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In the recent September 2019 event, the Cupertino Company Apple has launched three new iPhones namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. A few months back, in June 2019, the company has released an all-new iOS 13. These two incidents are going to make quite an impact on iPhone app development services in the coming years. What’s more, emerging technologies like AI, AR, and IoT are also getting mainstreamed rapidly in the corporate world.

We can certainly expect that iOS app development solutions will include advancements of futuristic technologies. After the recent event in September, iPhone app developers have started to discuss upcoming trends and innovations in making customized app solutions. Let’s have a glimpse of the trends that are set to rule in iPhone app development services in the coming years.

Key Trends to Watch for Developing Next-gen iOS App Development Solutions

iOS 13

Let’s start with an obvious aspect- the iOS 13! Apple has offered a slew of features and a lot of opportunities for the developers in the recent iOS version. iPhone app developers can utilize the improvements in Siri Shortcuts, camera APIs, Dark Mode, etc. apart from integrating features of Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning (ML) into the app. iOS 13 and iPhone 11-compatible apps will be more advanced and capable of providing richer user experience than their predecessors.

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Here are five major reasons why you should migrate the enterprise iPhone app to iOS 13.

App Security

When it comes to enterprise mobile app development, security concerns always weigh heavily. Though iOS is a bit more secure than its counterpart regarding data security, it is necessary for the iPhone app developers to give app security due priority.

These days, cyber crimes are increasing and data protection becomes a top priority of entrepreneurs. Being a soft target for hackers, mobile apps need special attention. Talking about iPhone apps, Apple has already implemented features like Face ID and Touch ID on iPhones. When you hire iPhone app developers, it is better to instruct them to take care of the data security for ensuring a user-friendly and secure experience.

Augmented Reality

Apple’s ARKit is getting improved with every newer version of iOS. AR-based app development for the iOS domain has already evolved beyond Pokemon Go. Today, an iOS app development company can make AR apps by using advanced features of ARKit. In the coming years, as more industries will embrace AR technology, we will have advanced AR-based apps.

Let’s take an example of the IKEA app. It enables the users to see the items they want to purchase in their surroundings. In a way, they can make the purchase decision rapidly. The revolutionary AR technology has made the training and instruction more interactive than ever, and in the coming time, AR-based iPhone apps will play a major role in accomplishing this task.

AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have started disrupting the industry sector. On one hand, AI has started analyzing critical corporate data to provide actionable insights, and on the other hand, it has made the processes more accurate by minimizing human intervention. Talking about iPhones, Apple’s Siri has gained ground for its ability to arrange meetings, manage the schedule, and accomplish various tasks.

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In iOS 13, Apple has given Siri a new voice with the help of a new ‘Natural Text to Speech’ technology. Also, Apple is always dedicated to coping with advancing machine learning technology. It has introduced Core ML2 to assist the iOS app developers to resolve a few issues like parts of speech, language or script identification, etc.

Though the integration of AI and ML-related features can significantly increase the mobile app development cost, it is better to invest now to get the benefit of early adopters.

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On-demand Apps

The year 2019 is proven a milestone year for on-demand mobile apps. Taxi-hailing apps like Uber and online grocery delivery apps like Postmates have written success stories as the trend of on-demand apps becomes more prevalent. These days, many on-demand services like cleaning, housekeeping, shopping, etc. are in vogue. If we consider the sectors, retail, food and beverages, healthcare, hospitality, and utility sectors show great potential in the on-demand mobile app development.

In the coming years, we will see more apps will come to simplify our daily life and fulfill various trivial tasks. The iOS app development company will integrate more features like Apple Pay and Siri into the on-demand apps of the future.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT is one of the fastest-growing technology trends. Statista has predicted that we will have around 75 billion connected devices by the end of 2025. Entrepreneurs across various sectors like healthcare, eCommerce, etc. have started jumping on the IoT bandwagon, and we can assume that IoT-powered apps will increase significantly in the coming years. Like AI, here also security concerns loom large and the developers need to resolve security-related issues to make IoT apps more acceptable among employees and customers.

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From the year 2020 onward, the IoT concept will be mainstreamed in industries to optimize and simplify operations. It can open the doors of new opportunities for the iPhone app development company. However, app developers need to address diverse challenges while meeting the client’s business needs.

Wallet Apps

As people tend to transact through mobile apps on the move, the number of wallet apps or money transfer apps is steadily increasing globally. Considering the huge success of Apple Pay in the USA and other countries, we can certainly expect that it will soon be embraced by retailers and other business persons across different industry sectors. The big reason behind the grand success of Apple Pay is it can seamlessly run across various Apple devices while providing high security to the users against the cyberattack.

As a promoter of the cashless strategy, wallet apps or payment services have a great capability to thrive with more advanced and secure features. Worldwide, most of the banks offer mobile banking services. In such a scenario, we can predict the dominance of mobile wallets and mobile payment systems.

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Concluding Lines

Customized iPhone apps have brought automation in the corporate sector and they remain handy in simplifying complex business operations. As Apple brings a line of iPhones and a new iOS version every year, it is better to hire iOS app developers to make the most from this thriving platform for your business.

Solution Analysts is a leading mobile application development company in the USA. We build robust and secure iPhone apps for companies across various industry sectors to serve our global clientele. If you want to know more about these upcoming trends or develop a feature-rich business app compatible with the latest iOS version, just share your details at Our experts will get back to you soon on your query.

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