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Healthcare management has to deal with data processing and data security. Evolving technology has made it possible for physicians to check the EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) as and when necessary.

But, patients have no full ownership of their digitized medical records, and they are unable to control the way their information is updated online. Simply put, we are still missing on the transparency front in the customized healthcare mobility solution

Also, as the concepts of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and wearables are getting mainstreamed in the healthcare sector, concerns related to data security in the areas of personalized medicine and health data loom large. 

Patients and healthcare professionals need a secure and robust way to record and transmit data in real-time.  There, blockchain technology comes to our rescue. 

Scope of Blockchain in Healthcare Sector

Blockchain came into the limelight as a platform for recording cryptocurrency transactions back in 2008. However, it was just a distributed cloud-based ledger at that time. Today, blockchain evolves to make the entire data sharing system safe and transparent across various industry sectors. 

As per the Zion Market Research report, globally, the blockchain app development will generate revenue close to $1415. 59 million in the year 2024 with a CAGR of over 70%.

Scope of Blockchain in Healthcare Sector

The reason is simple- the information contained in a blockchain exists in every node of the network, and therefore, it is impossible to breach or attack.  Also, the blockchain network has no central authority to control, and therefore it is ideal for the heavily regulated healthcare sector.

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The Healthcare app development can integrate the blockchain-based feature to make the patient’s data secure and easily accessible. 

The technology is ready for keeping records in the medical sector. From sharing confidential data to keeping EHR and from managing insurance to performing administrative tasks, 

Today, wearable devices give every detail of the patient including sleeping time, pulse rate, and blood sugar, along with other vitals. Patients can securely send this data through a blockchain network. 

The healthcare app development company assists healthcare organizations to come up with blockchain-powered apps for patients. Physicians can also send their instructions securely using these apps. The entire process remains highly secure and protects the privacy of the users’ data effectively.

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How Blockchain Works in Healthcare Mobility Solutions

In the customized healthcare app, usually, the blockchain model is based on the Ethereum protocol. It facilitates seamless communication between sensors and smart devices securely using automated contracts. 

How Blockchain Works in Healthcare Mobility Solutions

This blockchain-powered system has a goal to offer real-time support to patients and healthcare professions in a secure and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)-compliant way. 

EHRs are meant to distribute across various healthcare facilities. Here,  the blockchain can unify the data and give patients as well as physicians access to the case history. 

As physicians can go through the entire data in a single place, they can have new insights about the patient’s health condition and diagnosis. Various healthcare mobility solutions are available that use the blockchain model to ensure that the data is genuine while maintaining the user’s privacy.

What makes these solutions special is their ability to verify the originality of the data at any moment. It brings transparency to the data. Think about the telemedicine or telehealth concept. In this concept, the patient’s location can provide vital information and blockchain makes the location tracking process decentralized and open. 

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Here also, security and privacy remain major concerns especially when the localization function is used for comatose or critical patients. The blockchain app development company can build solutions for the telemedicine concept and patients that need long-term care. 

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Top Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

Blockchain technology has immense scope in the healthcare sector. Here are some of the top applications of blockchain. 

Healthcare Supply Chain

Traditionally, drugs are manufactured at the pharmaceutical plants and transferred to e wholesale distributors. Retailers get those drugs from wholesale distributors to sell them to the customers. This entire model has a big risk of entering counterfeit and substandard drugs into the system. 

Supply Chain

In a way, the existing healthcare supply chain remains insecure. Blockchain technology can resolve all the supply chain-related issues effectively through the immutability and traceability of counterfeit drugs. 

Medical Records

The integrity of medical records is crucial for the healthcare sector. Blockchain can assist healthcare organizations in achieving this objective effectively.

Whenever a medical record is generated, it can be saved securely in the blockchain that can provide the utmost security to the record and the record remains unchangeable. This is one of the most important benefits from the medicolegal perspective. 

Claim Settlement

Healthcare insurance companies can take assistance from the blockchain app development company to automate the claim settlement process while ensuring complete safety from fraudulent claims. 

Claim Settlement

Smart contracts feature of blockchain technology can assist the healthcare insurance companies to express the terms and conditions clearly to their customers. 

Patient Identification

There is no room for the mismatch and duplication of the patient’s record in the healthcare sector. However, such incidents are increasing gradually, which is a cause of concern for healthcare service providers. 

The different schema of EHRs makes the situation even more difficult because it brings new ways of data manipulation. 

With blockchain, the patient’s data is stored securely in a decentralized ledger.  Though physicians may find multiple addresses for the same person, blockchain technology enables them to get a precise identification. 

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Concluding Lines

Blockchain technology can revolutionize healthcare app development by providing secure data storage and transmission. This technology also safeguards supply chain management for medical devices and digital medical records. 

In the coming years, we will witness the prevalence of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector that can increase the cost of healthcare app development but as a result, you can bring automation and improve patient services significantly. 

Solution Analysts is a leading blockchain and healthcare app development company. We assist the thriving healthcare sector to secure confidential data using blockchain technology. Our in-house team of expert and experienced developers can come up with advanced and feature-rich healthcare apps that are compliant with HIPAA and other widespread regulations. 

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