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The comparison between native and hybrid apps has entered into a new phase thanks to the advent of new app development frameworks. Ionic, PhoneGap, and AngularJS are to name a few of such frameworks that are capable of bringing disruptive changes in the workflow of any company. As these frameworks offer native-like experience and remain cost-effective, startups and SMEs find a great option to go mobile with these platforms.

Either you a startup owner or you have an innovative startup idea that you want to take toward a large audience efficiently without spending a small fortune, then Ionic application development should be your preferred choice. Here we will discuss how Ionic apps can assist your business to grow and take it to the next level. But, before that, let’s have a brief introduction of the Ionic platform.

About Ionic
Ionic is an open-source, HTML5 SDK-based framework for cross-platform app development. It consists of AngularJS, Apache Cordova (earlier PhoneGap), and SASS. Altogether, this platform enables app developers to build feature-rich and nativelike apps by using web technologies.

Since its launch in 2013, Ionic has contributed to the growth of a few of the startups by transforming their futuristic vision into stunning apps. Pacifica, MarketWatch, iPic, Untappd, etc. are a few of the noteworthy examples that showcase the capability of Ionic.

While offering wonderful cross-platform app experiences in over a million hybrid apps worldwide, Ionic has assisted many startups and SMEs to leverage the benefits of excellent functionality and robustness in impressive and elegant apps.

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Why You Should Opt for Ionic App Development Services
When it comes to cross-platform app development, Ionic and PhoneGap are the two most popular frameworks among developers and entrepreneurs alike. In recent time, Ionic has however gained ground for building native and progressive web apps through a web platform.

One of the reasons for its growing popularity over PhoneGap app development services is Ionic is built on the basis of AngularJS and Apache Cordova or PhoneGap itself. Simply put, Ionic offers benefits of both AngularJS and PhoneGap.

Here are the top benefits of Ionic app development for startups, small-scale industries, and mid-size businesses

• Single App, Double Platforms– This is the most useful benefit of a hybrid app. You can address the users of Android and iOS platforms with a single app developed by Ionic.
The mobile app development cost is a big factor to consider at least for startups and SMEs as it may cover a large part of their annual budget.

Now, native apps are way more costly as compared to hybrid apps. Ionic business apps can seamlessly run across different platforms and assist you to spread your business globally.

• Building a Native App is Possible– Now, this is something extraordinary about Ionic. If the startup wants to come up with a native app in a low budget, Ionic application development can lend a helping hand. It allows the usage of a native wrapper or provides access to Ionic’s native plugin ecosystem.
Ionic app developers can readily build a native app for the desired OS, and you can target a specific audience with ease.

• Less Development Time– Another important factor that can give startups a competitive edge over their peers is a reduced TTM (Time to Market) for the apps. Ionic application development enables the developers to build an app in a short time. The platform includes everything necessary to reduce development time.

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A few of the features of the Ionic framework are-
1. Drag-and-drop facility for core UI components
2. Readymade themes and animations to make a visually pleasant app
3. Ability to build customized codes
4. Over 120 native device features and still counting
5. 24/7 Community support from dedicated developers worldwide

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• Flawless Functionality– Ionic platform ensures a seamless app performance across different devices and OS. It can help startups and small businesses to build a reputation and engage users with the app. What’s more, Ionic is a robust platform that builds a scalable business app to enable you to grab the future opportunities.

However, you need to assign the project to the top mobile app development company to keep everything in order. SMEs can also migrate their existing native or hybrid apps to the Ionic framework.

• Startup-ready Framework– Any startup, irrespective of the business model and sector, needs a customized app solution for different objectives. It is necessary for startups and SMEs to connect with the right audience at the right time through the right app. Ionic framework is capable of providing all the desired features while taking away all the troubles of developers.

Whether you want to build an Mcommerce app or a social media app, a healthcare app or a lifestyle app- Ionic app developers can readily incorporate necessary features from the Ionic.

Here are some offerings of the Ionic framework-
1. UI patterns for Mcommerce apps like Tab bar, Side Nav, etc.
2. Different Cordova Plugins
3. ToDo and User Registration Features
4. Ionic 4 Service can communicate with a REST API

• Innovation
Let’s face it! Many startups meet a dead end in the early stage. The reason? Well, most of them have failed to maintain the innovative approach after inception. In the age of intense competition, innovation can help your business stand ahead of the curve.

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Here, the innovative approach takes a holistic way and it should be visible in the entire business model ranging from workflow to mobile app. Now, if you want to bring an innovative app, the Ionic Appflow can certainly help you out. It manages the entire app lifecycle and assists you to maintain the app’s flow with continuous content delivery.

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Parting Shot
If you want to address a huge audience consists of both Android and iOS app users, then Ionic is one of the best open-source platforms to date. Startups and SMEs across different industry sectors can grab the benefits of attractive UI, user-friendly performance, and cross-platform advantages in a cost-effective way. All you need to hire mobile app developers who are expert in the Ionic platform.

At Solution Analysts, we keep every aspect of your business in mind while developing a hybrid app using the Ionic framework. You can remain assured for the performance and functionality of our enterprise-grade business apps that can seamlessly work across different platforms.

If you have an ingenious idea in mind, just send us an email at Our expert business consultants will work through your requirements and help you get the best solution for your business.

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