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Android has retained its dominance in both market share and number of apps in recent years. The Google’s mobile OS enjoys a lion’s share with over 86 percent market share worldwide with over 3.6 million apps across various categories. In such a  challenging situation, one can easily imagine how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd. There, an Android app development company comes into the picture.

But, as the mobile has become our dependable companion, many new Android app development companies are coming up. It makes the selection of a right company increasingly hard. Well, here we give you a few valuable tips to find the top Android app development company. You can also hire dedicated Android app developers for developing a customized business app with the help of following tips:

  • Find a technology partner, not just a coder

The best way to identify the most suitable mobile application development company for your app project- its services should not be limited to Android app development. Yes, the company should be capable of embracing the technological advancements to make the next-gen app with enterprise-grade features.

In other words, the company you select should not just a team of developers, but your perfect technology partner that can give advanced business solutions for addressing the complexities. For example, a few app development services providers also offer the integration of VR and AR technologies in the tailored business application.

proper research

Your journey toward a successful Android app starts from a single step: Identification of the user problem areas. When you find what the users want, you can readily come up with the solution in the form of a feature-rich app. You can also do a little homework about the market trends and available apps on the market.

When it comes to finding the developer for your app, you can do a proper inquiry. Though the online platform has many lists of top mobile app development services providers along with reviews and ratings, it is always better to ask entrepreneurs who have already developed apps for their business.

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References play a key role in selecting the right app developer. You can ask the stakeholders and peers for the reference. The biggest advantage of references is you get the insightful information. People who give you the reference have already passed through the entire development process, and therefore, you can certainly rely on it.

Another source of reference is the portfolio. Every company presents the portfolio to their prospective clients. You can read the case studies and find what problems they faced and how they resolved them with expertise and experience. It helps you find the level of expertise.

  • Focus on in-app designing

Your app can act as a marketing tool and a revenue generator. But then, you need to focus on the design of UI (User Interface). A user-friendly app design can make your app successful and you can get a loyal user base. The app development company with dedicated app designers can serve your purpose.

But, here you should pay attention to every detail discussed at the time of assigning the project. A few companies may impose additional or hidden charges for designing your app falsely. It is advisable to clear every aspect before initiating the app development and designing.

Ask for timely delivery

In an ever-growing competition, a reduced TTM (Time to Market) for your new application can act a weapon in your hands. When you hire Android app developers for working exclusively on your application, you should ensure that they will complete the project on time along with all necessary procedures.

Today, many advanced tools and technologies are available to develop an Android app with necessary features in a short time. When you come up with a tailored app on time, you always get a competitive edge over your peers who have no apps for their business yet.

  • Check out the user experience

A pleasant user experience through a seamless performance of your app is the ultimate goal. Your focus on the user experience can help you achieve this goal. You can check out the past work of the developers to get the idea of how smartly they can handle the UX and UI aspects in the apps across different industry verticals.

It is also advisable to discuss with the app development company regarding the user experience and your business requirements. This discussion can also assist you to find the right developer.

  • Give preference to quality over price
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SMEs and startups have to deal with budgetary constraints. When it comes to app development, there is a dilemma between the quality and app development price. Several companies can offer an Android app development at a cheaper rate, but then, you may have to compromise on features and functionality.

If the development cost goes beyond your budget, you can skip a feature or two to maintain the quality, and you can come up with the remaining features in the later version of your app. But, just for sake of price, it is dangerous to put the app’s quality at stake.

  • Emphasize on confidentiality agreement

NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) or Confidentiality Agreement is essential to prevent your project from going into the wrong hands. You should emphasize on signing on the confidentiality agreement before assigning your project to the developer. Remember, without the confidentiality agreement, the company can include your app project in the portfolio and show it to other prospective clients.

  • If a customer-centric and innovative mobile app solution is all you need, you’re at the right place!
  • Let’s Talk 
  • Your business app is an outcome of your vision, creative idea, and sincere efforts. You have every right to protect it, and the NDA or confidentiality agreement assists you in serving this objective.

    You should verify the app developers’ experience and creativity. You can also take a brief interview with the developers and select your team. Many Android app development companies arrange an interview between you and developers. You can review the information provided by them on the Google Play.

    The innovative approach is a must-have characteristic for today’s app developers. On one hand, it can give you a unique and interactive app, and on the other hand, the developers with such approach can get more experience in the domain while working on different projects.

    • Look for adaptive developers

    The search engine giant Google comes with a new version of Android every year. What’s more, the mobile platform also evolves as the technology advances. The Android app developers should remain in touch with the technological advancements as well as the new functionality of the latest Android version. Such adaptive developers can easily meet the changing business requirements and you can approach them in the future to make your app ready to deal with growing competition and challenges.

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    These top ten tips can help you find the perfect app developer for your Android app. In the last part, let us discuss the most important factor.

    Cost Factor

    Finally, you cannot ignore the cost factor. Every organization has a fixed app development budget. When you cannot compromise on the features and performance of your business application, you need to compare the different quotes given by various app development companies.

    Another factor is an hourly rate. When you want to hire Android app developers, the hourly rate matters the most. For example, the US-based app developers charge more than $170 an hour, whereas Indian app developers take between $25-$30 an hour. In other words, if the development cycle is of 250 hours, you need to pay over $42000 in the USA, but in India, the development cost will be around $7500 for the same application.

    Additionally, there are different mobile devices available with an Android platform. These devices are of different display sizes, and therefore, Android app development services include rigorous app testing.  You need to keep some amount aside for a regular maintenance of the app to keep it ready for ever-growing competition and the advent of new devices.

    Wrapping Up

    You spend a lot of money, time, and energy on developing a customized Android application for your business. Therefore, it is necessary to hire Android app developers who can give you the maximum return on your investment. The tips given above will help you hire the right app developers to fulfill all your objectives.

    At Solution Analysts, our team of experienced developers can make a feature-rich, next-gen Android application on the basis of your brilliant idea. Just contact us with your business requirements to get the most from the green robot, Android!

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