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Application is the lifeblood of the smartphone, it is the single most important element that makes the smartphone a multi-functional device. The number of high-performing mobile applications defines the success of the operating system in the market. Apple’s iPhone holds the top spot in the smartphone market as much for the exceptional hardware and software capabilities as it does for the wide range of applications available on the device.

Native to Hybrid Apps

Simply put, a native app is one that is built using the software development kit (SDK) of the platform for which the app is being designed. That is, Java for Android and Objective C or Swift for iOS. In case of hybrid apps, an open source tool is utilized to create applications that can be used universally on any mobile operating system. HTML5, PhoneGap, Cordova etc. would be prominent tools for Hybrid Mobile App Development

Why Native?

Each operating system has its own ecosystem which distinguishes it from the others. Native app development platforms are designed to create applications that can be perfectly amalgamated with the device ecosystem. Applications developed on the native platform are geared for any new technology being launched on the same platform. In the case of iWatch, the latest Swift developers kit has been designed for developing applications exclusively for the new device. It will facilitate interoperability between the iWatch and other Apple devices.

A parallel advantage from the point of view of the developers is the strong developers’ community that support each other and also offer suggestions and improvements. Native platform enables the developer to leverage the full potential of the platform including original app extensions, integrated app UI testing and native UX.

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Native mobile app development is an essential to stay on the top rankings in the App Store, especially consumer-based apps. Native development renders the competitive edge that enables the app to stay on top in the store.

When To Go Hybrid

Hybrid development platforms appear to be the cheaper and more conducive route for most app development companies as they can use the same codes for all platforms. This may save time, effort and cut costs in the short run, but in the long run, as the operating system gets updated or new technology is launched; the hybrid app faces numerous hindrances that may prove to be expensive in the long run.

Hybrid apps cannot be scaled and they do not get integrated with the operating system in the same way as the native app. They are best suited for basic brochure apps.

So Which one and Where?

We develop hybrid applications using native browsers such as UIWebView for iOS and WebView for Android we use HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Using platforms such as Cordova or PhoneGap they are later transformed into native apps. They are good for developing enterprise applications where one-size -fits-all solutions are required.

Our developers use both native and hybrid app development platforms based on convenience and efficacy of the development platform in the concerned project. You can view our Mobile App Development Portfolio

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