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Outsourcing has remained a hot potato in the corridors of the corporate sector for over two decades. Companies that want to grow their business without increasing operating costs and increasing the quality of their services prefer outsourcing for software development. However, still, some entrepreneurs have a dilemma- whether to go with in-house or outsourcing.

We can differentiate both these models in a few lines- the in-house model for software development is based on hiring and retaining talented tech specialists in your office. It involves administrative expenses, boarding processes, training, and payscales.

Contrary to this, the outsourcing model enables you to hire developers from a trusted software development company, and you can get rid of additional expenses, taxes, and save a lot of time.

Read on if you want to know more about both these models and find out the answer to Which software development model is preferable- in-house or outsourcing?

Let’s start with the pros and cons of in-house software development.

Pros of In-house Development

More involvement

When software developers work as permanent members of the company, they pay more attention to the specific needs as compared to hired developers. They are highly motivated to achieve the optimum outcome and unleash the value of their project. The in-house team of developers can naturally fit with the company’s culture over the period.

Face-to-face communication

The in-house team of developers works within the company premises. They have the same working hours and place as other team members. It makes the communication process more clear and convenient. There is little scope of misunderstanding because of direct conversations. As a result, the message or information is conveyed more effectively.

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Rapid changes

The in-house team is always swifter than the outsourcing team of software developers in adding or customizing the features of the projects. The possibility of quick modification can be considered as the biggest benefits of the in-house team.

Cons of In-house Development

Increased cost

This is the biggest disadvantage of the in-house model. In today’s competitive edge when companies strive to survive the pandemic, it is imperative that the operational cost and other costs should be reduced.

When it comes to in-house software development, the company has to add various expenses like rent, taxes, hardware, software, and the like apart from the payscales and training costs of software developers. It makes the final price quite high as compared to outsourcing the project.

Attrition disadvantage

It is difficult to retain a talented workforce, especially in the software development domain. Many software developers tend to change their workplaces often because of a higher demand for talented developers in the domain and IT companies offer better working conditions to developers.

Many mid-size and large Non-IT companies find it extremely difficult to retain developers for a long time for this reason. Also, initiating the hiring process with interviews is time-consuming and it can delay the project development for a significant time.

Lack of talent

The growing IT sector keeps on generating a high demand for talented developers. As a result, many non-IT companies can either fail to hire the right persons for a software development project or they have to wait for a long time to get the developers within their fixed budget. The increasing competition also makes the situation worse because companies may offer incentives and perks to retain developers to their organization.

Development hurdles

Even if you have set up a team of developers, you need to arrange cutting-edge tools for developing customized software. Also, a digital infrastructure should be established for the in-house team for working on your project.

This includes the necessary hardware, software, and an uninterrupted Internet connection. Altogether, you need to spend a small fortune on infrastructure while establishing an in-house team, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of the in-house model.

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Summing up, in-house software development may need more time, resources, and money while facing difficulties in hiring the right developers. Training, sick leaves, and other benefits make this model more cumbersome for the companies that have no IT background.

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Here, outsourcing can work wonders. As per the Statista report, the turnover in the IT outsourcing market is expected to reach approximately $96.7 billion by 2021.

Let’s go through its key advantages.

Pros of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


This is the biggest and most important benefit of hiring a team of developers from a reputed software development company. Many outsourcing companies provide flexible hiring models at affordable prices, however, as an entrepreneur, you need to keep multiple aspects in mind like domain expertise, overall experience, and insights.

The software development cost varies across the world because the hourly rate of developers is different everywhere. Here is an example of variations in the hourly rates of European countries.

software development rate

The hourly rate of developers is a game-changing factor in outsourcing software development.

Talent Pools

The IT outsourcing model enables companies to utilize a huge pool of technical experts with excellent knowledge and vast experience. Such a huge talent pool is beneficial when you want to accomplish the software development project in a short time. You can hire dedicated developers in a short time and kickstart the project.

Also, the outsourcing model offers high flexibility and scalability to companies. With unlimited hiring opportunities and 360-degree solutions for a software development project, the outsourcing model has an upper hand over the in-house model.

Quicker Delivery

You can easily scale up or down your team in line with the project requirements. This is another major benefit of the outsourcing software development model, and it reflects in faster project delivery. However complex your project, a robust software development company can handle it with ease. You can get a TTM (Time to Market) advantage with reduced costs through this model.

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Competitive Edge

State-of-the-art digital infrastructure, cutting-edge tools, and experienced software developers can build high-end solutions with a seamless performance and built-in user-friendly features. You can easily hire a dedicated developer with a required skillset and experience. Even if developers for some technologies are not available in your region, you can hire them through outsourcing your project to other regions. Altogether, your company can get an edge over competitors.

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Cons of Outsourcing Model

Talking about the disadvantages of outsourcing software development, we can mention security risks and communication issues. However, with the NDA contract in place and as the development company uses all modern communication tools, you can easily address these issues.

All you need to focus on the quality of work while outsourcing your projects at cheap rates. Also, ensure that the NDA agreement is in place to protect your confidential and valuable data. It is always better to go through the developer’s previous projects to get an idea of their development method and client-centric approach.

Last but not least point is the transparency of the software development company during the entire development process. Most companies rely on project management tools like Jira or Trello to enable their clients to track the progress.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, the cons of in-house development can be effectively eliminated in the outsourcing software development model. These days, dedicated developers work exclusively on the client’s project, which leads to more involvement and effective communication. The software giant Google is the biggest example of companies that have outsourced their software development projects and got a huge success.

When it comes to developing a high-quality solution at affordable rates, outsourcing is always a preferable option. Startups and SMEs should consider outsourcing because it can save a lot of time, effort, and money without compromising on the quality of enterprise-grade software.

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