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Malvertising comprises of Flash-based ads that have malicious codes and fools legitimate advertising networks into carrying their message and receive user data. Apple and Google are encouraging big companies to use HTML5 to offer protection to users.

However, there is a new code that is being used widely to beat this secure measure.

Rise and fall of Flash

Adobe’s Flash platform has been widely used for developing creative content for web advertising globally. HTML5 took over as a safer alternative after a series malvertising attacks via Flash-based outlets.

The new platform was backed heavily by popular networks and Flash witnessed a visible decline, especially following a series of incidences with Yahoo’s ad network which exposed major vulnerability issues.

HTML5 Arrives

Where Flash failed, HTML5 brought a fresh surge of hope as a viable content platform that could tackle coding leaks by mavertisers. HTML5 has a strong architecture that comprises a secure coding system that protects users from malvertising issues and outbreaks.

Also, it is less resource intensive and can be used to create highly sophisticated responsive designs for mobile and desktop platforms. HTML5 based videos neither compromise on quality or the limited battery life.

For digital advertisers, the demand for HTML5 will continue to escalate and hence finding optimized solution on the platform is inevitable.

Is HTML5 as safe as it is said to be?

Apple has already phased out Flash and Java plugins and is rapidly adopting HTML5 for Safari 10. Microsoft and Google are not far behind either. In fact, Microsoft has already announced that any Flash content that isn’t relevant to the web page will be paused on Windows 10 Edge browser.

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While these moves are geared to break dependence on proprietary plugins, security enhancements may not be all that it is hyped up to be. Of course, while HTML5 sprouts a handful of security issues, Flash is plagued by hundreds that are reported every week.

Further, as per industry insiders, the problem is not central to HTML5 itself, but the underlying advertisement standards such as VPAID and VSAT. They claim that the ads themselves are generally the weak link and it does not help that JavaScript, which forms the basis for HTML5 is also vulnerable to malicious codes.

A new malware code RAA, which is completely written in JavaScript also does not help the case of HTML5 much. However, having said that, the progressive approach of the HTML5 community and preventive measures adopted by them, the platform will remain the most stable and secure option for the advertising industry.

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