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IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most rapidly evolving concepts. Enterprises, across different industry verticals, have swiftly embraced the IoT approach. A PwC report has predicted that the number of IoT devices used by enterprises will exceed 31 billion by 2020 and 75 billion by 2025.

IoT is getting mainstreamed to play a vital role in increasing productivity and enhancing the efficiency of modern business.

IoT mobile app development services have integrated IoT technology with other emerging technologies like AI and VR to build high-end mobility solutions for business. IoT integration enables companies to simplify the process and improve production optimization by utilizing connected devices.

Though almost all sectors can avail the advantage of IoT concept through a mobile app, here we give a list of biggest beneficiaries of IoT apps.

Top Beneficiaries of IoT App Solutions

Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics are among the most challenging businesses. Apart from growing competition, the business has to deal with many issues like traffic jams, road conditions, driver’s root, continuous monitoring of fleet, and the like.

IoT apps enable the owners of a logistics business to control the business by using their fingertips. From monitoring to management to maintenance, IoT mobile apps can assist the transport industry to meet the deadlines while addressing various issues.

Health and Fitness

Wearables and devices, which measure vitals as well as daily activities like walking steps, are all connected devices. In the fitness sector, these connected devices can be controlled and managed by IoT apps. IoT application development company develops advanced and robust apps to monitor data gathered by these devices.

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In the healthcare domain, remote diagnosis and telemedicine concepts can be implemented with the help of IoT mobile apps. For example, digital wristbands or any connected devices can measure the patient’s health conditions and send real-time data to the app.

Physicians can monitor the data and diagnose properly for patients stayed in remote locations. IoT apps also reduce cost and improve patient-doctor cooperation.


Customized IoT network can increase productivity by improving process optimization in the manufacturing sector. From preventing unexpected downtime to managing the supply chain, the IoT network can help companies to optimize the production and process.

What’s more, the IoT apps can notify the management about due maintenance of plants thereby reducing the risk and making the process more effective.


Banking and insurance sectors can bring automation and provide more convenience to the customers. The IoT concept has a vital role to play in insurance telematics, online transactions, and cash collection surveillance.

The BFSI sector can leverage the benefits of IoT network by implementing connected devices for their various services at the remote places. Customers can avail the benefits of the IoT with the help of customized apps.

Real Estate

The real estate sector is highly competitive and full of challenges. The realtors have to manage projects from remote locations. IoT technology can help them monitor on-site activities and get the data regarding the working conditions and safety of workers. The real estate sector can also address the health issues of workers in the workplace and get real-time information about their fitness through health-related sensors.

Companies can simply hire IoT app solutions to get the following business benefits.

Major Business Benefits of IoT Apps

Customized IoT app solutions offer a plethora of benefits to the business and assist entrepreneurs to transform their business digitally. Large and mid-size enterprises can make the most of IoT-based apps.

Such apps work on the available data from an enterprise-grade IoT network consists of connected devices and servers. IoT apps also systemize data to build a business model for increasing revenue and operational efficiency.

Effective Monitoring

The IoT concept is integrated into plants, machinery, equipment, buildings, and premises. It enables the owners to monitor surroundings, and plants in real time. A business app with IoT-based features can enable entrepreneurs to monitor the entire workplace on the move and take necessary measures at the right time.

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Efficient Analytics

IoT devices and sensors gather necessary data and share the same with mobile apps. The IoT apps analyze the data and help companies make informed decisions. Also, the automated report generated by the connected devices can reduce the number of mistakes and assist you to manage various processes with ease.

Seamless Maintenance and Access

IoT apps send notification regarding maintenance and repair of various industrial equipment periodically. It enables companies to detect faults early and eliminates the need for unnecessary maintenance. Such apps can act as an automation tool and optimize the maintenance process.

Challenges of IoT Mobile App Development Services

Data Security

As mentioned above, the IoT network gathers and access a lot of corporate data. Therefore, the concerns regarding data safety loom large. Connected devices are soft targets for cyber attacks and therefore, the incidents of a data breach are on the rise.

Ensuring data security from the network side and app side is of the utmost importance to stay away from such attempts and keep the valuable data safe from hackers.

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Scalability of Apps

One of the biggest challenges of IoT app development is to build an app scalable to address changing future demands. For example, in the future, if you increase or decrease the number of connected devices, your IoT app should be able to scale up or down accordingly. Scalability of apps is very much necessary when it comes to IoT technology.

App Maintenance

IoT is an ever-evolving technology. It keeps on improving in line with technological advancements. Therefore, it is necessary to update IoT apps regularly and keep them ready to meet the changing requirements. Though app maintenance is a costly affair, it is better to keep some amount aside for the same.

Management of Data

As mentioned above, IoT technology is based on data. IoT app solutions access and analyze a lot of data across the organization. But then, storage and management of data is a big headache for software engineers and data scientists alike.

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Data management is a challenge but once it is addressed properly, it can contribute significantly to the company’s growth.

It is fair to mention that the IoT app development cost can be slightly higher than traditional mobile apps because of the complexity and diversification of features. It is better to rely on a reputed IoT application development company that can mitigate these challenges and provide you cost-effective and robust app solutions.

When Do You need IoT Mobile Apps for Business?

Are you still confused about whether your company needs an IoT network? Here we give a questionnaire that will help you decide if your business really needs a feature-rich IoT mobile app.

• Do you have a range of products and components or services?
• Do you want to ensure the quality of products and manage the process effectively?
• Do you want to get rid of maintenance-related worries?
• Do you want to reduce operational costs?
• Do you want to optimize production and control the entire process on your fingertips?
• Do you want to centralize the entire system through an IoT network?
• Do you want to ensure the safety of employees?

If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you should opt for IoT mobile app development services.

It is better to hire IoT app developers to build an IoT app with desired features in a cost-effective way.

Wrapping Up

IoT technology is here to stay. Implementation of IoT can take your business to the next level. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that IoT integration will become a necessity for the companies in the coming years. From upgrade to process optimization, IoT app solutions can assist you to gain higher efficiency and increased productivity.

With careful planning and proper execution of IoT strategy, you can have a competitive edge. Time is just right to implement IoT at your workplace!

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