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We can scarcely find the person who has not visited a grocery store. Though women are fond of visiting a brick-and-mortar grocery or ‘Kirana’ store, they slowly switch to online grocery shopping. The reason is simple: online shopping can give more comfort and convenience. It is, at times, cumbersome to stand in a queue or select and order grocery items amid a crowd in the brick-and-mortar store. In brief, an online shopping can save valuable time.

The online shopping option can enable people to get rid of this situation. A customized mobile app can make the shopping experience even more pleasant as the user can buy the grocery items of their choice on the move as well. As we live in the mobile-dominated era, a grocery delivery mobile app can be a game-changer for startups, big shopping malls, and even small brick-and-mortar retailers. Working professionals and youngsters find it highly favorable.

Grocery Shopping Apps- Types and Importance

CNBC has stated that the online sales of grocery is all set to grab 20 percent market share by 2025. Time is just right to have a grocery delivery app for your business as you can leverage the benefits of the booming on-demand economy and growing demand for grocery apps in the market. Grofers and Big Basket have written their success stories with the help of apps. Global players like Walmart, Instacart, etc. have also jumped on the grocery app bandwagon.

Though the grocery app market seems crowded now, there is a lot of scope for the newcomers. It is because a mobile app can offer the benefits of localization while acting as a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool. If a startup comes up with a customized app and provides customer-friendly services, the chances of its success can be very high. Now, let’s go through various types of grocery apps:

1. E-commerce-based Apps

Established eCommerce vendors like Amazon and Flipkart also offers grocery items for shopping. Here, a wide range of grocery items is included in a separate category and customers or users can select the convenient delivery time.

2. Individual-focused Apps

These are dedicated apps for grocery products. Grofers and BigBasket are examples of such focused apps. Consumers can take a benefit of additional and inbuilt features like grocery IQ, list, etc. with such apps.

3. Supermarket-related Apps

Supermarkets or brick-and-mortar shopping malls can come up with customized grocery Mobile app for boosting the sales of grocery online. Such apps can integrate iBeacon Technology to send notifications to the customers when they are around.

Apart from saving time and efforts, a grocery shopping and delivery app can offer many benefits to the users including 24/7 availability, order tracking, discount and offers, safe payment options, and easy checkout. Now, we will go through some of the most important features necessary for an Android grocery delivery app. We will describe the features from both users and admin perspectives.

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Top Features of Grocery Delivery App

> Registration

A simple registration process always attracts more users to your app. The registration form comprises of name, email ID, and phone number. You can also offer a registration via social media accounts, which is easier than email-based registration process.

After registering, the user can opt for creating their profile. Here you can ask for other details like address, age, and the like. The user profile provides the data necessary for sending personalized notifications.

> Search Option

The Android grocery app must have a search and browse feature. The users can search for their desired products or browse through various categories with the help of this feature. This feature enables the users to find what they want with ease.

> Shopping Cart

Just like any eCommerce app, the grocery mobile app also requires a shopping cart with the user-friendly functionality. Here, the Add to Cart option can be integrated to facilitate the user to buy the desired product at a convenient time.

> Item List

It is necessary to show all the items selected by the user before initiating the payment process. This list of items enables the users to check, edit and manage their orders before making the payment for these items.

> Payment Gateway Integration

The payment gateway integration is necessary for eCommerce, on-demand, and grocery apps alike. It makes online payment safe and simple. The users can select any of the payment options from a debit card, credit card, net banking, and mobile wallet.

Also, PayPal and PayTM can also be integrated for providing additional payment options to the users. While integrating payment gateways, you should not forget to give the COD (Cash On Delivery) option in the grocery delivery app.

> Delivery Schedule

The user wants the delivery of ordered products as per their convenience. The delivery schedule feature also enables users to trace their orders and find out the delivery date. Though this is an additional feature, most grocery shopping apps have this feature.

If this feature is not integrated into your Android grocery mobile app, you can alternatively send the order confirmation and delivery intimation emails. You can opt for including this feature in the later version of the app.

> Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best mean for promoting your business, and therefore, your app must have this feature. You can randomly send personalized notifications about best offers, discounts, coupons, and the like on the basis of your user’s shopping behavior.

