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Launched in 2017, Google’s Flutter has swiftly gained ground among app developers. Flutter app development has taken even the corporate world by storm by offering seamlessly-performing cross-platform apps. 

Today, Flutter has evolved to make an impact on all mobile app development trends while covering every possible industry sector. 

Whether you own a startup or an SMB, a feature-rich and scalable business app can engage your customers and attract new people to a great extent. Flutter app development services can provide a powerful and flawless mobile app to grow any size of business. 

Features like easy usability, higher customization, and faster coding give Flutter an edge over other cross-platform app development platforms. 

Let’s go through the top reasons why Flutter is a preferred choice of startups and SMBs alike. But before moving forward, let’s have a quick look at the top characteristics that stand Flutter apart from other platforms

Flutter – Top Characteristics Useful for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Here are some of the major aspects of Flutter that make it a good fit for developing apps for small and mid-sized businesses. 

  •  It has many customizable widgets for almost all types of businesses
  • It is fully compatible with both leading operating systems Android and iOS
  • It offers quick development time
  • It has a massive community consists of active developers
  • As a hybrid platform, it assists business persons to get a wider reach
  • It requires less time for developing apps, and therefore, developers can have a lot of time to test the application across different platforms
  • Google keeps on updating this framework to meet the market trends and fix bugs
  • It has incredible efficiency, scalability, and reliability
  • It facilitates maintenance and customization of business apps anytime
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Because of these characteristics, some of the big names including Google Ads, BMW, Google Assistant, ebay, Square, GroupOn, Hamilton, Xianyu (Alibaba), Reflectly, and Cryptograph have relied on this framework. 

Let’s dig deep into the big reasons why you should opt for Flutter app development for your business. 

Why You Should Opt for Flutter to Build a New Business App

Flutter has shown its potential in just a few years of its official launch. This framework not only expedites the app development process but also saves both time and money. Here are the reasons why startups and SMBs should invest in Flutter. 

Highly Cost-effective

As compared to other cross-platform app development frameworks, Flutter is more cost-effective. It fully supports all requirements of every business irrespective of business model and size. 

WIth a code reusability feature, Flutter can save developers’ time. Write Once, Run Everywhere’ concept holds true as a single code is used to develop an app for multiple platforms.

Small and mid-sized businesses can choose this platform for building lightning fast apps with desired features and excellent designs. Here, the cost of app development remains low as Flutter apps take a short time to develop. 

As per the recent report, Flutter apps are counted in the category of top apps with an installation of 0.05%.

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Quicker Development

When it comes to enterprise apps, it is always time-consuming and complicated to build a feature-rich app. 

When you hire mobile app developers, they need to put much effort for a long time to build such a complex app. Startups and SMBs can neither wait for that much time nor afford high app development costs. 

Here, a reputed Flutter app development company can assist small businesses to launch their apps faster than peers. Flutter apps can run faster on multiple platforms and businesses can get an advantage of a reduced TTM (Time to Market). 

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Excellent User Experience

Flutter-based UI can be installed virtually on any platform. It has its own rendering engine that enables developers to keep the UI as it is while switching to the other platform. 

As a result, app users can get the excellent and the same native like experience across various platforms. The best user experience can assist SMBs to attract more people toward their businesses. 

Range of Widgets

Flutter has a wide range of widgets for different businesses. These widgets have extensive capability to facilitate developers to build complex interfaces with ease. 

Third-party plugins and widgets together contribute to making the development process seamless. UI tool kit further makes the Flutter app development process more intuitive. 

SMBs can strengthen their presence and expand their reach with the help of Flutter apps to grow business. 

Improved Productivity

Flutter has a Hot Reloading feature that enables developers and designers to coordinate effectively and check the changes immediately without changing the code. 

During the app development process, all the changes in the UI are visible for developers and designers alike. It can save their time and effort. 

Simply put, the Hot Reloading feature can improve the overall productivity of the Flutter app development company.  

Customization Ability

As the Flutter platform provides a single code-based development process, developers find it easy to modify and maintain the app. 

Higher customization and improved modification functionality are highly beneficial for startups and SMBs alike. 

Small businesses can easily edit their Flutter apps in line with the mobile app development trends and stay ahead of the curve.  

Startups can also modify apps frequently as per the feedback and suggestions of their early customers. This high customization ability of Flutter is useful to keep the app up-to-date and user-friendly. 

High Responsiveness

Flutter-based apps can flawlessly run on any platform. Developers need not change Dart code for making cross-platform apps. 

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In a way, Flutter enables developers to make highly responsive apps. It also saves the developer’s time in making apps for different platforms and operating systems. 

Developers can utilize this time in making the apps more user-friendly. Businesses can access these apps on smartphones, web platforms and desktops. 

Wrapping Up

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Flutter is the future of mobile app development. Integrating a Flutter-based app in your business model can be an effective strategy for driving business growth. 

All you need to find the right Flutter app development services provider to reap all the benefits of this robust cross-platform framework for your business in 2022. 

We are a renowned Flutter app development company. We integrate advancements of emerging technologies including AI, IoT, and AR to build enterprise-grade business apps using Flutter platform. 

Our in-house team of experienced Flutter developers can come up with a feature-rich app in line with the client’s business requirements. 

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