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In an age where as customers we demand and shop for almost everything from our phones, it has become an absolute necessity to have a digital presence for businesses to remain relevant and to survive. However, every Business owner or manager faces a common dilemma when they look to digitize their business or create a mobile app for their products or services – Should they hire a freelancer or Should they hire a professional app development company.

Often this dilemma can be attributed to budget constraints and not having enough knowledge of what to expect or the processes involved while making a mobile application. We have come across a number of business owners who have been penny wise and pound foolish only to realize that their apps will not support future integrations or features that they would like to add. Similarly, a lot of entrepreneurs are seen complaining about how they feel they have not been delivered the value that they were seeking while creating their apps.

If you are currently contemplating this decision, this blog is for you! We have always advocated going with a reputable company over freelancers. But we will compare freelancers and a mobile app development company to give you a clear picture. Though both of them have pros and cons, we are going to mention a few of the noteworthy reasons why you should prefer a mobile app development company over freelancers.

Top Reasons to Hire Mobile App Development Agency over Freelancers

A sizable amount of time and money is spent by businesses when developing a user-friendly and feature-rich app. Hence, it is important to not only give importance to the app’s performance, but also make it feature rich and more visually appealing while. Let’s take a closer look at how the mobile app development company can help you achieve goals related to mobile apps.

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Suitable for MVP and Complex Apps

Many small entrepreneurs, especially startup owners, have budget constraints that prevent them from assigning their app projects to professional mobile app development company thinking that this is an expensive option. But, let us clear the doubt; even startups and small businesses can approach a software development company to develop an app.

Most App Development companies provide a Minimum Viable Product (MVP Development) for business who are restricted by budgets. Similarly, for complex mobile apps, a professional company ensures that due diligence is conducted, processes and requirement are clearly understood, research is done and client is educated to the findings before embarking on the journey. Freelancers usually have a either have a fixed price model for any kind of business or charge on the basis of the potential of the application in the market.

Businesses also need to ask certain fundamental questions before deciding whom to choose.

• Which type of app do you want to build- native or cross-platform?
• Do you want to come up with a full-fledged app or a simple app with basic features?

It is necessary to decide the app development platform and type of app before handling the app project either to freelancers or an app development company. Native apps are costlier than cross-platform apps. These days, many options are available in the cross-platform app development. You can opt for Flutter app development or React Native app development to build an app that can seamlessly run across both Android and iOS.

Cross-platform app development is highly cost-effective and you can get an app for two platforms at the cost of one platform. Another option is MVP aka Minimum Viable Product. Startups have budgetary limitations.

android app development

With app development company, you have the flexibility to choose the platform, type of app, and even developers! Yes, you can hire developers of your choice from the company to work exclusively on your app. QA engineers, designers, and business analysts work in sync to make your app successful. It is easy for the company to handle any size of app project irrespective of your business model and industry sector.

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In a nutshell, unlike a freelance developer, a mobile app development company can easily take care of your app from idea to publishing.

Diverse Expertise and High Scalability

Another important advantage of hiring a mobile app development company over freelancers is the company offers diverse expertise and years of experience in the domain. In-house teams of designers, QA professionals, and developers have hands-on experience of working on various types of app projects.

What’s more, if you want to scale up or scale down the size of the developers’ team, it is easily possible.

Also, as compared to freelancers, the mobile app development company can swiftly adopt emerging technologies like AI and blockchain to build advanced app solutions. You can always get an expert by your side during and after the development phase when you hire a development company.

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Maintenance and Customization

What is imperative to maintain the performance of your app for a long time? Well, regular maintenance and updates can keep your app work seamlessly. It is always advisable to update the app with new features and functionality in line with changing trends and the user’s expectations. Here, the mobile app development company has an upper hand over freelancers.

The app development company can easily incorporate complex functionality as and when necessary. The development company also helps you fix bugs and other glitches of apps in real-time, and you can easily keep your app up and running all the time with ease.

Freelancers can seldom provide maintenance and modification services, and chances are high that you might end up consulting the development company for app modification or maintenance.

Project Management

What makes the mobile app development company a preferable choice for developing your app is the company can easily manage the task and collaborate thanks to cutting-edge tools and dedicated resources. Robust project management of the company makes the development phase easier as compared to the same with freelancers.

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When you hire a team of dedicated developers from a company, they start your project from scratch. A project manager is assigned to take care of every aspect ranging from communication to meeting the deadlines.

Another advantage of assigning your project to the mobile app development company is a prompt and real-time reporting. You may not get this benefit from freelancers because in the app development company, the entire team of developers is assigned various tasks and every team member is accountable for the particular development activity. This is not a case in freelancers.

App Marketing

Most mobile app development companies have a separate team for app marketing. It is necessary to promote your app before and after launching to get initial downloads and valuable feedback. The mobile app development company can help you serve these objectives effectively. Here, freelancers just fell short.

Finally, you can get all the app development services under one roof when you hire a mobile app development company. From designing to development and maintenance to marketing- the app development company takes care of every aspect of your business app. The company has different teams consist of experienced professionals for handling various tasks.

Concluding Lines

Solution Analysts is a prominent mobile app development company. Headquartered in India, we have a corporate office in the USA to serve our global corporate clientele effectively. Send us an email at to learn more about our flexible engagement models for your upcoming app project. We render high-quality mobile app development services in the domains of Android, iOS, and Cross-platform apps.

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