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The heavily regulated and highly stretched healthcare sector is all set to transform with the integration of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). As per the research, globally, over 3.7 million medical devices are connected to monitor different parts of the patient’s body. It is fair to mention that IoT in the healthcare industry is aimed at keeping people safe and healthy without increasing the cost of healthcare services in the future. 

Integration of IoT in the healthcare industry enables patients to take medical advice online while reducing the additional burden on the healthcare system. A recent report has predicted that the market size of IoMT will reach $72 billion by 2021. These days, the IoMT concept has also integrated into the healthcare app development domain to leverage its benefits. 

Before going to the benefits of IoMT in the thriving healthcare sector, let’s have a glimpse at areas where IoT can work wonders and assist service providers. 

Hospitals and Clinics

The number of patients is way more than that of doctors that make it difficult for doctors to manage the diagnosis and medication of all the patients. There, IoT lends a helping hand and doctors can easily diagnose the disease properly for treating the patients more effectively. 

Hospitals and Clinics

Connected devices and medical instruments like X-ray, MRI, and CT scanner enable doctors to monitor patients more efficiently. 

Wearable medical devices also assist doctors to monitor various vital parameters of inpatients and outpatients. They can easily implement a medication schedule accordingly based on this real-time monitoring. Simply put, IoT technology can save time for doctors and patients alike. 

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Home Care

One of the biggest benefits of IoT in the healthcare industry is it can strengthen the telehealth concept. In this pandemic age, when people tend to avoid visiting hospitals, this concept is like a technological boon. People can get clinical advice and start medication after consulting physicians online through this concept. 

Even if the patient is severely ill, then also it is possible for the physician to collect the patient’s data in real-time, and refer the same to other specialists if necessary. It remains cost-effective for patients as they can save big on bed charges, travel expenses, and nursing staff charges. 

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In Body

People are more health-conscious in this pandemic age and tend to maintain their fitness. Integration of IoMT into the healthcare app can enable patients and users to check their vital parameters on smartphones and wearable devices alike. Be it heartbeats or blood pressure, oxygen level, or pulse rate, all the data based on the user’s physical activities can be recorded on devices. Users can share the same with the physicians as and when necessary. 

Let’s dig deep into the key benefits of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) for the healthcare sector. 

Top Benefits of IoMT for Healthcare Industry

Thanks to IoMT and other emerging technologies, patients need not wait for their turn in the hospital for consulting physicians. In this pandemic age, IoMT is going to transform the ways the healthcare sector provides services.

IoMT for Healthcare Industry

It is possible for healthcare organizations to follow social distancing norms and provide excellent patient care by developing a telemedicine app. 

Top benefits of IoT in the healthcare sector include

Reducing Healthcare Cost

This is one of the most important benefits of integrating IoT into healthcare apps. While visiting the hospital, the patient has to go through several expenses. But, when the patient consults or interacts with the physician online, these costs are reduced. 

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A doctor appointment app enables patients to schedule an appointment online with specialists. Also, a feature-rich app facilitates patients to get online consultancy and doctor’s advice. 

Real-time Data Access

Physicians can access real-time patient data with the help of smart devices. Be it a wristwatch or a fitness belt, every connected device collects the user’s data, and doctors can easily get this data as and when necessary. 

Real-time Data Access

This data access enables them to diagnose the diseases accurately and start treatment accordingly. Also, this data is useful for diagnosis and treatment of remote patients. 

Effective Disease Management

Chronic diseases need special management. When a healthcare organization wants to build a healthcare app, it has to keep chronic disease management in mind. IoT technology can assist physicians to meet this objective effectively, and they can treat the patients based on this data. 

The healthcare app development company can integrate the blockchain-based feature into the app to safeguard the patient’s confidential health data or EHRs. 

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Better Monitoring

IoT in healthcare technology is useful for tracking the movements of staff and equipment. This technology also assists the healthcare professionals to monitor the patient’s activities. 

Better Monitoring

The hospital administration can also follow the guidelines properly and minimize the risk of contamination through connected devices. IoT devices also make it possible to supervise people’s movement within hospital premises to prevent unauthorized access. 

Improved Healthcare Services

Healthcare services can be enhanced significantly by integrating IoT into healthcare apps. Medical devices are fast, accurate, and capable of ensuring the patient’s stable health by measuring real-time data. Also, these connected devices enable physicians to give the right medications to the patients. 

Enhanced Remote Assistance

Connected devices can measure the patient’s heart rate, glucose level, and blood pressure to ensure proper diagnosis and medication. Developing a telemedicine app can serve the purpose of remote monitoring and assistance effectively. Patients who live in remote places or rural areas can get the benefits of such telemedicine apps. 

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Enhanced Remote Assistance

Statista has revealed that almost 161 million IoMT devices were installed in 2020 in the healthcare sector that are getting ready to give actionable insights in the coming years. 

Smart Pills

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that smart pills are smart monitors for the patient’s vital parameters. They are digestible, and they have built-in sensors to send signals related to the symptoms of specific diseases. Healthcare professionals can utilize these signals to diagnose diseases. Also, some patients tend to forget to take medication on time, smart pills can also transfer such data to the doctor.  

Concluding Lines

IoT integration in the healthcare sector can boost patient care services. Globally, many health organizations have integrated IoMT-based solutions in their existing systems to improve their capacity and enhance patient experiences. What’s more, IoT in the healthcare sector has strengthened the telehealth concept globally, while enabling people to follow norms in this corona age. 

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