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Probably apps like Siri, Cortana, and Assistant pop into your head while thinking about AI-based or smart apps. But, the world of AI is much bigger than these personal assistants. Sophisticated functionality and innovative features can be offered in an enterprise mobile app through integrating the advancements of AI and ML (Machine Learning).

As mobile app developers have started to think beyond voice commands and basic gestures in the AI sphere, let’s go through the AI-based technologies that are going to be a part of mobile app development services in the coming years. Also, we’ll have some tips to make the most of this revolutionary technology for your business app. Sounds good? Let’s go for it!

We live in the world of connected devices. As predicted by Gartner, we may have over 26 billion devices with Internet access. Now, this forecast is sufficient to define the scope of AI because all such devices will be powered by this revolutionary technology. Smart programs will control and manage these devices and gather crucial data related to the user’s behavior.

In other words, devices or machines ‘think’ and AI is all set to make them ‘understand and act’ accordingly while empowering the users to manage these devices using their fingertips. Yes, this has started happening by integrating AI in mobile app development services. Here are eight AI-based technologies to be used in mobile applications for serving different purposes.

  • Applications of AI-based Features in Custom Mobile App Solutions

Natural Language Technology
You can offer improved customer service in your B2C app with this feature. It is easy to create reports and market reviews with this feature. Apple’s Core ML offers this functionality as Foundation through which the mobile app developers can utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Speech Recognition
This is one of the most popular and commonly found in mobile apps. Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant use this function. Speech recognition technology is about decoding and converting human speech in the form that the computer can understand. This feature can make your business app more interactive than other apps.

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Virtual Agents
When it comes to providing online customer service executives or support executives, the virtual agents can work wonders. One of the most popular examples is chatbots. Such agents can interact with people or customers online and give them experience as if they were communicating with the real person. What’s more, these virtual agents can perform their duties on a 24/7 basis without asking for a pay rise!

Machine Learning Platforms
Machine Learning (ML) platforms can be useful for simplifying complex processes and perform repetitive tasks on daily tasks. These platforms are useful for classification and prediction. Retail giants like Amazon use these platforms to understand the visitor or customer’s behavior and bring changes in their services accordingly.

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This is the most prevalent technology these days. It is mainly used for allowing or restricting the entry at the workplace. Biometrics can identify and analyze human behaviors, gestures, and physical aspects through images, sensory recognition, and gesture control. Your business mobile app can get an additional safety level by using biometrics.

Text Analytics
It enables app users to find the information they are looking for. These times, it is used for security-related and fraud detecting systems along with NLP. Text analytics is yet to explore more, but it is fair to mention that it has immense potential.

Emotion Recognition
This is a very interesting technological advancement of AI that deals with analyzing human emotions. It is possible through an advanced image processing. Startups like Emotion AI and Beyond Verbal startups have utilized this feature innovatively.

Image Recognition
Image recognition or IR technology has multiple uses across various industry sectors like healthcare, transportation, and utility. It works on the concept of identifying and detecting an object lies in a digital image. You can have features like image recognition and face recognition with the help of this technology. The image recognition feature can check the bank cards in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) app.

These days, programming languages like Java, Ruby, and Python are used to integrate these functions into the mobile application. It is better to consult a reliable and reputed mobile application development company to know which of these features are useful for your customized business mobile application.

  • Important Things to Consider while Developing AI Mobile App for Your Business
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* Make a roadmap
Like any traditional mobile app, your Artificial intelligence app also needs proper research on various aspects like problems that can be solved through an app. It is also necessary to study market trends and find out whether your app idea is unique. AI is a niche and sophisticated technology, and therefore, if its advancements are integrated into your app, you should make sure that your app addresses the business complexities and provides user-oriented solutions.

* Define objectives
As mentioned above, a business app with AI technology should be considered as a solution for the most complex issues. Here is a questionnaire that will help you define objectives for the AI-based business mobile app

1. Does the current market condition favor your app?
2. What are your competitors doing?
3. Whom do you want to address with the app?
4. Are your customers ready for AI?
5. How much time can you spend on developing an app?
6. Does your app concept capable of retaining the users for a long time?

* Identify target audience
AI is comparatively a new technology and people are not much comfortable in using it. Let’s take an example of chatbots. In recent years, many companies have provided chatbot facility in their business websites, but the survey has revealed that only 15% of American adults have used chatbots in the year 2018. Therefore, it is necessary to study the behavior of the target audience to ensure your app’s acceptance and popularity.

* Focus on design
When you hire mobile app developers for your AI-based business app project, it is better to focus on the app design process. An appealing design can make your app’s journey exciting and successful in the long run. Convenient and simple navigation is as essential as the seamless performance of your app. Also, you should focus on the testing procedures to ensure your app gets rid of any initial hiccups or bugs.

* Ask for user feedback
When your app gets ready, just do not hurry to publish it. It is better to take initial users’ reviews and feedback regarding the look and feel of your app. You can have a clear idea about your AI-based app’s pros and cons for the users. The genuine suggestions and real-time feedback can help you eliminate the loopholes from your app. Also, you can put yourself in the user’s shoes while using the app, which can help you assess and analyze the specific issues.

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* Keep it updated
Well, you are already ahead of the curve with an AI business mobile app. But, it is necessary to keep your app updated on a regular basis to stay ahead. AI is an evolving technology and as your business requirements, as well as the customer’s needs, keep on changing, you need to integrate or modify the app’s features. Regular updates also keep your app free from any performance-related issues and assist you to retain the app users.

Both AI and ML remain the top technology trends in recent years. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that every enterprise will tend to avail the AI advantage by integrating its features in the customized mobile app. It’s time to welcome intelligent apps that can help your business stay ahead of the curve by bringing automation and sharing useful data securely.

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Concluding Lines
Top app development companies have either integrated AI or are on the verge of making it a part of the mobile app development process. The reason is simple- worldwide, many enterprises want to integrate the next-gen AI technology in their system. There, you need to play smart and give your business app an AI advantage before your peers through an AI-based enterprise app.

Whether you own a startup or an established enterprise, we can help you get the AI benefits for your business. Let’s discuss and find a success mantra based on futuristic technology, AI. Just send us an email at to get down to business.

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