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Disruptive technologies like AI, AR, VR, and IoT are shaping the future of the modern enterprise. Advancements in these technologies are capable of transforming the traditional business processes while enabling the companies to provide personalized and interactive user experience.

Out of these emerging technologies, AR and VR have gained ground more swiftly because they can provide immersive and lifelike experience to the users.

Both AR and VR can readily integrate in the mobile app development process, and you can offer a pleasant and interactive user experience through a business app.

IDC has forecasted that the number of both AR and VR headset can reach 65.9 million units by the year 2022. Another stat has revealed that the combined market size of AR and VR is expected to cross 215 billion USD. Both these predictions are sufficient to show the growing importance of AR and VR.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that AR and VR can take the company to the next level irrespective of its size and business model. Let’s go through how these technologies benefit SMEs.

Let’s start with Virtual Reality.

How Does Virtual Reality Makes Imagination Real?

The virtual world is thriving and SMEs can make it a part of their business by making a proper roadmap and taking assistance from the mobile application development services provider. Though the VR technology is still in the nascent stage, it can offer an array of utilities for SMEs.

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Some of the utilities are:

Establish virtual showroom

Let’s take an example of an eCommerce startup. The owner can readily display all the products in a virtual showroom. It can help online retailers deliver life-like experience without occupying space.

Virtual try rooms can assist the shopper to try on garments at the comfort of their home. Most importantly, all such features or functionality can be integrated in the customized VR mobile application, and that too, in a cost-efficient way.

Offer 3D vision

Well, this is the most common application of VR technology. VR-based apps can provide a 3D vision of various products. The customers can get immersive and interactive experience, and as a result, SMEs can boost customer engagement.

With improved services and enhanced customer experience, small and mid-size businesses can gain customer loyalty, which is crucial for their survival and growth in a highly competitive business scenario.

3Enhance branding

Startups, SMEs, and large enterprises- all need product promotion in a unique way to get a competitive edge over their peers. It is possible through the VR concept.

With an excellent combination of marketing techniques and VR technology, companies can come up with interactive branding. With the help of VR apps, SMEs can run a marketing campaign at affordable rates and get the desired outcome in a short time.

The VR concept can replace the real world with an imaginative world and the user becomes a part of such virtual world. SMEs can bring innovative VR-based mobile apps to make the most of this technology.

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How Does Augmented Reality Augment the Reality?

From Virtual Reality, let’s move to another technological boon, Augmented reality. It is different from VR in a way that the Virtual Reality attempts to make the users believe the imaginary world as real, whereas the Augmented Reality imposes additional information in the form of sound, graphics, GPS data, or video.

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Here are three noteworthy benefits of AR for SMEs.

Provide Training

As a simulative-training tool, AR application and devices can help SMEs to provide real-time training to their employees. Augmented Reality app developers can assist entrepreneurs to provide high-tech training irrespective of place and time.

For example, if a company has an office in a remote location, and it is difficult to provide training to employees physically. Now, an AR app can resolve this issue with ease.

An AR app-powered training can readily save time, resources, and cost. Therefore, the AR app is a blessing for SMEs.

Enhance Transparency

AR-based apps can enable entrepreneurs to showcase their products in a transparent and enhanced way. The AR technology not only delivers an immersive visual experience but also in an open and transparent way.

SMEs and startups can earn the customer’s trust and enhance their loyalty by showing transparency in products and services. Along with delivering a pleasant visual experience, the AR apps can improve the transparency of your business.

Enable Effective Data Delivery

Augmented Reality can facilitate the companies to show relevant product data in a real-time. The customers can get useful data in an interactive and engaging way. We live in the data-driven world, and AR apps can show it in a way that customers can digest and use.

When it comes to SME and startups, they also deal with a plethora of data, but they do not have an idea of how to share data with customers for promoting business. The AR app can do it more effectively with a proper data delivery to the right people at right time.

In brief, Augmented Reality integrates virtual information with the real world. This technology bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. You can hire Augmented Reality app developers to avail all the advantages from the AR advancements.

AR and VR- From Play to Work

Can we forget the immense popularity of one of the top-rated games Pokemon Go? Today, AR and VR have gone beyond the games domain. Software giants like Google and Apple spend a lot of bucks in developing AR and VR technologies for the workplace.

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Still, the research and development in both these technologies are in the nascent stage. We can certainly expect that these technologies will open the doors of new business opportunities in the coming years.

The mobile app development company can integrate the advancements of AR and VR technologies in developing innovative and feature-rich business mobile apps.

What’s more, Augmented and Virtual Reality app development can also integrate advancements of other futuristic technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to transform business operations in favor of customers.

Wrapping Up

Both AR and VR concepts can help you offer positive and pleasant user experience in a cost-effective way. From increasing brand visibility to improving customer services, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality app development can serve many business purposes. Whether you own a startup or SME, you can get the most from these technologies through a tailored mobile app.

Just contact a reliable mobile app development company and integrate AR and VR- related features in the customized mobile app as per your business requirements.

Are you interested in making AR and VR technologies work for your business? We’re happy to help you at Solution Analysts. Let’s explore opportunities together for your enterprise, just connect with us at

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