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Technology is the collection of new techniques as well as creative ideas, methods, and skill. It is the way to develop society and to reduce the workload of human being and make their work easier. Technology connects everybody worldwide, it is only technology who collects the data regarding anything. Technology becomes a part of human life as it attracts millions of people.

Let us see the top demanded technologies of 2019.

Technologies Of The Year


Machine learning is the computer programs able to access data. likewise, It is the way of learning which collects data, study it and according to that, it works.

ML basically applies to bioinformatics, intrusion detection, information retrieval, game playing, marketing as well as malware detection so on.


Artificial intelligence is the technology which works like a virtual human being which is not similar to real life, it is a virtual world which includes robotics as well as software applications.

It an innovative idea which performs creative tasks related to the virtual world of computer technology. It is the thought of the human mind which perform creative tasks such as visual perception, and translation of language as well as speech recognition and decision-making too.

So, we can conclude artificial intelligence as the development of computer systems to perform the task through human intelligence and abilities.


The semantic web is the technology which develops the data for the World wide web. There is the kind of tags that are directly visible for the computer.

It exchanges or formats the protocols on the webpage Rather then this it helps to build a technology which supports web data.


Blockchain means an increasing list of records, those linked to cryptography. It is non-centralized, reliable, and difficult to use for fraudulent purposes and it is a form of database storage.


Internet refers to a problem-solving platform where people get anything they want. Firstly, the internet of things is the computing system as well as digital machine, and humans too which provided with different unique identities that help handle the system.

Besides, It is a network which has the ability to transfer data and information without any interaction with the computer.


SLAM technology team as the robotic navigation for increasing virtual reality. This technology used to updating maps of an undivulged environment.

Secondly, Mapping represents the captured environment through connectivity.

Source: InApps.net

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