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A few years back, people found it difficult to book a cab. They had to call or meet the driver personally for it. Then taxi-hailing apps came and the booking process has become hassle-free, convenient and fast for people. Be it in the city limits or beyond, such apps can always remain handy for people.

You may wonder- why do we tell this story? Well, it is related to our topic Enterprise Mobility solutions and their upcoming trends. The taxi-booking app can be considered as mobility as a service. The rise of on-demand apps is also related to thriving enterprise mobility concept, As per Deloitte Review, we are witnessing the rise of mobility as a service to benefit the urbanites worldwide.

Okay. After discussing mobility, let’s quickly go through the business benefits of enterprise mobile app development.

1. Offers security

This is one of the most obvious benefits of enterprise app solutions. Apart from securing unauthorized access, enterprise mobility solutions can also provide protection against malware and hacking.

2. Enhances productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity at the workplace and ECM systems, enterprise mobile apps remain useful for the enterprises. Such apps can offer real-time communication thereby increasing the productivity of employees. Apart from communication, these apps can also provide seamless data sharing and transfer to increase the productivity of ECM systems.

3. Increases efficiency

The real-time communication and on-the-move updates can increase the efficiency of organization. Employees, management, and customers can come together through a feature-rich enterprise app.

4. Integrates system and cloud

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Do you want to make the most of the cloud technology? An enterprise mobile app can be your assistant in serving this purpose. Yes, an enterprise mobile app can integrate the business system with the cloud technology and makes data storage and access convenient.

5. Saves cost and time

It is fair to mention that mobile app for enterprises can save bucks and time for your company. It is an obvious outcome of enhanced productivity and increased efficiency. The enterprise mobile app also offers complete control of the business network.

6. Provides seamless data sharing

Your employees and customers can send and receive relevant content on the move thanks to the enterprise mobile application. A seamless data sharing can make your business more user-friendly.

Let’s face it. These days, many companies have either embraced mobility or are in process to integrate it into their processes. It has made the competition fierce and frightening especially for the new players or startups. There, the upcoming trends can lend a helping hand to enable them to come up with innovative and user-friendly mobility solutions.

Here are key trends that will decide the direction of mobility in 2019 and beyond.

Can you imagine a business app without customers or employees? In other words, your app needs to be focused on the end users for achieving desired results.

Let’s take an example of Indeed mobile app. Now, this app is about jobs and it primarily addresses the job seekers’ needs. What does it offer to them? Well, you can find a facility to apply to all the relevant jobs with a pre-loaded resume with just a single click. This functionality can save time, energy, and efforts of the end users or say, job seekers.

Today, mobility seems prevalent because of providing real-time connectivity and effective communication. Tomorrow, its usability will be expanded to make productive use of the user’s time with higher efficiency. The next-gen enterprise mobility solutions will be developed by emphasizing on this objective.

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  • Employee should be in center

One of the major objectives of an enterprise mobile app development is to facilitate employees in communicating and collaborating. In the coming years, we will witness the evolvement of enterprise mobility for making the communication and collaboration more effective irrespective of time and place.

In the coming time, thanks to tailored enterprise mobility solutions, employees will be able to choose the project and can work from anywhere. It will certainly increase their efficiency and enthusiasm. Your business can attract more employees by offering more freedom related to selection and execution of the projects with an enterprise mobile app.

Though enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are not new concepts, mainstreaming of these approaches are largely depending on the way they are adopted by the employees. In the near future, we will see more employee-friendly mobility apps.

  • Check your competitors’ activities

It is necessary to build a roadmap before you hire mobile app developers, and this roadmap consists of the following pillars:

> Your objective behind developing an enterprise mobile app
> Necessary functionality you want to offer
> The end users of your app
> The platform (Android, iOS, or both)

Though enterprise mobile app development company can help you define the roadmap, you should also check your competitors’ activities and market trends to find the most suitable solution.

In the coming years, as the competition further intensifies, it will be necessary for the companies to come up with an enterprise mobile app that can make customers and employees happy.

hire dedicated developer team

In a nutshell, these three trends will help entrepreneurs like you to leverage all the benefits of a growing mobility concept. You need to come up with a mobile app that can respond well to the customer’s needs and employees’ wishes. Apart from promoting communication, such enterprise mobile apps can act as a promotional tool for the business while offering long-term benefits.

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