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Learn Rust Programming Language in 5 mins. – is an article many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn Learn Rust Programming Language in 5 mins. – in today’s post !

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To learn the rust language you first know that what is rust

What is rust language?

It is the multi-paradigm system programming language, whose main focus is on safety. Safety of documents or the data of the application. It the new build and less used the programming language that the only purpose is to save the memories in it. The rust language design to maintaining high performance of the application and save the memory of it. It is for a highly concurrent and safe system.

The rust language is oriented from C++ as well as it include Haskell and OCaml like languages.

The steps rust language works

Step 1. Type “Hello World” in rust.

rust programming

In this step, you see that it is similar to c language, the function key (fn) in the keyword is optional as well as the curly braces ({}) delineate the function, whereas the function consists of a call to the (println!) macro.

The code we use in rust is a reusable code via modules.


It is the organizes code as a package that others can use.

The three things that you should note while using modules or you can these are the elements of modules:

  • The mod keyword creates a new module.
  • The use keyword used to seeing the module.
  • The pub keyword used to visible the program to others, otherwise, it is private.
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 Step 2. Create module in Rust.

rust programming

In the module, this value called by two public function decimal and hex, as well as these function call the private pos function and print the value of the bit position in decimal and hexadecimal format. The best thing that the module gives you is the function of selecting your audience- private or public, as well as it’s a safe method to secure your program.

Next is safety,

The safety checks for cleaner code:

Rust compiler enforces memory save in it.

To understand the safety of rust here, unsafe program.

Step 3. Unsafe program in Rust.

rust programming

Here you can apply the unsafe keyword to function as well as block the code with the rust program. This feature makes the rust very useful for the operating system development as well as embedded (bare-metal) programming.

Rust is the better error handler.

As you know, the error is the best friend of the developers they come along with the codes, but the rust has two types of errors –

  • unrecoverable errors and recoverable errors.

First in step 4, we talk about uncovered errors, The
Panic!!! , here we also can say it’s rust panic attack to us but it is easy to

Step 4. Handle the unrecoverable errors in Rust

rust programming

In the above figure, you can see the error, that the rust indicates in line2 as well as provide you a message regarding your error. One more thing that you do is, you can generate a stack backtrace by running with a variable called RUST_BACKTRACE.

After this step let’s talk about the recoverable errors, that how to recover the errors in the rust.
Step 5. Handle recoverable errors with result in rust.

rust programming

Happy now the errors are all recovered in step when you use the result enum; rust uses match.  In this step, you find the rust recovers all the errors from the program which are shown in the above figure.

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Step 6. Threads in Rust.

rust programming

The main thread continued to the execute until the join process in rust had begun as well as the threads then execute and exited at different times to identifying the asynchronous of the thread.

Step 7. Thread output.

rust programming

It is the last but the most important step of the rust program, the rust includes several popular and useful data structure as well as it includes four types of data structures: sequences, maps, sets, and a miscellaneous type which support the complex data types.

# Hence, there are seven steps to learn Rust in 5 mins.

Source: InApps.net

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