Are you aiming to specialize in NodeJS development? Start with hands-on projects. We’ve selected top Node JS projects for beginners that enhance your coding skills and deepen your understanding of NodeJS fundamentals. These projects not only prepare you for advanced challenges but also help you create a standout portfolio. Remember to store each project in a GitHub repository. This showcases your coding prowess to future employers effectively.

Explore our list of beginner projects now and step confidently into the world of NodeJS development!

1. What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a runtime environment that executes Javascript code out of the browser, and it’s commonly used to create back-end. NodeJS is often used with additional frameworks like Express or Nest.js. that can be used in some cases and make the development process much easier and faster.


2. TOP NodeJS Frameworks to use

Knowledge about these frameworks will be greatly advantageous for your future projects. So start focusing on learning these as well.

Express.js  – is one of the most popular NodeJS frameworks. Express.js is known as fast, flexible, and minimalistic. It’s suitable for building web and mobile applications.

Nest.js – is another NodeJS framework that is great for developing progressive server-side applications, the code in Nest.js is written in Typescript.

Sequelize – it’s a generator framework, that helps us to work with NodeJS and databases. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and some more. – it’s a special type of framework, as it focuses on building real-time apps like chats.

Besides the Javascript knowledge to work with NodeJS, you need to understand how and why databases are used on backend, and how to build an API, no matter if you want to build REST or GraphQL.

3. Node JS Projects Ideas for Beginners

3.1. Portfolio App

If you’re starting in programming, building a Portfolio App is an excellent first step among NodeJS projects for beginners. This project allows you to focus initially on the design aspect—how the application looks and how it displays your sample projects. It’s a chance to express your personal style through your work.

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In developing your app, aim to enhance the user experience. Use aesthetic and functional elements to make the interface appealing and easy to navigate.

Next, pay attention to the app’s architecture. Write clean, efficient code to create a lightweight and user-friendly application. Start by defining distinct routes for each of your projects, streamlining navigation and maintenance.

Node.js simplifies your workload by using different controllers for each route, which manage the views efficiently. A useful tip: if you use the same code for headers and footers, Node.js allows you to reuse these segments without repetition, saving you time and effort.

3.2. Books Directory

A Books Directory is often one of the simplest yet foundational NodeJS projects for beginners. Using Node.js alongside frameworks like Express.js or Nest.js, you can develop a straightforward REST API.

Start by creating a book directory application. Here, you’ll establish endpoints that interact with your data through four fundamental HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

  • GET: Retrieve all books or a specific book by its ID.
  • POST: Add a new book to your directory.
  • PUT: Update details of an existing book.
  • DELETE: Remove a book from the list.

Initially, there’s no need for a complex database. You can manage your data using a simple JSON file, making it easier to focus on learning how to handle API operations effectively.

3.3. Chat App


Chat application is one of those node js projects for beginners, where the programmer gets a fair idea of working with real-time systems.

Firstly, you have to separate the application in 2 parts i.e.- the client part and the server part. With the help of web socket you and the client can directly share data at any time. This feature is often seen as a virtual handshake.

The process starts with the client sending regular HTTP request to the server. This particular application is very easy to code with the knowledge of web sockets and

You can enhance your application by 

  1. Keeping a record of all conversations.
  2. Online/offline labels.
  3. Take references from the features of WhatsApp.
  4. A registration system for one on one chats.

3.4. Video Streaming Platform

This NodeJS project for beginners is ideal for showcasing your skills to potential employers. Start by segmenting video content into chunks to optimize streaming. Build a custom video player using HTML5, and implement JavaScript for interactive controls like play and pause.

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On the backend, use Node.js and Express to manage video delivery efficiently. Enhance the platform by incorporating adaptive streaming for varying network conditions and adding security measures to protect content. This project not only sharpens your technical skills but also enhances your portfolio significantly.

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3.5. Web Security

Web security is an essential field for NodeJS beginners aspiring to specialize in Node development. You can build a secure authentication system to demonstrate ethical handling and protection of user credentials. In node js beginner projects, you will learn to manage sessions securely and implement password hashing using Node.js libraries such as bcrypt. You will also explore defense strategies against common security threats such as SQL injection and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting). This project enhances your NodeJS skills and deepens your knowledge of crucial web security protocols.

3.6. Email Sender

This NodeJS project for beginners involves creating an email sender app, perfect for learning how to send and schedule emails. You’ll start by setting up Nodemailer, a well-documented and beginner-friendly NodeJS plugin. Additionally, integrate a front-end where users can compose emails using HTML.

To enhance the app, implement features that allow users to schedule emails to be sent at future dates and times. This project not only teaches you about backend email systems but also enhances your front-end development skills, providing a holistic view of web application development.

3.7. Gaming

node js beginner gaming projects

For programmers who are also gaming enthusiasts, developing a gaming app can be an exciting blend of work and play. Not only will you refine your programming skills, but you also have the opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship by selling your app on platforms like the Google Play Store.

Getting Started:

  • Real-Time Interaction: Use NodeJS with WebSockets to facilitate real-time communication between the clients and the server. This feature is crucial for multiplayer gaming experiences where immediate data transfer is necessary.
  • Data Collection: Develop a small applet that gathers and displays statistics from multiple users in one unified dashboard.

Scaling Up:

  • Enhanced User Interface: As your app grows, invest more effort into its design. Enhance the user interface with advanced CSS styling and additional interactive elements.
  • Server-Side Logic: Keep the bulk of the game logic on the server side. This approach minimizes the processing load on the client side, which only needs to render and display the received data.
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3.8. To-Do list

Creating a to-do list is an effective way to start with Node JS. Begin with an empty page where users can list all the tasks they need to complete throughout the day. Store new and completed tasks in separate arrays. Design the application with minimal CSS to ensure a clean and uncluttered appearance.

To launch your application, use the Express framework. Known for its simplicity, Express makes it easy to manage server-side operations with Node.js. This setup will help you quickly get your to-do list app up and running.

3.9. Basic Users System

A “Basic User System” serves as an excellent project for NodeJS beginners and is crucial for understanding common application features.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Database Setup: You will set up a database and execute migrations.
  • User Registration: You will create a mechanism for registering new users.
  • Login Endpoint: You will build a login endpoint for user authentication.
  • Authentication Process: You will authenticate users to verify their identities.
  • Data Retrieval: You will fetch and display user data from the database.

For registration and login, you should generate a JWT (JSON Web Token) that the API will return. Additionally, remember to hash user passwords before saving them in the database to ensure security. This project not only enhances your programming skills but also instills best practices in managing user data.

4. In Conclusion

In this article, we have gathered few basic node JS projects for beginners, which the learners can practice to enhance their Node JS skills and build a coding portfolio.

I hope you’ll find these ideas useful to place yourself in a better position in coding with nodejs. If you have more suggestions/ ideas about node js projects for beginners, please share in the comment section below!

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