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As technology evolves, both enterprises and end-users expect new features and functionality from traditional mobile apps to take the overall experience to the next level. For example, mainstreaming of AI has already started showing its impact on the corporate world in terms of intelligent and real-time solutions. Now, the mobile application development company integrates AI capabilities to build intelligent mobile apps with personalized user experience.

Simply put, intelligent apps have AI-powered features to provide a rich and personalized user experience. These apps work on the concepts of predictive and prescriptive analytics of consumer data. The intelligent mobile apps development company integrate AI and ML-based features along into a user-centric design using cutting-edge tools. Let’s take an example of FaceApp. This app has become an Internet sensation in a short time of release. It uses AI and Neural network technology for showing face transformation.

  • Key Aspects of Intelligent Apps

How do you identify intelligent apps? Well, here are a few key aspects of intelligent mobile apps.

They are action-oriented

These apps work on the basis of the user’s behavior. They can fetch the user’s data and analyze it to deliver actionable results. We can consider these apps action-oriented as they are powered by the most powerful functionality of AI technology- Predictive Analytics. These apps can reduce the user’s efforts and assist them to take necessary actions.

They are driven by data
Another useful functionality of intelligent apps is they offer a data-driven output. These apps can fetch data in various forms from different sources. Intelligent or smart apps can gather data from IoT sensors, other applications, beacons, and user interactions. They analyze the data and give real-time actionable insights.

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They are contextual
Unlike traditional apps, intelligent mobile app solutions are designed to study the user’s behavior, and therefore, they can readily differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information. In a way, these apps are contextual and provide the most useful and relevant suggestions to the app users.

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They have alternate inputs
Be it an Android app development or iOS app development, intelligent apps enable the users to get rid of giving commands by using keyboards only. Yes, users can give commands either by gestures or voice command in such apps.

They are highly adaptive
Machine Learning algorithm makes intelligent mobile apps highly adaptive. In other words, these apps can be updated as per changing scenarios over the period. This characteristic increases the usability of intelligent apps.

They can work on any channel
This is one of the biggest benefits and a major feature of intelligent apps. Today, the user demands omnichannel experience, and these apps can provide it irrespective of platforms and devices. In other words, these apps can offer the same experience across various channels.

These characteristics can help you do business more efficiently and profitably. From enhancing productivity at the workplace to increase the management’s capability of making informed decisions, the custom intelligent mobile app solution can serve many business objectives. Eventually, you can give your business long-term benefits.

  • Biggest Beneficiaries of Custom Intelligent Mobile App Solutions

Though enterprises of any size and scale can leverage the benefits of an AI-based custom mobile app solution, following are the key beneficiaries.

• Healthcare
Intelligent apps can transform the healthcare sector while opening the doors of new opportunities for healthcare professionals. These apps are aimed at simplifying the interaction between physicians and patients. It is easy to find the nearest doctor and take their appointment through such apps. What’s more, intelligent apps can also send alerts or notifications to the patients regarding their medication and appointment schedule.

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• Education
Smart or intelligent apps can make the learning process more interactive and interesting. It can bring students closer to various knowledge sources and enable them to prepare notes in the form of speech and images apart from traditional text format. When it comes to solving problems in mathematics and physics, intelligent apps can provide assistance by suggesting different but relevant formulas and principles.

• Finance
The BFSI or fintech sector is another big beneficiary of intelligent app solutions. Millennials tend to do their online transactions through mobile apps and the intelligent apps development company can come up with smart apps that can provide a fast and secure online transaction facility. What’s more, such apps can act as budget-managing apps because they can analyze the past and present expenses and the user’s spending behavior carefully. The finance sector can also suggest good stocks to the users on the basis of analysis of data regarding investment horizon and risk appetite.

• Hospitality
Hotels and restaurants can leverage the benefits of intelligent apps by enhancing the customer’s convenience. Users can readily find the nearest restaurant and book a table using smart apps. Also, restaurants can provide them personalized packages and menu by analyzing the behavioral data. Smart restaurant and hotel apps can give entrepreneurs an edge in a highly competitive scenario. The hospitality sector can significantly improve the customer’s experience with the help of AI-powered app.

  • How Does Intelligent Mobile App Development Company Build Apps?

AI technology is behind intelligent apps. These apps are empowered by gathering and analyzing the user’s behavior. Predictive Analysis plays a key role here and assists app users to make better decisions.

The intelligent mobile application development company focuses on the data lake, data-as-a-service, analytics-as-a-services and app development process to develop customized intelligent apps. Mobile app developers address business needs and keep personalized user experience in mind while developing these apps.

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Now, time for good news! Even SMEs can also opt for intelligent apps thanks to advancing technology and development of the AI concept in favor of enterprises. All you need to hire mobile app developers who have hands-on experience of implementing AI-based features. You can get an intelligent app with desired features and functionality in a cost-effective way.

In a Nutshell
Though B2C businesses are bigger beneficiaries of smart or intelligent mobile app solutions, B2B companies can also add value through such apps. It is fair to mention that intelligent mobile apps can bring operational excellence irrespective of sector and business model. As 5G will roll out and emerging technologies will thrive, we can expect that intelligent apps will bridge the gap between technological advancements and modern businesses.

At Solution Analysts, our experienced app developers can integrate features from futuristic technologies like AI, ML, and AR to make smart apps for our esteemed clients. Do you want to know how you can give your company the advantage of an intelligent app? Simply drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you soon.

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