To help you with your learning, we have compiled 10 Machine Learning Project Ideas that you may do and learn more about than you ever did about Machine Learning!

Machine Learning is currently among the most trending technologies and is only gaining more popularity with each passing day. And executing projects is the greatest way of learning this technology.

Other methods, such as virtual classrooms and reading books, can help you comprehend the foundations of machine learning, but the only way to properly master the subject is to work on projects with actual data.

It is essential for budding software engineers to work on their own projects when pursuing a career in the field.

The best method to develop your talents and turn your theoretical knowledge into practical experience is to work on real-world projects. You will get more expertise as you explore various Machine Learning projects.


Best Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Emotions Analyzer

This is an intriguing machine learning project idea. While many of us use social networking sites to communicate our intimate thoughts and ideas to the world, comprehending the “emotions” behind social media posts is among the most difficult tasks.

User-generated information abounds on social media platforms. It would be considered vital for companies to understand user behavior if they could develop a machine learning model that could analyze the emotion behind texts or posts. As a result, they would be able to improve their client service, allowing for maximum customer happiness.

To begin with your emotion analysis machine learning project, you can try mining data from Twitter or Reddit. This could be one of the few deep learning projects that can benefit you in other ways as well.

2. Movie Ticket Pricing Model

People prefer to consume entertainment material at their leisure, due to the availability of OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The popularity of these platforms has been influenced by factors such as pricing, content quality, and advertising.

The expense of producing a feature film has risen dramatically in recent years. Only ten percent of films produced are profitable. Films have found it even more difficult to make money due to fierce competition from television and OTT platforms, as well as expensive ticket prices. The growing cost of a movie ticket (combined with the cost of popcorn) has left the theatre hall empty.

A comprehensive ticket pricing scheme would undoubtedly benefit both the filmmakers and the audience. Ticket prices can rise in response to increased demand and vice versa. For a popular film, the sooner a viewer purchases a ticket, the lower the price. The system should intelligently calculate pricing based on user interest, social signals, and supply-demand parameters.

3. Recommendation Engine

Recommendation engines have picked up steam among online shoppers and streaming services. Digital content streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon, for example, use recommendation engines to tailor their content to single user tastes and browsing histories.

These websites have been able to increase demand for their streaming platforms by customizing the material to different consumers’ viewing demands and preferences.

As a newbie, you may try your hand at developing a recommendation model with the MovieLens dataset, which is among the most prominent datasets on the web. Over 25 mn ratings and one million tag submissions applied to 62,000 movies by 162,000 users are included in this dataset.

You can start this project by creating a world-cloud visualization of movie titles to use as the basis for a MovieLens movie recommendation engine.

4. Human Activity Recognition

This is among the most popular machine learning project ideas at the moment. The physical activity records and information of 30 users are included in the smartphone dataset. This information was gathered using an inertial sensor-equipped smartphone.

This machine learning project attempts to create a classification model that can accurately detect human workout regimens. Working on this machine learning project will teach you the fundamentals of categorization as well as how to solve multi-classification challenges.

5. Stock Price Prediction

The stock market is a dynamic environment with many highs and lows as businesses prosper or fail. The stock market is particularly tricky to anticipate, but that’s what this machine learning initiative is all about.

You will forecast future stock price yields using historical stock market data such as opening and closing prices, trading volume, estimated returns, and news data such as news articles regarding corporate assets, among other things.

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6. Credit Card Approval Prediction

A credit card is not available to everybody. The bank determines whether or not to offer a credit card due to a variety of indicators that reflect the individual’s trustworthiness. Credit scores, on the other hand, accurately assess this level of trust and risk.

As a result, the goal of this research is to develop a machine learning model that can determine if an application is a “good” or “bad” client for obtaining a credit card. The dataset contains information like annual earnings, income category, education qualification, style of life, and other factors that are used to determine whether or not an applicant is eligible for a credit card.

7. Housing Price Prediction

A house’s price is determined by a variety of factors, including its area, size, and the number of rooms present in it. However, most of these characteristics are overlooked when purchasing or selling a home.

