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Companies find it difficult to survive in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is mainly due to social distancing norms and remote working practices. Here, IoT app development can lend a helping hand in connecting workers at home or in remote places. 

As a vital part of the digital workplace, IoT can remain instrumental in maintaining productivity of employees by collecting a huge volume of data. In this article, we are going to discuss the role of IoT on digitization and remote working. 

Key Role of IoT on Digitization and Remote Workforce

As per the finding of the Census Bureau of the USA, around one-third of the workforce and half of all the information staff can work safely from their home. The volume of people working from home for full time or part time is significantly increased in this corona age, and this trend will remain even when the world will get rid of COVID-19. 

As remote working gaining ground rapidly, we can expect that more people will prefer to work from home and need a lot of resources. 

Talking about the role of IoT technology, it can play a vital role in remote working domain. Though it is not a new concept, it has gained prominence swiftly in recent years. During the Pandemic outbreak, when almost all business activities come to a halt, IoT-powered sensors can enable enterprises to measure the external aspects of the environment including temperature, force, light, and pressure. IoT devices also evaluate these inputs and transform them into raw data. 

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This data can be used for process analysis and handling data-driven workplaces. Therefore, it is necessary to generate a continuous data flow from its source. 

IoT app development companies can come up with robust applications of paramount importance for driving the revolution of remote working in all the key sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, and the like. Let’s understand the role of IoT technology and apps is transforming the way we work. 

How IoT Makes Remote Work Smarter

As remote working has become a new norm in this pandemic age, IoT and other emerging technologies have made it more convenient and productive for employees and employers alike. 

The biggest benefit of IoT technology is it can give a customized space to remote workers for accomplishing enterprise-related tasks for various types of enterprises. The technology is capable of providing personalized solutions to various issues to remote employees. 

Smart devices at the remote workplace can catch every variable effectively with the help of IoT technology, and companies can optimize the same if necessary. 

Even before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the remote working or work from home (WFH) concept was already gaining ground. As more entrepreneurs tend to jump on the IoT bandwagon, we can certainly expect that this concept will grow further in the post-pandemic phase as well. 

Workers can work safely and smartly with the IoT-based application. Even remote workers can leverage the benefits of such applications and work with ease from any desired location across the world. 

IoT app development companies can integrate the data collected by IoT devices in the workplace and offer multiple benefits. 

Data in Workplace and IoT

When it comes to the role of IoT in the remote workplace, it focuses more on the information these devices collect and less on various edge processes. 

For example, the data they collect from devices and the company can understand the customer’s behavior patterns and other necessary information based on analyzing this data. 

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Also, it is possible to get insight into the employee’s work patterns and interests. It contributes to enhancing the work culture and overall employee experiences. Companies can enhance their values by understanding various habits and hours of activities of employees. 

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All such insights are useful in delegating various tasks and projects to the right employees. IoT-enabled devices can assist project managers to choose the right team members for different tasks by providing them with the right information in real-time. 

What’s more, employers can consider the data collected by smart pens, smart chairs, and other smart devices for giving incentives to employees. IoT app development services are designed to build robust apps that can fetch the desired data on a 24/7 basis. 

Future of IoT in Post-Pandemic Period

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that IoT is highly useful in implementing remote working or the WFH concept. Apart from this, IoT technology has a wide scope in telehealth and remote education. 

Let’s discuss the role IoT can play in the post-pandemic age in the two core sectors- education and healthcare apart from remote working.

Remote Education

Mostly all the IoT devices used in remote work are handy in remote education. The same set of devices like webcams and microphones that meet the remote working requirements are useful in remote education. 

A reputed IoT app development company can integrate other unique and useful features including improved whiteboards and live transcription for facilitating education remotely. 

What’s more, the mobile app development company can address both visual distraction and background noise to keep remote education more effective and engaging for students. 

Digital World and Remote Employees-CTA-1

Telehealth or Telemedicine

The healthcare sector is one of the most heavily regulated industry sectors. Most regulations revolve around the patient’s privacy and safety of health-related data. These regulations have remained major barriers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Therefore, FDA and other authorities or health regulators have relaxed these norms during emergencies across the globe. As a result, visual consultation with doctors and remote monitoring of vital signs have become easier and more effective. 

In the post-pandemic age, we will witness the advent of more advanced connected devices and wearables that can enhance the telemedicine concept especially for elderly patients and patients living in remote places. More healthcare organisations will tend to develop telemedicine solutions in the year 2022 and beyond. 

Remote Working

The remote working concept is here to stay for a long time. Mobile phones, laptops, webcams, and microphones work in sync to promote and strengthen the remote working or WFH concept. 

Companies like Zoom are capitalizing on the trend of remote working by empowering the ecosystem of all the devices using a cloud service. More companies will either initiate or promote this trend in the future. 

Concluding Lines

IoT technology is all set to empower remote working across various industry sectors. It is interesting to see how it combines with other emerging technologies like AI, AR, and ML to take the remote worker’s experience to a new level while offering better productivity to the companies. All you need to find the right IoT app development company and get the app with desired features. 

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