Businesses are finding it more challenging to develop their website interface or mobile app in light of the latest technology and newer demands in the IT industry. Finding the right software development team or SaaS development company on a budget in Western countries can be difficult. As a result, many companies are looking to other regions, such as Asia, Eastern Europe, or Africa, to access a larger pool of IT talent.

If you hire the wrong company, you may end up with bug-ridden software that puts you back where you started.

So we’ve put together a guide to finding SaaS software developers, as well as a list of the top SaaS development companies.


SaaS application development company

SaaS Overview

The delivery and licensing model of SaaS, or Software-as-a-service, means that the software application is distributed on a subscription basis.

According to PR Newswire, this model is becoming increasingly popular as the SaaS market is expected to grow to $220.21 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 13.1%.

The SaaS model is well-known for its cross-platform compatibility and auto-update capabilities. It is a significant advantage for your app because customers can access the most recent version of your app from any device connected to the Internet.

However, the SaaS development process takes a significant amount of time and resources. Users prefer SaaS products because they are always available, implying zero-downtime deployment. Other development challenges to consider include actual customizability, third-party integration, and subscription lifecycle management.

Benefits of SaaS:

  • Thanks to data stored in the cloud, users can access their information and apps anywhere.
  • Users do not need to purchase or install any software because they can use free client software.
  • Even sophisticated enterprise applications, such as ERP and CRM, can be delivered as SaaS.
  • Because SaaS apps and data can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device, it is simple to “mobilize” your workforce.

SAAS application development services

What is a SaaS development company?

A SaaS development company provides software-as-a-service application development billed monthly or flat rates per project. SaaS software development company mainly creates web apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps for their customers.

SaaS development companies can be found all over the world. Offshoring is commonly used to reduce development costs. The level of quality and skill in development firms varies greatly, as does service management.

Some companies only provide software developers, leaving clients to manage the process of prototyping, backlogging, developing, and launching a functional software product. Most businesses, however, will provide some form of project management, even if it does not include DevOps and quality assurance (QA).

Stages of SaaS application development services

To ensure all requirements, we recommend dividing the SaaS development process into five major stages, as explained below.


SaaS software development process

Research and Brainstorming/ Roadmap

This stage entails gathering and evaluating the client’s expectations and product requirements. It also involves gathering and analyzing market and target audience information. Based on this, business goals and needs are developed.

However, it is critical to ensure that you have a detailed roadmap that includes all necessary features.

Design/ Wireframes

Your SaaS software development company interprets the product’s design and creates a prototype in the second stage.

The vendor will also create early-stage wireframes that show how the expected product will function. These wireframes allow you to get early feedback on the product before investing a lot of money and time in developing something that will be scrapped later.

Integration/ Development

The following phase is developing the final product or MVP (minimum viable product). The MVP is a product version with the bare minimum of features to satisfy early adopters and gather feedback for future development.

This is accomplished by utilizing the approved designs and turning the concept into a reality (creating and developing a mobile app or web application). Furthermore, your developers will create APIs and backends to ensure that all components work as expected.

Quality Assurance (QA)/Testing

This phase entails thoroughly testing the software and repairing any defects or bugs discovered. In modern development lifecycle models, testing is a subset of all stages. The QA process is complete when the product is entirely bug-free and meets all requirements.

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Following this stage, you may suggest changes or alterations to the product and resolve UX and bug issues.

Deploy, monitor, and support

The final stage begins with the application’s deployment. Your SaaS development company monitors and resolves any problems that may arise.

How to define a great SaaS development company?


SaaS application development company

Specialize in SaaS software development

The SaaS market is extremely diverse, with an ever-expanding range of SaaS development services involving rapid innovation leveraging and cross-business solutions. As a result, when looking for a solution in a specific niche, focus on the respective areas of competence.

Most importantly, you need to find a SaaS development company with the right team of professionals who have worked on similar projects in the past. That is what it takes to create a working business model, UX/UI design, and select programming tools that will energize your project and turn it profitable.

Remember to check previous work of  SaaS providers through their portfolio and Clients review.

Development approach


The methodology is always essential in software development. How does the SaaS app development firm manage its time and resources? What is the team’s approach to scaling and adjusting to growth? Ascertain that you have asked yourself the preceding questions. Following that, you must discuss your requirements and expectations with your prospective partner.

When looking for a team to develop a SaaS application for your company, we recommend using an Agile approach. Because of its speed and flexibility, the Agile methodology is ideal for developing software as a service. As a result, implementing this approach will allow for changes at any stage of development.

When you use an Agile approach, you can avoid the stress of not having a complete vision of the end product in the early stages of the process. It will also give you more control over project management and execution.

Strong MVP process

There are many SaaS application development firms that would be delighted to build you a solid product right away. Instead of assisting you in narrowing down the feature set for your MVP, they will smile and nod whenever you mention a new feature.

MVP developers understand that the product you need to launch and generate revenue should be as small as possible for your company to become profitable much sooner. The majority of SaaS businesses lose money in their first year. A too-large MVP can result in a loss of money for two years or even longer. Essentially, if you spend too much money in the beginning to build unnecessary features, it will take you longer to catch up.

