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An enterprise-grade mobile app plays a significant role in the company’s success. It can certainly increase the brand visibility online through providing a user-friendly experience and simplifying complex processes. Perhaps this is the reason why more entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon. From healthcare to real estate and manufacturing to utility- every sector wants to take benefits from a thriving mobile platform.

The biggest advantage of a customized mobile app is- it is made by keeping the user’s requirements in mind. What’s more, it can offer a solution for complex business processes, and companies can also use it as a strong promotional tool. Therefore, mobile app development becomes increasingly popular across various industry sectors. However, we will limit our discussion to the real estate mobile app in this blog.

The real estate mobile app can provide all necessary information to the end users and offer solutions to the most obvious problems. It enables the end users to get rid of visiting the property and save time. The user can directly communicate with the property owners, find excellent property deals online, and go through various aspects of a selected property with ease. Apart from this, a customized mobile app offers many other business benefits.

Before looking at the top-notch features and benefits of Android app development for the real estate sector, let’s go through the real estate app’s importance.

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Why real estate app is necessary

Saves time

People can readily find the property as per their choice through an app. In a way, the app can save their time and efforts.

Offers complete information

Traditionally, people tend to ask their friends and relatives about the property. The real estate app can give them complete information about the property along with reviews or feedback.

Finds property as per budget

With a real estate app, it is easy to find the property as per budget, location, amenities, and the like. It also eliminates the need for a middleman or real estate agents for finding the right property.

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The real-estate app possesses many user-centric features. An Android app development company can give better details about the necessary features in line with your business model. But, here we cover some most important features that you can find in almost all real estate apps.


Every real estate app has this feature. You can make the registration process simple through providing both social media and email-based login facility. Also, you can give the mobile number-based verification process. As a result, you can get useful information like the user’s name, email address, and phone number.


Another most common feature for a real estate app is a property listing. It shows all the relevant and necessary details of the available property. However, only the primary details are showcased in the front, and when the user clicks on the name of the property, other details are shown. You can remove the property’s details once it is sold.


The most important features for a real estate app is property photos. It can facilitate the users to look at the property’s condition. A report says that around 80% of app users take the decision of buying property on the basis of images. Property’s appealing images can convince users to purchase it. A few real estate apps also offer videos of property, which is more impactful.

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Social media integration

The world is driven by social media. When it comes to custom mobile apps, social media integration can simplify the registration process and give the app users a chance to connect with friends as well as the management. Social media integration can also

Search and Favorites

The real estate app needs Search feature. Users can readily find the property by location, name, or keywords thanks to this feature. It enables the users to find the property on the basis of location, price, type, number of rooms, and size. Also, the users can search for properties to buy or rent. It is possible with the addition of filters. The Favorites feature facilitates the users to save their preferred property for future reference.

Real-time Messaging

The real-time messaging feature can enable the user to communicate with the property dealers, agents, or owners. It eliminates the need for a personal phone number. This feature makes communication fast and hassle-free.

Map and Location

Map and location feature can give the users the necessary information about the property’s location. Even the users of a different city can also find the exact route with this feature. Maps can be connected through third-party integration and show proper navigation. The map feature can also enable the users to find out other properties near their current location.

Do you know you can monetize the real estate app? Yes, it’s possible to bring big bucks through a real estate mobile app.

Here is how you can do it.

Premium Option

You can come up with a free app initially. But later on, you can add some innovative and user-friendly features in the premium version. It is like ‘in-app purchase’. If the end users will find your app useful, they will certainly opt for a premium option.

Take Fees

These days, every service comes with some fees. If you own a real estate app, you can take small fees from the sellers for listing. The fees can be on a monthly basis and the rate is based on the type of property. For example, listing of the villa will need more fees than the listing of a flat. Commercial properties may have to pay somewhat higher fees.

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Support Ads

The easiest and most simple way to generate revenue from your Android mobile app is ads. As Android phones are available everywhere, you can make the most from the growing number of Android smartphone users through ads. But your app should contain relevant ads like housing loan ads, furniture and interior decoration ads, property insurance ads, and the like.

The Android app development services can address all your real estate business requirements with the help of technological advancements.

Wrapping Up

A high-quality real estate mobile app can make a difference in your business. These features and monetization tips can help you get more ROI (Return on Investment). You can stay ahead of the curve while grabbing the real estate business opportunities. All you need to find a reliable Android app development company to avail all the advantages of customized mobile apps.

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