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Mobile technology has augmented the reach of sports, sportspersons and sporting events and merchandise globally. We take a look at some areas where mobile-related IoT technologies and technological trends help.

Technology has enhanced sports entertainment in a great way, and mobile technology has added impetus by allowing viewers insights into the nitty gritty of the game. Referees are able to make accurate decisions with the aid of technology and sporting statistics and training has become intricate and extremely competitive.

Here are a few mobile technologies that are being integrated into sports industry to give fans an exceptional experience.

Sports Event Management

Sports event management is benefiting greatly from Google’s Map, GPS technology and beacon technology.

Smart arenas that leverage beacon technology for smart management of resources through technological control make it possible for maintain optimum lighting, water management and ensuring streamlined instructions for visitors in seating arrangements and waste management.

Video streaming using satellite and mobile apps can be used by the audience to get close up view of the match on their personal device and make live action replays. A technology that is used quite largely in sports stadiums is the use of mobile cameras attached to hovercraft’s

Sports Gear shopping

An mCommerce website that is dedicated to sports gear and accessories, with merchandise from leading brands can be enhanced with various features supported by mobile technology.

Using the front camera, an image of the visitor along with their other vital statistics can be captured to help them virtually try the merchandise before making the purchase.

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Information on sports gear being currently used by world champions and in-depth performance statistics can be displayed. Further, responsive site design can be used to make eCommerce portals accessible on mobile devices and make global purchases of original merchandise possible.

Sporting Fitness

Personal fitness apps that share latest fitness activities pursued by sportspersons, their diet and regime can be shared via this app.

To personalise the fitness regime to suit individuals, training schedules can be altered and presented to match individual needs. Diet charts, performance track sheets, option for setting goals and sporting gear to be used can be designed and information logged in.

The data can be stored on the cloud for easy and quick access, and smartwatch integration will present optimum use of wearable technology.

Social Interactions

With social media perpetuation, it has become imperative for sports stars to interact with their fans in order to remain relevant. Now, sports stars and agencies can launch individual mobile applications to interact with fans on one-on-one basis and share insights with them and hear their opinion.

It can have video streaming, image upload, and calendars of upcoming events that fans can use.

Fans drive sporting events, and using mobile technology, even fans from far-flung countries can be connected to one another and their stars and events.

Fans can stay ahead with latest sporting events and sportspersons can gain a competitive edge and the overall industry benefits from the unbridled application of mobile technology in various domains.

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