Technology stack

When entrepreneurs and executives are ready to hire developers, they typically have already decided on the framework or language in which the code will be written. Laravel, for example, is a top PHP framework that can help developers save time on both coding and maintenance.

Don’t forget to double-check that the company specializes in precisely what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what materials to use for your product, consult with an experienced company to determine the best fit.


SaaS application development services

Team structure

The development of a SaaS application is a time-consuming and challenging task. That is why you must carefully consider the development team’s selection. Keep in mind that you must entrust the development to a full-cycle development team when developing a platform from the ground up.

So, who will bring your SaaS application to life?

  • UI/UX Designers;
  • Projects Manager;
  • Front-end and back-end developers;
  • DevOps;
  • QA Engineers/ Tester.

The excellent team of experts will cover all aspects of SaaS application development, addressing all stages of the process.

Top reliable SaaS development companies to choose

Let’s meet the Top SaaS providers worldwide:


SaaS platform development

1. Pulse Solutions –top Web App Development Company in India

Pulse Solutions is a leading Web app development firm in India, but it also serves clients worldwide. The company, founded in 1997, has extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering solutions on complex SaaS development projects for large enterprises and startups.

As a full-service software development agency, the company provides practical solutions in a variety of fields. Mobile applications, responsive websites, online promotion strategies, eCommerce-enabled systems, and custom business automation software are examples. Furthermore, the company specializes in developing SaaS cloud-based systems, which their clients provide to their end-users as Software as a Service (SaaS). This is usually done monthly.

2. MOJOLAB – Custom Software and SaaS Developers

MOJOLAB is a Custom Software, and SaaS Development Company led by Ryan, a top developer, maker, and UI designer. Ryan works remotely with organizations that want to solve organizational problems by using web apps to interact and engage with people. He is also an entrepreneur with a strong interest in developing SaaS products that provide solutions to real-world problems.

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Ryan works with businesses in various industries, including SaaS subscription software, retail, publishing, hospitality, and many others. As a result, if you are looking for SaaS web design agencies with extensive experience in delivering the best solutions on the market, MojoLab is an excellent choice.

3. MakersHunt –Offers Access to Over 100 Top Developers

Choosing the right SaaS software developers can be complex, especially given that many companies are on the market. MakersHunt, on the other hand, is a trustworthy SaaS agency that receives proposals from over 100 top developers, the majority of whom have extensive experience in the SaaS field. Your project description is chosen by the SaaS development agency and assigned to a list of talented and well-maintained developers.

As a result, MakersHunt is more than just a freelance platform. After submitting your project, the platform is considered a highly curated and accessible network of top SaaS makers with whom you can work directly.

4. Elinext – Web App Development Firm

Elinext is yet another top web app development company that offers SaaS development services. It is situated in Virginia, United States of America. The company provides access to a pool of highly skilled and talented developers and designers. They hire only the best candidates for each position, with over 80 applicants in each category.

Furthermore, it promotes teamwork and a collaborative approach, allowing developers to learn from and challenge one another for better results. The company can deploy top developers for each client who wants customized SaaS solutions with a small team.

5. InApps Technology – Top SaaS application development company in Vietnam

Because of their versatility and expertise, SaaS development companies in Vietnam are highly demanded.

InApps is a leading SaaS development company in Vietnam specializing in providing high-quality IT solutions. In various fields, the company serves both local and international clients. Saigon Technology, the leading software development outsourcing firm in Vietnam, adheres to a customer-centric philosophy dedicated to your company’s growth and overall success.

The software development company employs a team of dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals who are enthusiastic about providing practical solutions. With a capable development team, the company has to return customers from worldwide, including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and Singapore.

SaaS Development Services: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a SaaS application?

The time it takes to develop a SaaS app is determined by the project’s complexity and how polished you want the first version to be. However, most of the top SaaS applications timelines fall between 2 and 12 months. When developing an enterprise app with high customer expectations, developing a simple functioning minimum viable product (MVP) will take less time.

How much does SaaS development cost?

A variety of factors determines the cost of SaaS software development. As a result, we cannot give an exact figure for the development cost in this field. When it comes to enterprise and large-scale applications, custom software development costs can range from $20k to $100k or even more.

Even if they charge hourly, most SaaS companies will provide a rough estimate. To get a reasonable quote, you should have a clear idea of the product or solution you want, its functionality in terms of what it can and cannot do, and how it works.

Wrapping Up

SaaS is rapidly growing like a massive market in the IT industry, with numerous unfilled gaps. Many businesses prefer web-based software for various reasons, including lower overhead, more flexible pricing, and seamless updates. However, whether you want to build SaaS for the masses or your niche, you must collaborate with a talented developer who is well-versed in this field.

We hope that our guide on choosing a SaaS application development company will assist you in locating a trustworthy software vendor who will become a long-term partner.

If you are looking for an experienced SaaS development company with solid expertise in building high-quality digital solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with InApps. We will be happy to discuss to understand your goals and objectives better and, if necessary, provide you with a free estimate of your project development requirements.

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