basic HTML elements to encapsulate reusable code in the components.

Data Binding

This process enables the users to manipulate the elements of a web page with the help of a web browser. Data binding functionality utilizes dynamic HTML and does not require any complex scripting.

Laravel- Brief Introduction

Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP web framework based on the MVC (Model View Controller) model. It is one of the members of a new generation of web frameworks. Laravel is known for coming with a new version every six months and its new version, known as version 8.x was launched on September 8, 2020. Laravel is a rich framework with many developer-friendly features and advanced functionality.

Top Features of Laravel

Eloquent ORM

Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) is a PHP implementation of the active record pattern. It enables Laravel developers to present database tables as classes. For example, if developers define a class as “User”, it will be tied to the “users” table in the database. Eloquent ORM represents every row as an instance of the User class.


Laravel is known as the ‘PHP framework for web artisans’. It has an inbuilt tool for Command-Line Interface (CLI) known as Artisan. It is useful for creating the database structure and build its migration along with a skeleton conde. What’s more, Artisan enables Laravel web developers to get the basic MVC files through the command-line instantly.

Package Delivery

Gone are the days wherein Laravel developers found it difficult to install data packages. Laravel 5.5 has brought a convenient solution named automatic package delivery. It detects the packages that the user wants to install automatically. There is no need to install new packages.

Laravel Php Framework

Let’s dig deep into the reasons why you should combine Vue.js with Laravel. Though Laravel and Vue.js are based on completely different programming languages, they support each other in several aspects.

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Why We Should Combine Larvel with Vue.js?

Front-end Holds a Key

These days, web applications are event-driven. When you hire web app developers they build web apps in a way that the users can get a seamless and personalized experience as they would be using an app installed on their PCs. Combining Laravel with Vue.js enables developers to make all the changes on the frontend and users can see the changes live without reloading the page.

Optimal Yet Complex Pages

If your web app needs to be updated frequently then JavaScript is a preferable choice because it is completely run on the frontend. But then, vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, or other JavaScript libraries have not virtual DOM, and developers quickly hit performance issues on updating the application or increase the volume of data. Changes to the DOM can be reduced gradually and developers start experiencing performance lags for the web applications.

Talking about the Vue.js framework and its combination with Laravel, the dependencies of every component of the app are tracked automatically during its rendering. Therefore, the system precisely knows which component needs to be updated on changing the data in the customized application. It enables developers to make all updates to the DOM without using many resources. It improves the overall efficiency of the application.

What’s more, Vue.js is compatible with various state managers including Flux and Vuex that can manage the data flow in complex web applications. Vue.js utilizes a one-way data-binding model that makes state management easier for Laravel-based complex applications.

Event-driven App with Reactive Components

Vue.js helps developers build a full-fledged web application based on events. As a front-end web app development framework, Vue.js provides components that can be used as per the developer’s wish. It fits nicely with Laravel and web developers need to make a few trips to request data from the Laravel app and make some changes in UI by switching components. This can be done without reloading the page.

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Vue.js offers speed and performance whereas Laravel is known for stability and robustness. As a result, developers can easily build event-driven apps by combining both of them.

Single Page Application

It is a specialty of the Vue.js framework. These days, single pages applications have started gaining ground rapidly. They play a vital role in offering a rich web experience in areas where many users face challenges related to Internet access. Single-page applications get loaded in almost a cached form, and therefore they need low bandwidth when the user wants to open. By combining Laravel with Vue.js, web app developers can make customized SPAs (Single Page Applications) with ease.

Vue.js is based on JavaScript, and therefore, web app developers find it very easy to learn. Also, a valid HTML is a valid Vue template. When you hire Laravel developers, they can take advantage of scoped styling and implement changes with ease using the components of Vue.js. It takes just one day to build a non-trivial application using Vue after reading its documentation.

Concluding Lines

Integrating Laravel and Vue.js works wonders in the web app development domain. Both these frameworks contribute to a few of the popular web applications across the world, it is fair to mention that you can also come up with an excellent app by using them together. All you need to hire PHP developers or Hire Vue.js developers for having seamlessly-performing applications.

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