This is where this idea comes into play! It gives information on the house’s frontage, area, street, land contour, amenities, vicinity, garage quality, roof materials, and so on, with the goal of forecasting the house’s final price based on these details.

8. Fake News Identification

It is one of the best machine learning project ideas for newbies, especially given how quickly fake news is circulating. And, with social media increasingly ruling our lives, it’s more important than ever to tell the difference between false news and true news occurrences.

Machine Learning can aid in this situation. Facebook already employs artificial intelligence to remove fake and fraudulent stories from consumers’ news feeds.

This machine learning project attempts to use NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods to identify fake stories and misleading headlines that come from untrustworthy sources.

You can also construct a model that can distinguish between true and fraudulent news using the conventional text classification method. In the latter way, you can gather datasets for both genuine and false news and use the Naive Bayes classifier to develop an ML model that can categorize a piece of news as fraudulent or legitimate based on the words and phrases it contains.

9. Discount Coupon Prediction

Businesses utilize coupon advertising to entice customers to purchase their items. Coupons are a simple and widely used discounted price and promotion code method that may be applied to a variety of sectors.

Coupons would be useful in the tourism industry for discounts on hotels and flights bookings, in the medical sector for cheap consults, and even on online courses so that potential clients can have a sense of the company. Only if it reaches the target audience will this marketing plan be effective.

Customers’ reactions to different types of coupons can be used to predict their future behavior and interest in various coupons. Coupons help to improve customer commitment since they often convey the impression that the customer has obtained a good deal from the firm.

Coupons provide new customers with a fresh introduction to a new service or product, giving them an incentive to try something fresh.

This can help you gain a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry. Consumer consumption behavior for various coupons may be analyzed using machine learning tools and methodologies, allowing enabling coupon purchase prediction.

This aids in the development of a stronger recommendation system, allowing coupons to be tailored to specific consumers.

10. Loan Eligibility Prediction

Loans are the lifeblood of the global economy. Banks’ major source of profit is interest on loans, hence they are their fundamental business. Whenever a person or a group of people invests a certain sum of money in a company in the hopes of seeing it expand in value in the future can economies thrive.

It is sometimes important to apply for a loan in order to be able to take chances of this nature and even to enjoy certain worldly pleasures. Before a loan may be authorized, banks typically go through a lengthy process.

Because loans are such a significant part of many people’s lives, it would be highly useful to be able to forecast someone’s eligibility for a loan they apply for so that better planning can be done once the loan is approved or rejected.

The model for predicting loan eligibility must be prepared using a dataset that includes information such as gender, relationship status, family size, income, qualifications, credit card history, and loan amount, to name a few variables.

How to deliver machine learning projects?

Delivering Machine Learning projects is not a simple task, but rather vast and complex. Actually the Machine Learning part in itself contributes to a small amount of the entire delivery.

Finding the Right Data to use for solving the given problem, as well as analyzing the data, and finding the features that has the highest explainability for the given outcome is some of the more time-consuming and relevant tasks that are needed to successfully deliver a Machine Learning project.

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Not to forget the whole Serving Infrastructure and Monitoring that is extremely time consuming, and often not mentioned, but extremely relevant.

Whether a Machine Learning project succeeds or not highly depends on the quality of data. So please have in mind to retrieve data for a purpose, so you know whether or not you are retrieving it at the right sample frequency.

Often this is where we see the biggest waste in time spend, as data is collected with a mindset of “We might need it some day”.

In a Nutshell


We hope that we have covered the Best Machine Learning project ideas with you. Machine learning is still in its infancy around the world. There are many tasks to complete and many areas to enhance.

Systems that assist businesses to get better, faster, and more valuable with clever minds and keen ideas.

You must have hands-on experience with such machine learning projects if you want to flourish in Machine Learning.

You can only grasp how ML facilities work in practice if you work with ML tools and algorithms.

Now go ahead and put all of your newfound knowledge from our machine learning project ideas guide to work on your own machine learning projects. InApps will always make sure that you get the best ideas to work on and solidify your skills.

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