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The prevalence of mobile apps in every nook and cranny has made it possible to showcase the simulated reality on the screens of smartphones. There, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) comes in the picture. On one hand, these technologies have expanded the scope of simulating reality, and on the other hand, they have mixed the real and digital world for offering an immersive user experience.

Let’s take the example of AR. Out of both these technologies, AR is more interesting and powerful as it deals with the real-life scenarios. It makes the reality multifaceted and provides a lifelike and interactive experience.

In this blog, we are going to talk on the role of AR in mobile app development services along with its importance for developing futuristic app solutions. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Augmented Reality can reshape the entire mobile app development domain in the year 2019 and beyond.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Applications

But before that, let’s quickly go through the benefits of AR apps-
You may find these benefits unrelated to the topic, but these benefits can show you a glimpse of opportunities created by this thriving technology for developers and businesses alike.

These days, AR apps help government and security agencies to monitor security and to create a simulated environment for planning. Here are the key benefits of AR mobile apps.

  • They make the user experience better and more interactive as compared to ‘non-AR’ apps
  • They can reduce the gap between the real and digital world in creating an immersive experience
  • AR apps also assist the enterprises to integrate location-based information and show them interactively
  • AR can enhance the user engagement significantly through a lifelike experience
  • AR apps can facilitate the companies to address the niche markets with sophisticated UX
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As per the Statista report, AR-based apps are expected to generate a whopping revenue of over $6200 million by 2020. If we translate it into the number of users, we will have approximately 200 million users by the end of 2020.

In such a scenario, it is interesting to discuss how AR is all set to reshape the future of mobile app development services.

How AR Changes Mobile App Development

These days, users can experience this awesome technology in apps and having said this, AR has gone beyond the games. Let’s take the example of Pokemon Go. It was one of the most successful mobile apps in 2016 and is being downloaded over 500 million times globally. But today, along with the gaming industry, the mobile app development services offer AR technology for the industry sectors like health, education, entertainment, and retail.

iOS and Android platforms offer the best support to AR mobile app development. Both hardware and software of these OS are fit to integrate AR. In other words, the thriving AR technology can effectively use the hardware and software of Android and Apple devices like cameras, GPS, sensors, and gyrometer. Be it an iOS or Android app development solution, the AR technology can make it more user-friendly and interactive.

AR can work wonders in the apps that deal with the user’s data, daily tasks, complex activities, training sessions, and inventory. Interestingly, the AR technology is useful from the perspective of entertainment. Yes, it can attract and retain the app users through providing a pleasant experience. Many people are addicted to Snapchat and, which provide a high level of entertainment to the users.

In the coming years, the AR technology will strengthen its position in the enterprise-grade mobile apps by playing its role in multiple ways.

Here are a few major examples of AR-based innovations.

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Real-life 3D objects

When it comes to education and retail, 3D models can be very useful for understanding the products. With AR technology, it is possible to simulate the 3D objects. The real-life objects are converted into 3D objects and the AR technology can enable the users to see it with the simulated environment.

User location

It is easy to track the user’s location and show the content on the basis of it with AR technology. AR-based apps can readily use the GPS and location-based software to find the accurate location of the user. The technology can find the relevant content based on the location with the help of other technologies and display.

Real-life interactions

Just like AR games, we can expect that the technology will make the real-life interactions possible in the business app. The immersive and interactive experience is the most impressive characteristic of this technology, and we can expect to get it in the futuristic mobile apps.

Challenges in Way of Augmented Reality App Development

Well, at this juncture, we can identify two key challenges for mainstreaming AR in the app development process-

Location Tracking

Let’s face it. The location tracking is limited to the fixed scale for AR-based apps. For example, it is hard to find an accurate location in the congested areas or indoor locations. The GPS and location-related technology need to go to the next level for leveraging the location tracking in AR mobile apps.

Privacy Protection

Privacy lead is a major issue in the AR apps. Such apps contain the person’s sensitive information and anyone can get it with ease. The AR technology needs to work on protecting the user’s private information and other confidential data.

AR technology is evolving with time and as its penetration will increase worldwide, we can expect that all these challenges will be neutralized.

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Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, we are certain that in coming days, almost every industry sector is going to benefit from this excellent technology. The rise of augmented reality in the mobile app development therefore seems unstoppable. Soon, this technology will become inevitable for developing the next-gen business apps.

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