Companies looking for software to solve problems and power growth face a difficult decision: do they invest in a fully customized software solution or opt for an off-the-shelf product? This decision will affect how much does custom software development cost. Continue reading to find out if you should go with custom software development for your company and how to calculate the cost involved!



What is custom software development?

What is custom software?

Custom software is also known as tailor-made software, custom programs, and specialized software—individual or business-specific software that performs tasks specific to their needs. For example, if you had a home business, you could hire someone to design custom software programming to assist you in printing and viewing invoices. You can have a program that does exactly what you need rather than most of what you need by developing custom software.

Explain what custom software development is.

The process of creating a software product tailored to the specific needs of a business or activity is known as custom software development. Custom software is distinguished because it is designed to achieve particular goals. It is usually created from scratch and does not have similar applications on the market.

What is the difference between custom software solutions and off-the-shelf solutions?

An off-the-shelf solution is typically designed for a larger audience, such as a SaaS solution. While an off-the-shelf solution may solve similar problems or serve similar functions as a custom solution, custom development is used when: businesses have specific needs that off-the-shelf solutions do not.

Types of Custom Development Solutions

To be honest, there are many different types of custom software solutions. Every business in every industry has unique requirements. As a result, they hire custom software programmers to create various dynamic web apps. The following are the top industries in terms of spending on application software development services.

Common types of custom software products

Common types of custom software products

Companies today require software applications for a variety of purposes. Among the various types of customized software are:

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS, one of the most popular types of customized software, allows businesses to manage their content and connect via cloud content delivery.

ERP & CRM Systems

Many businesses hire professionals in customized software development services to create software to help them manage their internal operations. Custom ERP solutions are created to meet the specific operational needs of the organization.

FinTech Platforms

FinTech solutions are now well-known customized software products. Custom solutions are highly functional, whether a payment gateway or a peer-to-peer lending product.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare apps for managing patients, scheduling appointments, and connecting with clinicians are widely used to achieve better digital healthcare outcomes.

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce apps, the most common customized software, allow businesses to conduct transactions online. These solutions enable companies to generate online revenue.

Aside from these five, a software development company can create any type of custom software solution based on the company’s needs. Others include education portals, streaming apps, messaging apps, chatbot-based solutions, and much more than the company can create.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom software development

Strengths and limitations of custom software development

Strengths and limitations of custom software development

Top 5 Custom Software Development Benefits


Scalability may be the only feature of customized software. This ensures that the software meets the changing needs of your organization. The characteristics of the off-the-shelf application, on the other hand, remain relatively constant and are not easily changed.

You’ll have to wait for another company using off-the-shelf software to improve its features to make things easier. This is not the case with custom software, but a team can handle your requests and improve your features at any time.


Your company may have a plethora of additional tools at its disposal. You may wish to communicate with each other using all devices, and you may need to create interfaces to facilitate data transmission.

Such features are complicated to achieve in a standalone tool. On the other hand, this compatibility could be built into personalized software. Off-the-shelf software may provide some options, but it may be challenging to integrate with other programs.

Investment Return

Exceptional software development may appear to be an expensive option at first because software development costs a lot of money, but it may generate more profits in the long run. Software packages that are quickly built, on the other hand, have some costs.

You may require additional hardware and high-end servers at times (sometimes even with version upgrades) for efficient operation. Annual licensing fees are the extra costs you must pay each year. Custom software development may be costly initially, but the prices are negligible in the long run – if the value is worth it.

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Security Assured

One advantage of custom-created software is that safety can be included in the program based on your company’s needs. Cybercriminals are eager to find ways to infiltrate your systems through flaws in such products. COTS is a well-known commercial off-the-shelf program. Because you use the tool that your team primarily uses, bespoke software significantly reduces the chances of infiltration.


If your company expands or expands into new market sectors, you will be unable to use the off-the-shelf solution – and you will have little or no knowledge of how the system evolves. Specific software, as well as your company, can grow and develop. Make IT Simple provides product support for the duration of your ownership, assisting you in modifying the application as needed.

Other 2 Disadvantages of Custom Software Development


Custom software development has the highest cost disadvantage. How much does custom software cost? Although the initial investment may pay off in the long run, it may be too much for some organizations. It would help if you had a solid ROI before using bespoke software. As with any bespoke product, the product is more expensive than off-the-shelf alternatives. However, the increased productivity you and your employees may experience due to custom software can quickly offset those costs.


It may take time and skill to define your software needs and determine how to best meet these needs by developing bespoke software. It may take some time before you can put your plans for the result into action.

Because you create custom software from scratch, you must wait for it to be produced by your custom software programmer. And because it is a good fit for your company, it is still worth the wait (in our opinion).

How much does custom software development cost?

Let’s find out how much does custom software development cost.

Determining custom software development cost is a vast area, influenced by various criteria such as the solution firm’s geographical location and reputation, the degree of experience of the Developers, the nature of the project/product, additional requirements you provide, etc.

However, the following principles can help us establish what elements impact bespoke app development costs.


How much does custom software cost?

The project’s deadline

The progress of the software in development must correspond to the specified timeline for the product to be marketed to consumers on time. However, because you create an app that users want, the pricing may vary depending on the application’s urgent requirements. Research and development costs for projects other than software development should be excluded.

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The project’s difficulties

Another critical factor that influences the software development cost is the project’s complexity. The logic or approach underpinning the application development is the most significant component. Immediately, the custom app development team or the outsourcing team may charge extra depending on the complexity of the project for which they are trying to construct the software if the application has to be updated or if some unusual processes are necessary. So it’s understood that if the firm fails to develop original and distinctive things, the cost may climb in such circumstances.

Different development platforms

During the technology development process, the hurdles encountered – referred to as challenges – may produce problems that cause service pricing to fluctuate. The technique or approach used may have historical or technological aspects that make it more effective than others.

Software and User Functionality

The more features or functionalities the program provides, the more the software costs. The development expenses may increase with increased features and a more extensive user base, depending on the number of modules, device compatibility, and displays. Including extra features will raise the cost of your project. More developers will require the service provider’s additional capability.

Geographical factor

If you want to be as specific as possible, geographical variables are one of the components that determine the cost of bespoke software development. The ‘pioneer’ nations in the IT industry, such as the United States, would have relatively high service costs.

Still, other emerging ‘tech-hub’ countries, such as India, Ukraine, Australia, and Singapore, will have lower prices. A large corporation will always know what is needed and who to contact to receive the most outstanding software product. But what if you’re starting a small business? Then Vietnam or other Asian countries are your best bets.


Because of their flexibility, customized software solutions are preferred over off-the-shelf companies. By hiring a custom software development company, any organization can tailor the software to their specific needs. While pre-built products are helpful for limited operational capabilities, custom software solutions ensure that businesses get exactly what they want in an application.

As a result, hiring custom software developers to create world-class software solutions that provide profitable results to organizations is a good idea.

Custom software solutions have deservedly increased their market share in recent years due to the incredible value they provide to users. InApps has many years of experience assisting businesses in achieving their objectives through custom software solutions based on a thorough understanding of their unique processes, challenges, and needs.

InApps offers a one-of-a-kind service package to meet your requirements! We’ve planned, built, and implemented custom software solutions for dozens of corporate clients. Learn more about our successful projects by visiting Our Case Studies.

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