> Rating and Reviews

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Ratings and reviews give significant insight about the products. When your app includes this feature, it shows transparency and helps you get loyal customers. You can get the customer’s feedback, which will assist you to improve your services.

> Customer Assistance

You probably argue that there is no need for customer assistance section as you are not providing any services. But then, you can help your customers in finding and selecting the right product through this section. A 24/7 chat is also a useful option for assisting your customers. Chatbot remains a handy option for offering this facility.

> Social Media Integration

Let’s not forget the tremendous impact of social media on our society. You can integrate social media for serving three objectives: One, it can simplify the registration process. Two, it gives your users a platform to share their views regarding your products. Three, it enables you to keep in touch with your customers on a 24/7 basis.

> All-inclusive Dashboard

The dashboard is a control panel in itself through which the admin can monitor and control the entire order and delivery process. It helps the management to take quick decisions and manage the situation efficiently. In other words, the dashboard assists the admin to improve the overall services in favor of the customers.

> Inventory Management

When it comes to grocery business or any eCommerce business, management of inventory plays a vital role. In your grocery mobile app, this admin-based feature assists you to manage inventory with ease. The admin can handle orders, payment, and customer services with the help of this feature.

> Order Management

This feature is necessary to manage all the orders properly. The admin can track the status of each order and assign the task to delivery persons on the basis of received orders with this feature. Just like inventory management, this feature is also very much necessary for your app.

> Analytics

One of the biggest business benefits of a customized mobile application is it provides real-time analytics. From performing tasks ranging from collecting to showing the customer’s data, the analytics can help the management take crucial decisions and plan strategy.

Also, the grocery app should have a special version for delivery persons. It includes features like GPS integration to show direction, in-app chat or calling to facilitate communication, and an option to accept or reject the request for delivery. All these features decide the cost of a grocery delivery app. Startups can come up with a few of these features initially and integrate the other ones in the future. An Android app development company can properly guide about it.

Price of Android-powered Grocery Delivery Apps

When it comes to grocery ordering app and for that matter, every on-demand mobile appneeds a user-friendly design and a seamless performance. You need to contact a top Android app development company to get such an app. Here we discuss the price estimation for a customized grocery mobile app. However, it is better to get a quote on the basis of your business requirements.

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First, let us talk about the price influencing factors for your Android-powered grocery mobile app. Features, number of developers, and development duration are a few such factors. Though they are interrelated, we can say that the app’s complexity is the main deciding factor that involves all these aspects. If we take the complexity into account than a basic app for grocery business costs around 8000 to 10000 bucks whereas highly complex app can cost above $25000.

Here it is interesting to consider the hourly rate. When you hire Android app developers from a reputed service provider, you need to pay an hourly basis. Now, the hourly rates are greatly varied across different countries. For example, the hourly rates are the highest in the Americas over $160 an hour whereas Indian app developers take just $25 an hour. The hourly rate has a great impact on the app development cost.

You may need to pay more bucks for Android app development as compared to iOS app development. An Android app requires more rigorous testing because there are many Android-powered smartphones are available and the app should run on all the devices seamlessly. Such testing takes more time as compared to that for an iOS app, and it results in a higher development price.

Finally, you need to keep some provision for support and maintenance. Mostly, Android app development companies consider support and maintenance cost as an additional cost, which means that it is not a part of app development cost. Your grocery app needs regular maintenance and update to stay relevant amid growing competition in this domain. You can also consider bringing an improved version of your app periodically to retain the users.

Wrapping Up
Android is a preferred platform for developing custom grocery delivery app because of its gigantic market share of over eighty-five percent across the world. You can either target the local audience if you have a brick-and-mortar store or an international audience if you have an MNC chain. A customized Android app can serve your purpose readily because a lot of people use Android devices.

At Solution Analysts, we develop high-quality Android apps for corporate clients. We make the on-demand mobile app for different industry sectors. Our experienced Android app developers can transform your creative idea into a feature-rich app to give your business a boost. Our quality-driven development process and focus on the app’s performance have made us a leading Android app development company in USA and India.

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